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Engineering Mathematics by K.A. Stroud

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... This is one of the reasons Engineering Maths is so popular as incomplete explanations often hinder learning more than help. The one thing I would stress is that this book really can only be considered as the first half of a two part set. I don't know about other Engineering courses but ... Read review

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Community Level 4Boris


The private tutor i couldn't afford

AdvantagesGreat Value, Very clear, easy to understand, You can pass exams, earn more money, buy more beer

DisadvantagesYou might not find it useful but everyone I know does

"As someone studying for an engineering degree this book has proved invaluable. it starts at the basic components of A-Level Mathematics and works it way through a large portion of the maths needed for a first year engineering course. The book is divided into programmes so it works similarly to a lectured course. it directs the reader to answer certain questions and achieve the correct answers before progressing. it seems like an overly-simplistic ..." Read review

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The best maths book I have come across.

AdvantagesEasy to use, covers most topics is a CD as well as a book.

Disadvantagescannot think of any

"...form of Maths, Physics or Engineering in your degree then I highly recommend that you purchase this book! Maths comes into so many things and covers a very wide range of topics but for the basic things and a wide range of what you will study in your first few years at university this book has it well covered. Unlike other books that I have looked at, this book does not assume that you have gained an A or A* at A-level Further mathematics or mathematics. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1TOM.RANDLE


The Best Maths Text Book In the World Ever

AdvantagesDefinative, Clear, Awesome

DisadvantagesIf you're a Maths Legend you Might Turn your nose Up

"1236 PAGES As an Engineering student I own several maths text books but this beauty is by far the best. This book differs from most maths textbooks in that it is easy to read and understand. It is designed for people who use maths.. but not "true mathematicians" .. which is why its so great!! If you're really awesome at maths (550+ / 600 in Further Maths without working) you could probably cope with something harder and poncier! If you see maths ..." Read review

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Community Level 3Jon_Farrim...


The book thats saved a million students

AdvantagesComprehensive, cheap, easy to use, understandable

Disadvantageslittle on Matrices or Matrix manipulation.

"...maths student. If your an Engineering student, Chemist, Physicist, Cybernetician etc etc this book is perfect for you. It contains vast amounts of useful and accessible knowledge. What I mean by accessible is that this book requires no prior research. It takes topics and breaks them down into constituent parts and takes you through very slowly. Asking you little questions throughout and giving you the answers. It then moves on to the more complex ..." Read review

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Community Level 1amine666


The Personal Tutor for 1st/2nd Year Eng Students

AdvantagesClear, concise, yet remarkably challenging. It's like having a personal tutor

DisadvantagesThose with superior maths/further maths skills may find it less helpful

"As a 3rd year Mechanical Engineering student at UCL I have found this textbook to be the most useful textbook in my study and revision arsenal. Although engineers are required to cover and learn a great deal of math concepts, they must more importantly be able to apply them in everyday problems with confidence. This is where this particular book is heads and shoulders above the rest. Instead of assuming that the reader is already a master of ..." Read review

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