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published 19/03/2017 | thedevilinme
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"The Chase is almost over ....."

Entourage Season 7  (DVD)

Entourage Season 7 (DVD)

Star – Jeremy Piven
Genre – TV Box Set > Comedy
Run Time – 10 x30 minutes
Certificate – 18
Country – USA
Awards – Wins & Nominations
Amazon – £7.85 DVD £16.16 Blue Ray
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It took me 10-years to discover Entourage and a great example of how many of us miss out on good shows buried on cable. Unless they are very special like Breaking Bad, you never here about them. I have to research a lot online to find the best stuff, Narcos and The Newsroom next on the pile to watch. Because Entourage was such a big hit a grueling 8 seasons where knocked out in 8-years to cash in and so the much loved cast unable to really cash in themselves on their fame with films and projects in the gaps. None of the main four have gone on to do anything of note on that score, I can recall. Very rarely are you watching films and saying ‘hey, that’s the guy from Entourage?’ Jeremy Piven is the star of Entourage,, of course with his brilliant agent character and has gone on to do some good stuff.

If you haven’t seen the show - which is quite a lot of you - it’s basically a cross between The Larry Sanders Show and Curb Your Enthusiasm, about three friends, Eric (Kevin Connolly), Johnny 'Drama' (Kevin Dillion) and Turtle (Jerry Ferrara), who pitch up in Hollywood to support their boy Vinnie Chase (Adrian Grenier) movie career shot, following the foursome’s wild adventures in Hollywood thereafter. There are tons of tongue-in-cheek celebrity cameos throughout the eight series as just about everyone sends themselves up. It’s produced by Mark Wahlberg and based on his and his friends early experiences on pitching up from Boston to break Hollywood.


Kevin Connolly ... Eric Murphy
Adrian Grenier ... Vincent Chase
Kevin Dillon ... Johnny 'Drama' Chase
Jerry Ferrara ... Turtle
Jeremy Piven ... Ari Gold
Rex Lee ... Lloyd
Perrey Reeves ... Mrs. Ari
Debi Mazar ... Shauna
Emmanuelle Chriqui ... Sloan
Rhys Coiro ... Billy Walsh
Beverly D'Angelo ... Barbara Miller
Constance Zimmer ... Dana Gordon
Sasha Grey ….Herself
Scott Lavin …Scott Caan
Phil Yagouda …Will Fitchner
Dania Ramirez….Alex
Autumn Reece….Lizzie Grant
Bob Odenkirk ….Ken Austin

Vince (Adrian Grenier) is forced into a dangerous stunt on an action movie by headcase director Nick Cassavetes, setting the tone for the season that Vince will be taking more decisions in his life from now on and so have more fun, like cutting his hair short, popping pills and dating porn actress Sasha Grey ( herself).

Turtle (Jerry Ferrara) is now running a fledgling car service business using beautiful girls to run people around L.A. He has a crush on one of them, Latina hothead Alex (Dania Ramirez), but has to fire her because she is terrible at the job. Vince’s dimwit TV star brother Drama (Kevin Dillon) also needs a new job since his holding deal will expire in eight weeks, but his agent Lloyd (Rex Lee) and booking manager Phil (Will Fitchner) have not been forthcoming about his prospects.

Ari’s brand new desk assistant suggests he try to get NFL TV rights now their agency is the biggest in America. Drama continues to panic over finding a job, so Eric (Kevin Connolly) offers to go through scripts with him while Eric also faces his own problems in the form of colleague, Scott Lavin (Scott Caan) who is courting client Vinnie Chase to further his career in another direction. Meanwhile Turtles corporate card is charged $10,000 by Tiffany’s and sacked Alex is the main suspect.

Drama snubs the idea of being in another sitcom, but some convincing from Eric and Phil start to change his mind. Co - Agency Director Barbara Miller (Beverly D'Angelo) demands Ari (Piven) promotes Lizzie Grant (Autumn Reece) to head of TV talent but Ari refuses and so Lizzie walks. Turtles business folds whilst the slimy Scott Lavin continues to ingratiate himself with Vince career, upsetting E some more.

Alex and Turtle are now friends and she invites him to Mexico for a new business opportunity with her Uncle, uncertain of her intentions, but goes along with it since he needs the money. Her uncle (Rodrigo Dias) wants to sell his home recipe tequila in America and use Vincent Chas on the label. John Stamos (himself) is at Vince's house to convince Drama to be his co-star but Drama trounces him at ping pong to upset him, meaning Bob Segat (himself) may get the job instead. Ari attempts to make up with Lizzie on good terms, with no success, but a meeting with some of Hollywood's elite to bring the NFL back to LA looks very nice for him. Eric makes up with Scott to try and get back onside with Vince, Chase increasingly going off the rails with his porn star girlfriend and Turtles tequila.

Lizzie has a job with another agent now and starts to try and steal Ari’s clients, Jessica Alba, Aaron Sorkin and Mike Tyson getting their heads turned. Much to Eric and Ari's dismay, Vince jeopardizes his career with a risqué drunken online video advertising the tequila on his Twitter page.
A cleaned up Billy Walsh (Rhys Coiro) is back on the scene and asking Eric for help in restarting his career after the disastrous Medellin movie. Eric and Billy also present an idea for Johnny Drama, who's been in a sulk since the Segat let down. Ari finds his NFL deal in jeopardy when he realizes that Lizzie – with Amanda's help – could sue him for wrongful termination, among other things after a tape of insults emerges on Buzzfeed.


Sticking with Entourage is like not wanting to dump a girlfriend you are bored of because she is still pretty and kept her figure. You need and like to be seen with it and so you go back for more, knowing you will get the same. My plan here to avoid that ennui was to have a big break between season six and seven as I had watched the first six series in two years. To an extent that has worked because I enjoyed this more than I did season 6. There was no doubt this show had done its best work by season 4 ending and so greedy to expect it to improve again. Drug addicts say their first hit of heroin is the best they ever had and so you chase that hit thereafter taking more and more never to get near it again. It’s like that with a great TV series like this. I enjoy Entourage but five series would have been enough. It’s seriously diluted by season 7.

As usual its one long ladmag fantasy onscreen with beautiful girls in next to nothing in most scenes and those perfunctory Entourage celebrity cameos coming thick and fast. Turtle has lost weight and more mature and so no longer the shows whipping boy and so a lost comic dimension there and the fact they all have their own thing going on means the camaraderie that made this show so appealing has withered. This series is all about Vince feckless decline, perhaps a subliminal confession by the writers the series had run too far.

The break did me good though and I enjoyed it enough to order season 8 and the final series (although I’m steering clear of the movie). Its funny in places and you still enjoy the guys company and celebrity cameos and perhaps more pleasing this time as you are savoring the last of your fix. Its no where near as good as it was, of course, but that’s still puts it above most US comedy. If you think the Big Bang Theory is Americas biggest comedy show from the last five years you know how low the bar has been set.

RATINGS – 55% critic’s approval – 61% critic’s approval


Special Features

-Audio Commentary –

Doug Ellin and some of the cast talk over two of the ten episodes.


A look back at some of the best characters in the show and where they are now.

-Behind the scenes-

Meet the cast & crew celebrating their show. After seven series they look jaded.

-Deleted Scenes-


NY Daily –‘This season's opener feels like it's content with laying a new bed of jokes on ground we've already covered. That doesn't mean the jokes aren't funny, or that we don't enjoy seeing the characters acting like their neurotic selves’

The Mail –‘"Entourage" is showing its age, but still offers a reliable dose of frat-boy humor and Hollywood-style hilarity’

Entertainment Weekly –‘Yes, Entourage has become somewhat predictable. But that can be a good thing, since it means it's reliably quick, verbally nimble, and casually vicious about the Hollywood world in which it revels’.

Time Magazine –‘Entourage continues to coast in the same zone of amiable purposelessness in which it's spent the last few seasons’.

Washington Post –‘"Entourage" is chronically allergic to momentum. It is change-phobic. It's pretty to look at, but stagnant all the same’. –‘With all of the main characters and supporting players involved in more and more peripheral pursuits, there is little time for the four friends to get together to shoot the breeze, meet some babes, or just have some fun’.


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