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Erebus - Shaun Hutson

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... Erebus is a brilliant read that I have read twice now, and I would not hesitate in reading it again. Sweet dreams and don`t have nightmares.... Read review
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Erebus (A Star book) - Shaun Hutson

Erebus (A Star book) - Shaun Hutson

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Community Level 6sue26


God of darkness Son of chaos Brother of night

AdvantagesGripping read

DisadvantagesNot for vegetarians

"A phone call late at night, a man disappearing, people seeming to wilt before your very eyes. Something strange is happening in the little town of Wakely. Geoffrey Anderson thinks he`s got problems, but he doesn`t realise just how big those problems are or how much larger they are about to become. He is in on the secret that is behind the downfall of the town, but he doesn`t know that this secret is going to be the death of him, literally. Jo ..." Read review

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Community Level 1BLKBUTTERFLY


shaun hutson

Advantagesnot to long and drawn out

Disadvantagesnone i loved it

"one of his best, this book was fantastic..based on a small town and family... full of detail you will lose yourself in his words, well written and will leave you on the edge of your chair. a hard one to put down, if you like the style of shauns books, this one is a defo. most of his books do have a strong theme... but this on is a chilled out no need to think to much to enjoy it... great for the holidays. not to long, doesnt get boring half way through, ..." Read review

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Something deadly is affecting a small farming community. A selfish and secretive chemicals group protects its interests regardless of the cost to the local people, or even the rest of mankind. The author's other novels include "Shadows", "Relics", "Death Day" and "Breeding Ground".

Product details

Type Fiction
Genre Horror
Title Erebus
Author Shaun Hutson
ISBN 0356200256; 0491033923; 0747407835; 0843927089


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