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published 01/02/2003 | Candymarie
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"My Influences In Life"

A few weeks ago in english we were asked to write an essay on an incident which had influenced us during our lives.

This is what I wrote:


During my life I have been influenced by many things, but I have been mainly influenced by people and incidents.

The people that have influenced me the most are family and friends, because they are the people that I am around the most. My family have influenced my behaviour , like the way I have been bought up affects the way I am and the way I act today , for example the way I speak and the way my behaviour is. Losing members of my family which I love has influenced me.

My friends have influenced me by being around me all day almost everyday. I think being part of the friendship group that I'm in at the moment has positively influenced me, as being part of this certain group of people has made me realise lots about myself, and they also bring out my best side. Since I've been friends with this group, I've realised that I'm just as good a person as anyone else, and that's help me become more confident too. The way that my friends that I have now are always there for me makes me realise how special people are and I know I'd be there for them too if they ever need me.

I have also been influenced by incidents which have happened in my life, especially those that have happened in my family. I think that I have learnt from mistakes that family members have made and that will help me if I ever get in to the same situation when I grow up.

One of the main incidents which has affected my life is when my parents split up. This has made a big change in my life because not only has it affected the way I live but it has also affected the way that I act and the general person I am today.

Firstly, if my parents hadn't split up, I wouldn't be living where I live now, as I moved afterwards to live with my Mum. I moved to a different area and this area is different to the area which I lived before, as it is generally louder and more people live here than where I lived before. This means I have had to learn to live differently, not only in a different area but with different people. Since it happened, I have become closer to my brother, as I no longer see my Dad, so he is the only male that I live with now. I have also grown furthur apart from my Mum, as I have learnt to grow up faster than if this incident had not happened.

By growing up quicker, I have learnt to deal with many things that I might not have been able to deal with before, just everyday things like dealing with problems at school, for example. I think no longer having both parents in my life has made me be able to do this. I am no longer being influenced by my Dad, which means I have one less person to influence me.

My parents splitting up has changed my personality a bit, because I used to be really quiet and not say what I was thinking, but now I have become more confident and I now say what I think. Before, I would be worried to what people would have thought about my views, but now I understand that everyone is entitled to their opinion and just because someone thinks differently to me, it doesn't mean I am wrong, or that I should change my views just because someone thinks differently to me. I have learnt to express my feelings more now I know that people care about me . Before I used to keep it inside me, but now I can talk to people about how I feel, I think it is better for me this way. The people that have encouraged and cared for me throughout the times which I have needed support have definately positively influenced my life. They have made me realise that it's not a bad or wrong thing to express my feelings and talk about them.

I think that I have become more louder and confident in my personality and I now find it easier to talk to people. I have learnt to no longer care about what people say about me, because they are just one or two people in a whole world of people and what they think doesn't matter.

I think that although at first it didn't seem like this incident was a good thing, because it meant a big change to my life but now I realise that it has benefitted me in a lot of ways. I think it has changed the overall person that I am, in terms of personality and they way I act, for example, the way I react in situations (after this incident, everyday things like arguements don't seem to affect me in the same way anymore, they don't seem as important as I used to think they were) and I have also learnt to live not only with different people, but in different circumstances. I think that overall, my parents splitting up has made me learn how to cope in different situations differently to how I would have before, and had changed me for the better. I think overall, I have been positvely influenced by this event, even though it didn't seem like this at first.


Most of us found it hard at first to think of something which had influenced us, but after thinking about it for a while, we worked out that it our influences didn't need to be things which would change our life forever, but even the simple, everyday things have influenced us throughout our lives.

Thanks for Reading.

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Comments on this review

  • AimeeLouise18 published 03/03/2003
    An excellent essay!I hope you got an A+ for that.You're right every little thing that happens influences us,even the bad things.It was great learning more about you and it's great that you feel you can share something so personal with everyone :) Aimee xxxxx
  • Sexy-Kay published 15/02/2003
    Hi! Most interesting as to the influences in our lives, sometimes (unlike yours) they are seemingly quite trivial but can alter how we think or act - Kay
  • Ophelia published 13/02/2003
    Very insightful.
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