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Essential Dolly Parton - Dolly Parton

1 CD(s) - Country - Label: BMG - Distributor: Essential Music/Gem Logistics, AMD/Universal Music - Released: 21/07/2003 - 828765420129

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Review of "Essential Dolly Parton - Dolly Parton"

published 19/06/2012 | macgirl147
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"The One and Only... Dolly Parton"

Essential Dolly Parton - Dolly Parton

Essential Dolly Parton - Dolly Parton

I thought I would start this review off with a simple and true statement. I am a HUGE Dolly Parton fan. I have always liked her music, but it is only within recent years that I have started watching her in a number of movies and became a totally Dolly fan!

So for Christmas last year my mum and dad thought it would be a lovely idea to get my this, the Ultimate Dolly Parton CD. I loved it so much it was played on repeat all Christmas morning and I pretty sure they regretted it after!

At First Sight
------------------------------------------------- ----------
The front of the case has a lovely picture of Dolly Parton, posing in a leather jacket. The photograph is black and white and I think with this choose of colour setting as it makes the case really pretty. The cover of the CD itself has a old, vintage look because of the picture on it. I really like the design of the CD on a whole, as you really do get a Country/Western feel to it.

The insert within the CD I found very useful for giving a lot of information about Dolly Parton. But being a huge fan I already knew most of it. I did however really like the fact that the leaflet gives little insights into how and why Dolly Wrote her songs. It goes through the songs in order from when the were recorded, things really gives a great timeline of Miss Parton's' life!

The Songs
------------------------------------------------- -----------

1. Jolene
I really do love this song. Apart from 9 to 5, this is one of the other songs that most people would know to sing along to. It was recorded in 1973 and is about a woman called Jolene ( I know clearly!), who is planning taking Dolly's man from her. I really like this song because of it's rhythmic tone.

2. 9 to 5
I don't think there is a wedding or party I have ever been to where this isn't played! This was one of the songs taken from the soundtrack of the movie 9 to 5. This song was recorded in 1980.

3. Here You Come Again
This song is a slight slower song compared to others, but none the less. Still brilliant. It is very catchy (like many of Dolly's songs). I find the sing very emotional, but at the same time remaining up-beat. I find the song inspires me to look towards the future. This song was recorded in 1977

4. I Will Always Love You
I never did really like this song, but I have listen to it a lot after having this CD. And now I have to say that I prefer Dolly Parton singing this song than anyone else. I'm not saying that others aren't really good at singing this song, but I find that with Dolly singing it has a lot of meaning and strength behind it. This song was recorded in 1973

5. Joshua
This is such light-hearted, up beat song. The song tells of a story of a man called Joshua, who is an outcast and lives alone with his dog. The story is about a young woman who goes to make friends with the outcast. I love the fact that it tells a lovely warm story and has such rhythm. This song was recorded in 1970.

6. Coat Of Many Colours
Ohh... this song always makes me cry. It tells the story of a little girl (Dolly) going to school in a coat which her mother sewed together for her from rags. The coat was all different colours, but the other children laughed and made fun of the coat. The song goes on the tell a moral, and that is you don't have to own expensive things to be rich in life. This song was recorded in 1971.

7. Please Don't Stop Loving Me
This song is a duet with Porter Wagoner. This song has a great country feeling and has a really catchy beat. I really love this song and is my favourite duets which Dolly does on the CD. The song can be quite an emotional one especially since the whole song is about love stopping. This song was recorded in 1974.

8. The Bargain Store
I really like this song for the fact that it has real strength and many hidden meaning within it. In the song, (Dolly) describes her life like a bargain store, where her heart, which is broken, is on offer. The message which is conveyed with this song is that even though your heart my be broken, you still are able to be loved again. This song was recorded in 1974.

9. It's All Wrong. But It's Alright
This song has a very emotional feeling to it and once you hear it you suddenly become over whelmed with sadness for the character.
This song was recorded in 1977.

10. Heartbreaker
This song is quite a quiet one and has a soft tone. But with this song you really get to her and appreciate Dolly's great vocals, which are beautiful in this song. I love listening to this song, because of the fact it is so beautiful and the lyrics are lovely. This song was recorded in 1978.

11. I Really Got The Feeling
At first I didn't think that this would be a song a would really listen to much after just having a little listen to it, just for the simple fact that it is a slightly slower song. But after listening to it, you can really appreciate how lovely and beautiful this song really is. This song was recorded in 1978

12. You're The Only One
This song always reminds me of a first dance song from a wedding. It is a slower song, but is still remarkable beautiful because of the lovely lyrics.
The song has quite a slow start to it, but the pace does quicken in the middle. I do like this song, but it isn't one of my favourites, but still it is a beautiful song. This song was recorded in 1979.

13. Starting Over Again
I really like this song because of the beautiful lyrics and the meaning which the song conveys to me. The song is mainly about divorce and has some beautiful and almost poetic lines in it, which really help to convey the right emotions in order to make this song brilliant. This song was recorded in 1979.

14. To Know Him Is To Love Him
This song is a trio, where Dolly sings with Linda Ronstadt and Emmylou Harris. I really love this song, even though it is a slightly slower song. All three of their voices blend together beautifully to create this song. This song was recorded in 1986.

15. Old Flames Can't Hold A Candle To You
I think this is such a lovely and moving song. It is a slower one again, and has a very soft and tender tone to it. The song is about past affairs and moving on and forgetting past lovers. This song was recorded in 1979.

16. But You Know I Love You
This is such a lovely song and the instrumental beginning is beautiful alongside Miss Parton's soft and tender voice. This song has more of a pop- song feel, rather than county, but none the less is beautiful. This song was recorded in 1980.

17. Tennessee Homesick Blues
Absolutely love this one! It is so country and has a brilliant catchy rhythm to it. In this one Dolly sings about living in New York City, but missing everything about her home Tennessee. I really like this just for the fact that it is a heart-warming and up- lifting song. This song was recorded in 1984.

18. Why'd You Come In Here Looking Like That
This song is brilliant. It is up-beat, fast paced pure county song and is so very catchy. It is solely about one man be very flirtatious in his manor and goes about trying to impress lots of women with his looks. I really like this song for the fact it is super catchy and as soon as I hear it, it is then stuck in my head all day! This song was recorded in 1988.

19. Love Is Like A Butterfly
This is such soft and beautiful song. The vocals by Dolly Parton in this are so very softly sung and this song has a very relaxing tome. The song is quite a slow song, and is defiantly a calming song. This song was recorded in 1974.

20. Islands In The Stream
This song a duet with Kenny Rodgers and is probably one of the more famous duets which Dolly partook in. I do like this song, mainly because it is so memorable and catchy. I really like the chemistry that Kenny Rodgers and Dolly Parton have when they sing. This song was recorded in 1983.

21. (Bonus track) Early Morning Breeze
This is the bonus track and the last song on the CD. This is such soft and calming song and the lyrics on it are so beautiful. It defiantly has a really country song feel to it and is a easy song to love.

My Final thought
------------------------------------------------- ------------
I really love this CD and it is the best present that I ever got for Christmas! This is a perfect CD for anyone who loves Dolly Parton (as much as I do!). The CD on a whole is brilliant, mixing the different songs from through out her career. There is also a real mix between fast paced songs and slower songs, but each song is just as brilliant as the rest.

My favourite songs from this album are "Jolene, 9 to 5, Coat of Many colours, I will always Love you and Tennessee Homesick Blues."
I would defiantly give this album 5/5 and I would highly recommend it to anyone!

You can get this CD off Amazon starting from £3.19 and here is the link! B0000A1LS1

Thanks for reading!!!

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  • AnneLorraine1 published 19/06/2012
    Really like 1,4 and 20
  • RICHADA published 19/06/2012
    I'm not a huge fan, but have to say that I like this album very much indeed. R.
  • 80smusicreviewer published 19/06/2012
    Very well reviewed, I'm not really a Dolly Parton fan although I should explore her music as I like Jolene and 9 to 5.
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