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I have never suffered from eczema so could not relate to the excruciating irritability of the skin condition. That is, until I got pregnant and, for some reason, everything changed. It started on my hands and I could just about handle it. Rubber gloves had to be, and still have to be, worn ... Read review

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Community Level 3eabha


Eumo me, Eumo you, Eumo everybody!!

AdvantagesExcellent cream, very gentle and non-greasy

DisadvantagesYou have to be careful when wearing it under make up.

"...is a derivative of the eumovate range. The box is exactly the same as the tube. On the front it says Eumobase; concentrated rehydration cream. Specially formulated to moisturise * dry, sensitive, itchy skin * skin prone to flare-up of eczema and dermatitis. The cream. It is a white glycerin based cream, but it’s fairly creamy and glides on the skin. It has an antiseptic smell to it, kind of like germoline but not as strong. It is suitable ..." Read review

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Community Level 7randy_edith


Eumovate clears up my itching Review with images

AdvantagesIt is very efefctive and soothing


"...My Doctor prescribed me Eumovate cream many years ago and I have to use it regularly now and have done for years. I have to keep on getting a repeat prescription of this because it helps when my eczema flares up. This happens if I am run down or worried or if I am coming down with an illness such as a cold or a virus. The Doctor has told me that I have to use this sparingly because it contains a sort of steroid and it is this which helps my flare ..." Read review

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Rash Erasure

AdvantagesVery fast acting

DisadvantagesNone for me

"Eumovate is the cream I use when I get a few spots that appear like a rash on my forehead, these out breaks are very rare, maybe once or twice a year and seem to occur either when I'm run down or have switched to a hair care product that does not agree with me and I get an eczema like rash that looks like a cluster of a few red angry spots, I find this cream to be very fast working and usually clears the problem up within a day or at most two of applying ..." Read review

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Community Level 4danthepian...


The wonder curer?

AdvantagesControls eczema.

DisadvantagesVery expensive.

"Eumovate is a cream that is used mainly to aid in clearing up ezcema, but also for dermatitis. What is in it? For the medicine boffs among you, the main ingredient is Clobetasone Butyrate. It is also a topical corticosteroid - topical meaning that it is to be used for on the skin, and cortocosteroid meaning that it is used to stop inflammation. Inflammation of what? Ezcema and dermatitis, which are caused when the skin has an over-reaction ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Keiska


No more eczema but use with caution!!

AdvantagesGets rid of eczema fast, sooths itching

DisadvantagesCan't be used reguarly, expensive

"...of the other reviews on eumovate are a bit misleading!! This is a steroid cream and therefor should not be used for long periods of time on the same area as it DOES thin the skin. Also it should never be used on the face or on small children unless prescribed by a doctor. Although it would be very unlikely for a doctor to prescribe it in these cases. As long as you keep this in mind and read the label before hand then you should be fine. I get ..." Read review

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Expensive price, not water proof, heliish smell, can't be used on dry skin allergies or sun burn (*)
(*) Reviews by Ciao members

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