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published 27/10/2011 | daisyleex
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About me :
Pro It killed a bit of time filling this in while I wait for my boyfriend to wake up
Cons I don't like much about myself and this review likely reflects that!!
very helpful

"47 Questions Answered As Honestly As Possible :-)"

This review was originally written on Dooyoo on 04/09/11. Since then, I have actually discovered that i'm pregnant, so I feel pretty bad about putting getting pregnant on my biggest fear thingie, but I have decided not to edit this and I found reading it back quite intresting. I hope it helps you all get to know me a bit more and doesn't bore you to death. If you'd like to know anything else feel free to send me a message. I know no boundaries! x

1. What is the wallpaper on your computer screen? Why did you choose it?
It's a floral Cath Kidston print. It is blue with red and pink roses. I chose it because it matches the wallpaper on my wall and i'm the sort of person who likes consitency, lol.

2. Mexican food, Chinese food, Italian food, French food or American food?
Chinese food, i've never tried French or Mexican food as far as i'm aware and indian curries etc are way too strong for my tastebuds.

3. Do you have any tattoos and piercings?
I've got my ear cartilage pierced 4 times on each ear and both of my earlobes are pierced. I also have my belly button pierced twice (one top one bottom) and I am currently saving up to get my hips pierced.

4. Do you have any siblings?
I've got a full blood sister, 2 half brothers and 4 step brothers. I only see my sister and i've only met one of my step brothers. My sister is 21, my half brothers are 13 and 17 and I am not aware of how old my step brothers are although they are all under 30.

5. Have you ever broken a bone?
I've broken my wrist around 7 times, as a result it's really delicate so I have to be careful lifting stuff. I first broke it by going too fast on my rollerblades when I was around 7, falling over and landing on my arm. I was quite a hefty kid so the impact snapped my wrist, lol. The other breaks were a result of the first break as my wrist never fully recovered. I also fractured my clavicle (collarbone) when I was quite young. I had a plastic swing and was stood leaning forwards on it and it toppled over, throwing me head first onto the ground.

6. Do you believe in superstitious things such as breaking mirrors?
When I was about 10 me and my friends were messing about and I stupidly sat on a mirror (god knows why!) The same year me and my mum had to move away from my home city and things went badly down hill with my home and social life. Obviously I am not blaming my 'issues' on that incident but it does make me wonder about the whole 'bad luck' kind of myth. I also remember often seeing ghosts when I was little, although it was likely I was half dreaming or simply imagined it and convinced myself it was real.

7. Do you like those 'end of the world' movies?
Not at all.

8. Do you eat more fruits or vegetables? What's your favourite fruit and veggie?
I eat alot of fruit. My favourite fruit is blueberries, but I also eat alot of veg such as broccoli and cucumbers as I find them to be a healthy and reasonably filling snack.

9. Who were you most likely to play during school nativities?
I can't really remember any of them! I think I played a lion once though and just crawled around.

10. What's your opinion of the dentist?
I hate it. I get paranoid he can see up my nose or that my breathe smells or something. I don't really mind the injections too much or suction thing though. The waiting room is horrible and depressing too.

11. Have you ever had a speech impediment?

12. If you had to choose, what is the worst movie you've ever seen?
Vampires Suck. It's a spoof movie of Twilight and is extremely cringe worthy.

13. Do you like meeting new people?
I love meeting new people and i'm always the first to start a conversation. My confidence has ballooned in the past couple of years. The other day me and my friend were in Subway and this guy was talking to us and it was awkward because there were a few tables between us, so I said "come and sit next to us?" and he said "you're straight forward aint you?!" I took straight forward to mean confident and it made my day. I was badly bullied in the past and had little self esteem, so sectioned my self off from the world. I'm now making up for that time though and take every oppurtunity to meet new people and make friends - you only live once!

14. If you could, which celebrity would you date?
Aaron Johnson, but i'm quite happy with my boyfriend.

15. Who would you take with you on a deserted island?
My boyfriend, Jack.

16. Do you know how wide your hips are in exact inches?
Nope. My waist is just under 28 inches though, I think. I'm a size 8. I have an unhealthy obsession with having prominant hipbones so I try to avoid obsessing over them.

17. What would you say is the worst part of high school?
I had an absolutely awful time at school and was badly bullied - verbal, physical and sexual bullying, which has scarred me for life. It caused me to develop an eating disorder and I became agraphobic.

18. How old will you be on your Mother's 68th birthday? Is that 'old' to you?
I'll be 45 I think? I'm 19 and my mum is 42. And it's not particulary old in my opinion.

19. Ever through you were dying or something you were not even close to having?
I've currently persuaded myself I have a brain tumour, skin cancer, and have also made my self belive I have had a stroke. I keep having strange numbing feelings in my head and side however my doctor diagnosed it as anxiety. The skin cancer fear is a pink scab on my arm where I picked a mole off, which I keep obsessively picking so i've convinced myself it is cancer as it keeps coming back (because I keep picking it!) and I keep thinking i've had a stroke because one of my eyes looks slightly smaller than the other and I have a small crease under one of my eyes which is tiny. Logically I know there is nothing wrong with me but as I have very bad anxiety I wind myself up.

20. Have you ever wanted to be a doctor?
I would never want to be a GP because I wouldn't like been confinded to a small office like my doctor seems to be. I am currently at uni doing a psychology degree (irony!). I want to help people, as I know how hard life can be.

21. If you were dying who would you say goodbye to first?
I have no idea. Probably mum, my boyfriend, and then my dogs. Although if it was right now then I would tell my boyfriend as he is laid next to me.

22. Do you like to babysit children?
Not really, but it depends on the child. I have a 3 year old step son who me and my boyfriend regulary look after. It is a challenge at times and I don't always enjoy it but a majority of the time it's a fun experience as we like to go out and about. I also often babysit for the 2 little girls next door to my mum's house when I am home from uni, which is easy as they are only 1 and 4 and I also get 20 quid a time so it's the money that I do it for, without sounding harsh!

23. Do you often forget where you put things?
Definetly. I've got an awful memory and bad eyesight which together is not a good combination.

24. Do you go on a lot of holidays?
I've never been abroad. I often go to different places around england though - Skegness, London, Leicester, Grimsby, Nottingham, etc.

25. Have you ever met someone with the same 'biggest fear' as you?
Me and my best friend are terrified of getting pregnant before we're 30. That's not my biggest fear though. I don't share the details of what happened when I was younger with many people so the topic rarely comes into a conversation, making it hard to establish if anyone has the same fear as me.

26. Would you rather write with a pen or pencil? Why?
A pen. Pencils make me cringe for some reason.

25. What is your favourite number and why?
4. Not sure why.

26. Are you afraid of being kidnapped when you go outside at night time?
Yes, the thought of that terrifies me and i'm also paranoid that i'll get stabbed or something. I've hated the idea of going out alone in the day time, let alone night time, for the past few years. I'm getting loads better though and I don't rely on other people to be with me when I got out anymore.

27. Where was the best school trip you ever went on?
None. They were mainly awful. The only one I remember was 'Kingswood activity centre'. It was ok but from what I remember there was no hot water and the food was served cold.

28. Are you a controversial person?
I'm not sure. I have strict views on certain topics some people may not totally agree on.

29. What would you say your average word per minute count is on a keyboard?
I'm not sure but I am a pretty fast typer.

30. What was your favourite and least favourite subject in school?
Favourite - English. Least favourite - P.E and Geography

31. Do you bite your finger nails?
Nope. I make sure that I take good care of my nails.

32. When is the next time you'll go to the library?
I've got a few study books due back in a couple of weeks, so 2 weeks or sooner.

33. Do you like fiction or non-fiction books more?
I rarely read, apart from for educational purposes (textbooks), but probably fiction.

34. Do you treat other's as you'd like to be treated?
Not anymore, i've given up on that one! Most people either just don't seem to appreciate it, or see it as a weakness.

35. What type of child were you?
Outgoing and carefree until 10ish. 10-18 very fragile and withdrawn.

36. Are you someone who likes to get into arguments and fights a lot?
I never used to be, but now it doesn't take much to get me wound up. I don't enjoy fights or arguments but I stand my ground.

37. Do you swear a lot?
Very rarely.

38. If you had to get a tattoo, what would it be of and where would you have it?
I'm not sure. I love my boyfriends tattoos and find them a turn on, however I doubt I would ever get one myself unless it was scarification.

39. What's your favourite TV show?
I've got a few. Misfits, Eastenders, Inbetweeners and Family Guy.

40. Does personality weigh out the sense of 'good looks'?
For girls, yes. For boys, no. A hot guy with a bad personality doesn't bother me unless I am intending to get into a relationship with him. My current boyfriend is a cocky and a bit of a mardy bum at times but it's how he is and i've learnt to love his little ways.

41. What is your favourite thing in your bedroom?
My train case, which was £200 and took me a while to save up for. For anyone who doesn't know what a train case is, it is a large makeup storage box.

42. If you could change 1 thing about you, what would it be?
Not to be obsessed with certain things, like my looks and food.

43. Do you have any regrets? If so, what are they?
Not speaking out about certian things.

44. What colour hair do you have?
Naturally: Almost black
Now: Light brown with tints of auburn and black

45. What colour eyes do you have?
One is light blue and one is hazel, but they both look quite light brown at time and at other times the blue eye makes the other one look more bluey. Does that make sense??

46. Favourite Sound?
My dogs snorting! They do it when they're happy, like when a cat puurs.

47. Favourite Quote?
"I can't dislike you, but I will say this to you: you haven't got long before you are all going to kill yourselves, because you are all crazy. And you can project it back at me ... but I am only what lives inside each and every one of you." - Charles Manson. I am not sure why this is my favourite quote, it is just one that has always stuck in my mind.. it has alot of irony to it.

Well that's it. 47 questions awnsered probably too honestly. I have another review on here in the Ciao Cafe entitled Anorexia - My Story, which has much, much more about me.. it's kind of like an autobiography I guess. Feel free to check it out if you're intrested :)


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  • Coloneljohn published 04/11/2011
    Nice of you to share with us. People with different eye colours are special.All the best with your pregnancy.John
  • RICHADA published 31/10/2011
    Nice to know you Daisy, the very best of luck with your pregnancy and it is wonderful to read about someone who has turned their life around so completely. R. xxx
  • pgn0 published 30/10/2011
    I can't imagine why anyone would want to get their hips pierced... but there are more painful things to inflict upon yourself, I guess. All the best with your pregnancy!
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