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published 25/05/2006 | tomsox
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" Ho hum, much ado about boredom."

Ok, so I stole this challenge from Koshkha...who got it from who knows where ;)

A - Last time you ate an apple?

Erm, well I would have to say about 4 weeks ago. I go through phases where I eat apples all the time, but then sometimes just go completely off them.

B - Ever fancied a bungy jump?

Haha, you have got to be kidding me!!! I am not scared of heights, I am bloody petrified of them!!

C - Last time you cried?

Well we all know that men don't cry ;) I try not to show my emotions too openly as I have been hurt in the past and I'm just going to leave it at that.

D - Last time you danced?

Ages ago!! Am not such a confident dancer, so I only really do it after a few drinks ;)

E - Do you watch Eastenders?

Hell no...as far as I'm concerned all soapie actors should be shot!!

F - Last time you flew?

Just before christmas last year, I went to spend so time with my girlfriend and her folks ;)

G - Ever been to Germany?

Ja, my mother is german!! We went to Germany in 2000 for the first time...and I thoroughly enjoyed it!! (got to go to the Oktoberfest....was amazing)

H - Last time you had a bad hangover?

Well I don't really get bad hangovers, but I would say about 3-4 months ago ;)

I - Favourite ice-cream flavour?

Rum and Raisin...especially if it's got lotsa Rum ;)

J - Do you know anyone called Julia?

Yeah there were 2 girls I was in school with, both named Julia.

K - Last time you kissed someone?

My girlfriend, last weekend. She is busy studying for exams, so I can't see her much at the moment :(

L - Are you in love?


M - Last time you moved house?

End of March 2005. Was staying with my sister, but she decided to emigrate to New Zealand so I had to move out :(

N - Last time you did something naughty?

Well that would depend on your definition of naughty.... ;)

O - Do you like olives?

Sies, I can't stand olives!!

P - Any pets?

At the mo....we have 3 dogs - Sammy, Schatzi and Snowy. 4 cats - Callie, Rascal, Mauser and a kitten who hasn't been named yet. 2 ducks - Emmy and Speedy. 1 Budgie - Sunny.

Q - Are you a quiet or loud person?

I am a quiet person. I prefer to observe and see how things are going. I can be loud when I am with my friends, but am quiet around strangers.

R - Read a good book lately?

I have been struggling to find good books lately... so I have just been re-reading some of the classics. Have just started re-reading Isaac Asimov's foundation series. ;)

S - Any interesting scars?

Yeah 2. One on my left shin from when I fractured it skateboarding and one on the inside of the left side of my nose from playing rugby.

T - Enjoy trampolining?

Strangely enough I have never tried it!!

U - Tell me something unique about yourself?

Everything....hehe, no just kidding. Umm, I can speak just like Donald Duck and then there is this thing...oh wait, this is a family website ;)

V - What was the last TV programme you videoed?

Videoed....ermmm, I taped something for my girlfriend on Monday night cos she was writing an exam and couldn't watch..

W - When was the last time you walked a long way?

Yesterday at gym..... walked about a mile....not a lot, but considering I work behind a desk it's quite long!!

X - Ever had an X-ray?

Yeah in 2001. I was suffering from blackouts and the local doctor didn't know what was causing it. So he sent me for chest x-rays....long story short, they didn't find anything wrong, so I just wasted lots of money!! SInce then I have started working for an online pharmacy and discovered that I was suffering from Anxiety attacks.

Y - What did you do yesterday?

Well besides working and writing a new review for Ciao, I also went to gym and managed to do all of my washing!!

Z - When was the last time you went to the zoo?

In December last year when I went with my girlfriend to visit her folks. Was amazing as I got to see my first Tiger!!

Anyways, that's me done for the moment. I have to go back to pretending to do some work now!!

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Comments on this review

  • cornishchic published 05/04/2013
    I can't stand olives either, yuck x
  • HotBabes published 01/06/2006
    Nice to learn a bit about you. x
  • Sgathach published 27/05/2006
    Sehr gut! nice to read more about you. S
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