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Well i know i am only young but i feel i need to share my story with you all as i got cancer when i was just 18 years old but the way that i got this terrible thing is so rare and unusual that i felt i needed to tell people about it so that it may help other people in the future.

It was july 20th 1996, this was the day i decided to pay a visit to my local doctor as i had been feeling really unwell for a few days i just could not seem to keep my food down at all.
The doctor gave me a full check up and ran a few blood tests which he said would take three days for any results to come back although he didnt think it was anything serious but because of how many times i had been sick he did give me some tablets which he said should help stop the sickness and to come back if i got any worse.
After 24 hours of taking the tablets i was actually able to keep everything down and in no time at all i felt like my old self again and because i felt so well i didnt worry about the blood tests i had done.

Four days after i had my tests done i had not heard anything from the doctors surgery so i just assumed everything was fine and thought no more about it but three days later the reseptionist called to say my results were back and i needed to see the doctor which then started to worry me a little espescially when she said to come to the surgery for 4.30pm that very same day.

When i got to the doctors he told me that one of my tests were positive and that i was not ill but infact pregnant,i almost hit the floor with shock but once i got over the initial shock i was really excited. The doctor referred me to the hospital where i had to await an appointment for my first scan.

Within the first the first three months of my pregnancy i was out buying lemon and cream clothes as i did not yet know what sex the baby was. My mum got me a beautiful cream moses basket which she kept at her house for me till i got near my due date.

Finally after 12 long weeks of waiting i got my appointment for my scan i thought i was prepared for what i would see at the scan but nothing could have prepared me for what happened next.

My scan day was finally here and i was really excited as today is the first day i would see my little baby , even as i sat in the waiting room with a full bladder i sat counting money out for when id had the scan so that i would be able to take a picture home with me.
I walked into a cubicle where i was met by a nurse she asked how many weeks i was and i told her i was 16 weeks and with that i laid on the trolly and stared eagerly at the screen as she ran the scanner over my very big bump.
i stared at the screen for what seemed like ages but could not see any baby there was only a very large mass where my baby should be.

After waiting a while the nurse said to me that she needed to get someone to check the scan for her and in that instance i knew something was wrong .Within minutes the nurse came back with another woman she looked at the scan picture that had been saved on the computer screen then she too did a scan for a second time.
Neither of the nurses would speak whilst they were studying the scan and in the end the silence became to much to handle and i asked them the question i had been asking myself all this time ,
Where is my baby? and with that the nurse turned to me and said we need you to take these pictures straight to your consultant but i am sorry to tell you that you are not pregnant.

The few months of excitement and happiness were now gone i was heart broken and very confused as the tests said that i was pregnant and my body was telling me the same so if i wasnt pregnant then there must be something else going on as my tummy was three times its normal size, I needed answers to all my questions so i headed off down the corridor and to my consultants office.
By the time i reached my consultant i was in even more of an upset and confused state. The consultant took me straight into his office where he sat me down and got me a hot cup of tea which was supposed to help me calm down a little bit.
Once i had calmed down a little bit the doctor asked "do you know why you were sent to see me" I wanted to reply by saying no but you obviously do, but the only answer that came out of my mouth was yes i was sent to see you because the scan shows that im not pregnant.The doctor reply was that I had not been sent because of pregnancy I had actually been sent because of what had shown up on the scan.
The doctor explained in great detail what was happening to me.

As it turned out the nurse was wrong by telling me i was not pregnant because the fact of the matter is that i was actually pregnant.
The doctor held out the scan picture and pointed out a tiny white spot in the midst of all the haze. The doctor explained to me that the little white thing was the featus (the baby) but the doctor explained that when i was 6 weeks the tiny little thing had died.
By this point i now felt like i had just been stabbed right through the heart for a second time. The doctor was really supporting and waited once again until i calmed down a bit before continuing.
I remember asking the doctor if there was any particular reason why this happened , whatever he tells me it cant be any worse as the worst has already happened because my pregnancy has come to a bitter end and i know that nothing can be any worse than this,but i was wrong about that aswell because things were about to get a lot worse.

The doctor explained that although i was actually pregnant it was not any ordinary pregnancy as i had what was known as a hytidaform mole pregnancy which meant that when the egg seperated into two, one half ended up with a bigger half than the other half which meant that the after birth was spreading around the inside of my womb at triple the normal speed and in my case it grew that fast that the featus suffercated in my womb.

The doctor told me that i would need to come in to hospital to have a DNC (scrape) to get rid of all the crap that was now taking over my womb as if left it can become dangerous because the mole pregnancy can become cancerous.
Now not only has my featus died but i now have the worry of weather or not it has turned to the big C.
I would not know anything until after i have had the DNC done as they will then test what they have taken away from my womb and check to see if there are any C cells.

I was admitted into hospital and had to stay in for three days because of risk of heamorraging after my DNC.
The good news was that they had managed to take everything away that was in my womb which made me feel alot easier.
On day two of my hospital visit came the big news that my results were back from the lab. The tests showed that i a mild form of cancer which could be treated with laser treatment which i had to have once every four months i also had to have smear tests every six months until my cells returned to their normal selves.
It took me a year and a half of treatment and regular smears before i finally got the all clear and i was totally relieved to hear that it was gone.

A hytidaform mole pregnancy is not a common thing to happen in england in fact the chances of it happening are one in one hundred thousand and i ended up one of those people.
When you have had this once the chances of it happening again are 1 in 1000 so you are alot greater risk of getting it.
The hytidaform pregnancy is also named a molar pregnancy, although the actual pregnancy does not start off as cancer it is however a tumour.
If it had not taken four months to get my first scan this may have been caught before it turned to cancer.

with most scares it is because you have found a lump somewhere but with this you do not know it is happening untill you have your scan as there are no signs at all your body just develops as though you are still pregnant and that is because of the pregnancy hormone that is in the after birth.

It was really hard for me to write about this experience but i felt i had to inform people of the horrid pregnancy that can can lead to the big C if it is not caught early enough.
This review has been wrote about my own personal experience and was very difficult and painfull to write about but i didnt write it for your sympathy or your pity i wrote it to say if it has happened to you then im here to say your not alone and i also wrote it to let people out there know about this particular disease as i know that alot of people out there will not have even heard of it before i know i hadnt until the day it happened to me.
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BrookieFan99 26.02.2012 02:59

Well done x

lizawithaz 26.01.2009 21:38


Tonster 02.01.2009 00:36

Bril read, very interesting and informative x

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