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Dear Dad, When I was small you were always there for me. We lived in London in an old house, and you went off to work each morning to that big huge building and I waited eagerly for the time for you to come home again. I would watch the clock, even though I couldn't tell the time very well, ... Read review

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Community Level 7HotBabes


Dear Dad,

AdvantagesYou get to share a sad moment of my life

DisadvantagesIts a bit longer than my usual reviews and sad.

"...miles away, I have abandoned everything and come straight here to be with my Dad. I had nowhere to stay but I didn't care. The hospital let me stay in a relatives room for the 4 nights I was there. Then I saw you...god that was so hard..full of tubes and surrounded by machines that bleeped and flashed. I cried and I cried for ages. My Dad, looking asleep, but not asleep. Unaware of what was going on around you. I was scared to hold your hand, scared ..." Read review

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Community Level 7n13roy


Days I'll remember all my life....... Review with images

AdvantagesNone I can think of......

DisadvantagesEmotions you cannot control....

"...Bed is perfectly made, and everything is in its place in the room, panic over for a minute....... I now only have one more Room to look in, that is the Bathroom, which is also located on the same floor, just a few yards away, so I casually walk to the door and knock it, and call out....... HELLO MUM..... No Reply...... I knock again, loudly..... No Reply....... I bang the door very loudly........ No Reply...... I have no choice now, I must ..." Read review

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My life with dyspraxia

AdvantagesI guess I have something to blame if I dont do something so well

DisadvantagesIt made me embarrassed growing up, I struggled with basic things, its not much fun

"...time. Again, as with most everything else, given some extra time and encountering enough doors and so on (lol), I started to get better and I wouldn't mix up the difference but I did find it confusing at first. Another basic thing I mixed up was left and right. Another memory I have was of one time when we all had to line up in a big, long circle in the schools gym, the headmaster came in and would say either left or right to each pupil in line ..." Read review

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Community Level 4suereaney


My Dream Baby Review with images

AdvantagesSometimes you can overcome the odds

DisadvantagesThere are some truely awful people in the world

"...heard him cry out! After everything that had happened, the waiting, the tears, he was finally here! He was brought round the screen so that we could see him. A feeling of complete and utter love engulfed me as two piercing little blue eyes studied me. Our baby. Our beautiful, perfect, gorgeous little baby. He was whisked away to the baby unit, but returned the next day. Although he was born at 34 weeks, he weighed over eight pounds! ..." Read review

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The depths and despair of my pain

AdvantagesI've opened my heart - so please just read

DisadvantagesRather long

"...I came pretty close. Everything seemed to be going well until I started to feel unwell in mid September. I came to the conclusion that I could possibly have problems with my thyroid as it runs in the family, so I made an appointment with the doctor. The doctor examined me, and I remember feeling as if I were going to faint when he told me I was pregnant. I should have felt joyous at such news, but instead I was in shock. It felt so surreal, as ..." Read review

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