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I thought I could write an opinion on dolphins because they are great and I absolutely adore them. I know it may not seem very original but I wish I could swim with them in real harmony. It is a child’s dream and I feel that my life will not be fulfilled if I don’t achieve that dream.
(I remember watching a very well done programme on people hunting dolphins, whales, sharks, …it was very sad and so distressing. It was hard to see those poor creatures getting chased and slaughtered. Fishers don’ t have a hint of regret or bad feeling when they massacre these lovely creatures. They actually get lots of pleasure tracking them and often consider this as a sport.)

Here is a little bit about dolphin. They conquered seas and oceans and became faithful friends to fishers. They are loved and very much appreciated but they need protection nowadays against other animals but also against human beings being probably the most dangerous threat to them. The origin of the word comes from Latin “dalfinus” meaning spirit of the sea and dolphin is classified as a marine carnivore mammal.
The first cetacean appeared about 50 million years ago and colonized the seas while the earth were only a flourishing jungle. There are 31 different species known and all have different shapes and sizes. They are found from the artic ocean to the tropical seas. Like any other mammal they have to take oxygen from the air and not from the water like fishes. But they give birth in water like any other fish.
It is a very smart animal and is loved by man since the Antiquity. Unfortunately man has a bad influence on these pacific animals whether because of the pollution or the abusive and useless dolphin killers.
They usually measure about 2.50 metres, weigh 150 kilogram’s, reach a temperature of 37 degrees like us, their brain weighs 1700 grammes and the body is hydrodynamique and looks like a rocket. Very agile in their water element, this mammal developed an extraordinary physiology. He apparently can see in the dark, communicate with sound waves, dives up to 600m deep in the record time of 5 minutes and of course it doesn’t’ t suffer from the pressure of the water. He breathes air from the surface but also can hold it for 1 hour. Finally he swims to a speed of 40km/h with an extreme ease.

I won’t give any scientific details but I will only say that the dolphin brain contains more cerebral evolution and nervous cells than the man meaning the brain is more active and much more intelligent. He emits sounds (like clicks with different frequencies under the water) thanks to his sonar system located at the front of his head. With this he can detect any thing like food, danger, obstacle even in the obscurity.
He is able to communicate with his species: barks, whistles, clicks, moans and many other sounds inaudible to our ears.
He seems to have a sense of humour and loves playing (remember Flipper?). He also has a social life that many of us would envy: travels without any restrictions (no financial problem doesn’t need to have a Visa or passport), finds water with comfortable temperature, and lives in harmony with others. You see now why we could do with a bit of their philosophy too……..

I will finish up this opinion by telling a legend about this cetacean:

“Once upon a time a young boy named Arion lived on Lesbos Island in Greece and was a great musician of the court of Corynth. He apparently won every single music concourses in Sicily.
One day he decided to return home with his prizes and money. He got onto a boat in Tarente. Unfortunately the sailors were just pirates willing to kill him in order to steal his wealth. Arion begged them not to hurt him but the pirates decided to throw him in the sea. So he started playing a beautiful lament that amazed every one. But the pirates pushed him in the deep cold and dark water.
A dolphin heard his serenade and came along to take him safe and sound to the border of Tenare.
When the pirates landed to Corinth, the King wondered about Arion. Where is he? The sailors pretended they left him in Tarente but when Arion appeared in front of them and explaining his misadventures to the King they couldn’t’ t lie more and had no choice but to give Arion’ s possessions back.”

This myth is apparently the most famous and tells the best the relation between dolphins and humans.

Now that I am going to the South of France to see my holidays I am sure I can arrange a visit in a water complex and finally have the chance to experience a swim with dolphins.
Wish me luck………

i hope you didn't get too bored and you appreciated this little writing.

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darkangelwing 25.08.2006 23:52

Good review (-:....................................Darko

hepialid 19.09.2002 22:23

Good op, I saw some of these swimming in front of the boat on holiday. Andy.

shewhosmiles 11.09.2002 00:55

That was great, not boring at all.

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