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published 30/11/2005 | dempsey_review
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"My Experiences with Ciao and my last review of2005"

Here I sit with my eyes drooping with more luggage under them than Heathrow airport, realising that this is will be my last review of 2005 as I am going away for the month to visit my family for the Christmas holidays this week, so therefore I feel it's time to write about something other than a movie I just watched.
So I will sign off with a review on Ciao itself, with the experiences I have had with the site, and some of the members who I have read from to whom I have become to really appreciate.

So here goes…………

When asked for my Ciao user name I chose to call myself Dempsey_Review,
My god now I have been here a while do I wish I chose something different, even just 'Dempsey' would have done, but no, I had to be a complete nerd about it and choose something lame and obvious. But never the less I am stuck with it.
I first became a member of Ciao on the 2nd October 2005 hoping to earn a lot of money in a short space of time just for writing my views on certain products, HOW DISALOUTIONED WAS I !!!!!
There I was, when I first started, punching out loads of reviews in a very short space of time, staying up till all hours, not doing a very good job of it I might add, to then logging on the next morning to find out I had earned 7 pence for my effort and a load of comments saying 'sorry for the low rating, but more information needed' , WELL……..not only did I swear the most awful obscenities at my computer, it took me ten fags just to gain my composure again! However amongst all the comments were some helpful criticism from some of you members on how to get along better with Ciao, and rather than putting my Ciao experience to rest early, I decided to take note of them, and try and improve my reviews. Soon enough, members began to trust me and enjoyed my reviews, which gave me a very nice satisfactory feeling. And I began to read a lot more from others which became very interesting with some very enjoyable reads. Now when I look back at my first reviews I cringe. I must get round to editing them some day.
The earning money side of Ciao did not seem to matter to me anymore, but just the sheer satisfactory of members who have enjoyed what I had to write. Before I knew it Ciao became a bit addictive, and I have actually made some quite nice friends on the site.

I think every member has a certain subject they like to write about the most, weather it be reviews on travel, books, computers etc. I write mostly about movies. I am a huge movie fan, especially love my horror films, but I do occasionally write about the odd comedy or family movie, and not to mention Sandra Bullock who I have fancied since I was 12, if she's in a movie and it is a product on here, I will write about it.
The reviews so far that I have had the best feedback from, are the true stories of me and my girlfriend, which has been kind of written in parts, part 1 being titled 'The girl to whom I fell in love with' and part 2 being titled 'My date with Sarah and Yoga', where a great deal of you have laughed at my expense and wrote some great comments on my review and in my guest book. I have actually promised to do a part 3 to certain members as I have been bugged continuously to do so in my guest book. Never the less it's nice to know that my writing was appreciated and enjoyable.

Although I have not always, I try to write my reviews with as much information as I can about the product I am sharing my views on.
When reading other peoples reviews, and coming to comment and rating them, I like to be as fair as I can be. I do not follow what everyone else has rated it; I always rate it through my own opinion. An Exceptional rating in my eyes, is always given by me if I find a review more than very helpful, with lots of information, which clearly has took a lot of time and effort, or something really personal has been shared which must have been quite hard to write about. Also I must admit I am a complete sucker when it comes to humour, and if I find a review that makes me laugh, it normally deserves an 'E' in my book.
I have yet never rated anything 'off topic', which is a good thing I suppose.
What really annoys me about some members of Ciao (who's names I won't mention), is the fact that when a 'newcomer' comes along and writes there first review, for them to be quite harshly battered down for their efforts to at least share some of their views with us, to get a comment like 'you should have included more information' or 'this was not helpful at all so I have rated it off topic'. To me that is plane rudeness; no matter how high your colour dot tells you that you are. Members that write comments like that I just want to slap them around the back of the head with a wet fish just like the advert! Personally I think reviews that are not up to scratch from first time members or any other members for that matter should receive helpful tips to help them get along better, like the tips in which I received when I first started. I best mention at this point, that this is a rare thing which happens, as most of you members who I know, are very helpful.

Apart from the products you write about to earn you that extra couple of pence, there is always Ciao Café.
As most of you reading this will know, this is just part of the website where Ciao let members write just about anything. This is a great feature to this site I feel, and I also think that some of the best reviews from members come from using this. I normally find reviews written from members in any Ciao Café subject are the most interesting and enjoyable reviews.

Also with Ciao you have the much loved 'Colour Dot' status. In my view this is quite good in some ways and bad in others. Yes, it's always nice to log on, and find you have gone up a colour because of the points you have accumulated due to your review reads and members who trust you, which gives you a little more satisfaction with your work, however sometimes I find that it becomes a little unfair when members with a higher status colour get marked 'very helpful' or 'exceptional', when if a newcomer would maybe write more or less a similar sort of review with just as much content ,who then get marked a lower rating just because their new. Again, this hardly happens, but I have noticed in my time that someone with a Gold dot has written a very short review, although maybe good and too the point has got marked 'very helpful' where as if that was written by someone new to Ciao they would have got marked 'somewhat helpful'.

Anyway, enough of me sounding like a complete robot.

Overall, my experiences with Ciao have been very pleasant thus far. I may not have earned an immense amount of money, but I have certainly enjoyed it. I still have yet to write a review worthy of a diamond status review, but hopefully one day that may happen.

Obviously Ciao would not be as enjoyable without the members you either read work from, or receive comments from. In a short space of time, I have got to know quite a few of you, to whom I have found reviews and guest book entries very interesting, humorous, helpful, and enjoyable.
Below are some of the members I have read reviews from and heard from frequently throughout my Ciao experience so far.

(In no particular Order)

Ailran - What can I say about this guy.
Apart from his reviews being simply amazing, who's talent for writing I just can't falter, to me I guess I see him as the Granddaddy of Ciao. He is the first person I really come to know on this site, and has given me very helpful tips with my own work and how to get along better with Ciao, and am sure he would do the same for any member. The review I found most of interest by him was his review on 'Sense and Sensibility', which a lot of members have read and liked. If you have not read this already, and if your somewhat knew to ciao, you could learn a lot from him, and this review.

Lynizie -
One of my favourites of Ciao. She loves WWE wrestling more than my 14 year old brother. Her reviews are marvellous, and always found the ones she writes in Ciao Café very enjoyable. Another member you could learn a lot from.

What can I say? I love this lady. How she finds the time to be a super-mom to her children, take college exams and write great reviews I will never know. She always gives me handy tips on looking after my own little nephew. I would read anything she had to write about. She is my Barbie.

Alex is a great lad. I love the way he writes and puts things bluntly. He writes how he see's fit, regardless if it might upset Ciao operators. His reviews are always good, he loves his music in which he is quite passionate about, and he has great taste in music I might also add. Again, a member I have known from when I first started, and always like to hear from him.

Ahhh, the thorn in my side, or so I thought. I do hope he does not mind me writing this but on first impressions, I thought he was rather mean, rating reviews in my view quite harshly. However, after reading his work, and really understanding his passion for movies and DVD reviews, I have since learned that his work is rather exceptional, and enjoyable to read, and also find him a very pleasant man indeed.

AKA, 'THE MAN HATER'. This lady thinks all men are 'tos**rs (no she is not a lesbian), but I am fortunate to have made very good friends with her. I enjoy her work; always love to hear from her. She is quite the poet, and I really do hope she finds and meets that man in her dreams one day. Tatti, if your reading this, here is some kisses for you girl x x x x x x

This guy, who finds me rather odd I might add, spits out more reviews in one day then any other ciao member I have known, and turned blue in just two weeks. He does have a great taste in movies, and I do like his reviews. Even if he is a cheeky swine for calling me odd. I think he will actually become quite popular on this site. To sum him up, he is a wee cheeky monkey, but another one of my favourites. And Spencer, if you are reading this, I expect nothing more than a cheeky comment.

I never know what to make of this girl. Her reviews are great, she is a bit of a mad one though, but we all love her that way, overall I would sum her up as naughty but nice.

Again one of my favourites, with great writing skills, and some fabulous reviews. In fact, she wrote a review on some aftershave which I went out and brought, and it works great for the guys with the girls, I love the stuff, and never heard of it until I read her review, she really does know what she's is writing about.

This lady can write about anything from computers-to travel- to DVD reviews, and always comes up with a fantastic review. She loves her golden retrievers, and wrote a great review on retrievers in general. Her reviews are definitely worth a read.

TexMurphy & The_Mustard-
I see these two guys as the renegades of Ciao. Their writing talent is extraordinary and very clever, you either like them or you don't, and personally I think they are great.

An Eastenders fan like myself, she wrote a great review on the program, I see her around often on this site, and she is lovely, I could not miss her out.

Lives up to her ciao name, Fabulous! I recently read her 'Values Challenge' review, and she has some very good views, worth a read!

Blue Jules-
Lovely young lass. Always appreciate the comments she leaves me, and her reviews are another great reading.

Ahhhh, beautiful Heather. I have always found her Ciao Café ops very interesting. And for the female members of ciao, the product in which she reviews is sure to be helpful to you.

I like this girls taste in movies, she is a very good writer, and plus she is absolutely stunning!

Louise, another favourite amongst the female readers, let alone the guys on this site. Great reviews on just about anything, especially baby products and beauty products. So go on and enter her bubble, it really is full of love.

Another good author who writes on a whole range of products, and never fails to deliver a good review.

Always wise words from Nicola. Another author you can learn a lot from.

Another Favourite of mine (I know I seem to have many), but I really appreciate her comments and enjoy reading her work also, she definitely deserved a mention.

I think this guy is great. Scott always has a good review, and I like hearing from him. He can review anything and has great opinions. Check him out!

Phil is fun all round. I like his reviews, giggle at his comments, and to me this guy seems like a scream. His taste in movies alone is exceptional.

Not only has this guy rated everyone of my reviews, he is actually a real nice guy. Gary loves his James Bond movies, and has some really good reviews on them, he is also taking requests on which Bond movie to review next, check him out, he is a bit of a 007 himself when it comes to writing, you will be impressed I'm sure.

Left this guy until last as I have only just learned more about him. Rich has already become blue status, and his reviews I enjoy. He is taking part in ciao for a very worthy cause, Caner Relief. Not only does he sound like an amazing athlete, he is a really nice guy, and I am sure you will like his work. We seem to have a lot in common, and enjoy chatting to him also. When you come across him I am sure you will not be disappointed.

I have come across many more that really do deserve a mention, but I would honestly be here all day, so I apologise in advance if I missed you out, as I appreciate all of your comments and love to hear from you.

So now I come to the end of my review, and to finish it off, I have decided to write a song parody of the song 'I will survive', to continue my odd wacky style of writing, and too hopefully add a bit more fun to this review, So here I go………………….

Oh Ciao, I will survive

First I was afraid
I was petrified
Kept thinking I could never write a review
without the help of a TV guide
But then I spent so much time
Reading other members reviews
My writing got better and better
And I leraned how to share my views
And so now I'm back
On my user-space
I just logged in and now I'm here
With a head full of ideas and a happy face
I should have thought of a better user name
I should have really made you all see
That I'm not as odd as you all may think
I'm just silly-old Dempsey

Go on now go, read all my stuff
Don't you turn around now
'cause I will never earn enough
Are you not someone who likes to read about DVD's
Or be so humble
To rate me an Exceptional please
Oh yes Cia - O
I will survive
As long as I know how to write
I will have plenty of reviews in your archive
I've got all my life to live
I've got so much more to give
And I'll survive
I will survive

It took all the time I had
To make this review not fall apart
Kept trying hard to inject some
Humour so it would take to your heart
And I spent oh so many nights
Just thinking of all the members to include
I could have wrote about some more
But I just didn't wanna be rude,
And now you see me
Somewhat old but new
I'm just that crazy little person
Still writing another wacky review
And if you feel like dropping in
And leaving a message feel free
I have plenty of space in the Guest book
For you to show how much you're loving me

Go on now go, tell another friend
Tell them Dempsey has wrote another review
And he's gone completely round the bend
Are you not someone who likes to read a lot from me?
Or think that I have stumbled
Hit my head on every branch whilst falling out of a tree
Oh…. Oh Cia - O
I will survive
As long as I have members who trust
I'm sure no doubt will get by
I've got more comments to write
And my ratings are never tight
Oh yes I'll survive
I will survive


Go on now go rate this review
please leave a comment
I would love to hear your view
Thank you all for reading and for now I'll say goodbye
It would be nice if you visit me again
But if you don't I will not lay down and cry
Oh no, not I
I will survive
as long as I know how to write
I know I will stay alive
I've got all my life to live
I've got all my love to give
and I'll survive
I will survive
I will survive...!

Oh well, made an arse of myself again no doubt with that song.
But I hope my Ciao experiences continue to be as good as what they are now when I return in the New Year.
So to all of you, have a very merry Christmas, be nice, stay safe, and I will see you again in January.

God Bless

Best wishes, Dempsey x

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  • SweetTooth93 published 03/01/2009
    Fantastic song xx
  • Amy69 published 03/01/2009
    Fab review! Wow! xx
  • evilfran published 20/06/2006
    i'm a relative newcomer to the site, and this has helped me understand better, they way it works, good review
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