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published 25/08/2003 | tazracer
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Pro The Government
Cons The poor motorist
very helpful

"I-spy with BIG big brothers eye"

So the British Government are at it again, with nothing else better to do but hit out at the unsuspecting motorist. Haven't the poor motorists been hit hard enough in the past, with ever increasing road fund and fuel duties being imposed making it all to easy for the Government to make easy money.
With the introduction of the Gatso cameras, these firstly painted grey so that they could blend into the natural surroundings, and now painted bright yellow, but still hidden in the sea of yellow and blue signs within motorway roadworks. These are set so that if you break the speed limit for the conditions your vehicle is photographed, then you receive a summons for a speeding ticket, with a £60 fine and 3 points on your license this is guaranteed not to leave a smile on your face.
Fact is, after 12 points the Government look after your license for at least a year, (how kind) making your insurance policy go up in price, or either being made to resit a driving test.

Parking attendents are under individual run companies, which offer incentives to make as many bookings they can for your parking violations. Making more money for the Government's coffers.

With the recent introduction of the London congestion charge, which has been reported to bring in a further £65 million within it's first year.
If this is successful, this type of surcharge will be introduced into other cities and major towns in the future....(in my view, of course this will be successful, it makes money).

Cameras at the roadside, and at large shopping centres can tell if your vehicle has a road fund license on display or not.
On a stretch of new motorway near to where I live, there are electronic tags set into the road with cameras taking the picture of your vehicle at set points, your speed is calculated from points A-B if you reached point B to fast from a measured time then you were deemed as speeding. So the obligatory fines etc. come winging their way to you.

We all know about this, so what's new for the poor motorist now?
I have just read an article in the daily papers, and the Government are now planning to make the poor motorist even poorer.
They plan to fit a micro-chip "SPY" to every vehicle in use. With this chip installed a monitoring system will enable to tell if you have crept over the speed limit, (whatever type of road you are using at the time) if your driving in bus lanes, (a fineable offence) or even stopping on yellow lines.
These chips are to be installed into new vehicles, and fitted to others when taken for a M.O.T.
Probably at yet another cost to the motorist, after being caught by the electronic monitors, computers then issue you with the appropriate court summons, thus branding you a criminal in the eyes of the law no matter how law abiding you are.

This system with the name of ELECTRONIC VEHICLE IDENTIFICATION was drawn up in an 85- page dossier by the Association of Chief Police Officers on the orders of Transport Secretary Alistair Darling.
These chips would carry the relevant information about the individual vehicle, (registration, m.o.t etc.) and follow your every move.
The Government claim that it would make the roads "safer", and cut car "crime".

I don't think so! The law abiding motorist gets hit with his so called speeding fines, losses his lisence and banned from driving for a period of time.
Yes, it will make the roads safer, there's one less vehicle on the road.
The Government have just made at least £240 in fines from this one person, my calculations far exceed this, in the lost revenues the Government would have received from this one individual.
From the short falls of revenues of Mr individual, the game plan must be attack all other motorists and hit them hard.
As for cutting car crime, a Micro-chip will be very effective for the criminal element amongst us.
Nothing is falliable, in some way these chips could be disposed of, along with your vehicle.
If the vehicle is stolen by joyriders or used as a getaway car etc, by the time the police arrive the vehicle is burnt out or smashed up and no villains insight. It would be handy if the these chips can put flames out or handcuff the perpetraitors.
Another thing I have just thought of is, if vehicles are to be fitted with these tracking systems, how long it would take for a motorist to be issued with a parking ticket if they are caught up in a traffic jam, or at a set of traffic lights with yellow lines painted at the side of the road, are you breaking the law?

Sorry if this did not come across as an opinion, it's more of a gripe by me.
I don't want to turn this into a political forum I'm not interested in your political values, all I know is, it does not matter who you vote for the Government always win!
I would like to hear your views?

Thanks for reading, all votes greatly received......... Tazracer.

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Comments on this review

  • torr published 22/09/2003
    Governments always have plausible excuses for taking more and more control over the minutiae of our lives. In my view, the more plausible the excuse the more stalwart we should be in resisting it. Cheers, Duncan
  • sav90 published 14/09/2003
    I totaly agree with this. Someone I know got caught at 110mph and got his liscence banned for a month. He has to travel 200 miles a day AND he has a family. The trains aren't that great so I expect he will be late many mornings! But I suppose thats what you get for braking the law! I want the Conservatives to take power, they say they will take the cameras down and increase speed limits on the motorway. Good on em! Another person I know got points for doing 72 MPH on a motorway! How sad. Lets hope that the goverment will see the problems with our roads and get of his back side! Very interesting opinion, VERY HELPFUL.
  • anwar published 07/09/2003
    Oh yes and any device the police can use to detect law breakers is fine my me!An op to get the blood pressure up!
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