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published 27/06/2004 | SeasonTicketless
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God. Another challenge.

As with all challenges, all you need to do is copy and paste the diatribe below and amend the answers to your own. I don’t know why it’s a challenge as there is no prize and there will be no winner. It’s something to do though, I suppose. I will, if asked nicely, come and read and rate yours if you shove a message in my guest book. I'm nice like that LOL

1) Name one celebrity that you detest for no particular reason

Colin Farrell. I just do, ok?

2) Where would you LIKE to be in ten years time?

Well by then I’ll have a 13 year old daughter, an 11 year old daughter and a 10 year old daughter. I’d like to be financially much better off, be able to take my family on holiday every year, have a nice car, be able to afford take away as a treat once a week. The simple things really. I’m happy with the house we’re in, but I’d like to be some way down the line in paying off the mortgage. On a professional level, I’d like to be working for myself in some way, whether it was owning my own business or just working for myself in some way.

I’d like to have a portfolio of properties, shares and a few other materialistic things, and be healthy and happy.

3) Where do you THINK you will be in ten years time?

Hmmm, nowhere near the scenario above unfortunately. I think I’ll be struggling to pay all the bills, though will be better off than I am now. I reckon I’ll be wiser having lived through tough times where I had been out of work with a young family and bills to pay. I also think that I will start to lose closeness with my daughters as their hormones begin to go mad.

4) Beckham – Footballing God who can lead England to the World Cup, or over-rated midfielder?

Over-rated midfielder. He has talent, but he hasn’t shown it for a while. I can’t help but think that had he not met Posh he wouldn’t be as highly rated as he is.

5) Tony Blair – Better the devil you know?

Yep. I’m not sure that Blair has done enough to warrant staying on as Prime Minister past the next election, but I can’t say that I’d like to see any other party take over as I don’t think they can do things any better.

6) Favourite website, outside of Ciao?

Well, looking at Opera, I currently have Hotmail and Ciao open, though I usually have In-The-Brown-Stuff.co.uk, BabyWorld.co.uk and PopBitch.com open at various times too. My favourite I guess would be PopBitch.

7) The last song that you heard?

Hold on while I fire up WinAmp and see what I was listening to last night… Ahhhh, Canned Heat by Jamiroquai. Great song.

8) Programs open on your PC as you answer this question?

Opera, BiTorrent, Word and WinAmp, with Kana Reminder, Norton AntiVirus and Norton Internet Security Pro running in the background. For once MSN Messenger isn’t open as I’m trying to get faster speeds on BitTorrent.

9) Do you download regularly online (mp3s, games etc)?

Yep, through BitTorrent and WinMX. My CD-Writer doesn’t work too well, which makes it almost impossible to listen to albums on it. So I’m mostly backing up my album collection to MP3 using download programs. I also visit Download.com and CorporateDump.com a lot for their games.

10) The last thing that you ate?

Rather disgustingly at 10.28am it was cheese and marmite on toast. Yummy, but a bit rich so early on.

11) How long have you had your current email address?

My main Hotmail one I’ve had for around 2-3 years. Before that I had AOL for around five or so years.

12) What can you hear, right now?

I can hear Teletubbies on the TV, my eldest daughter Charisma chastising her sister, and my middle daughter Aaliyah telling Charisma that he knickers are upstairs. I can also hear the tap-tap-tap my keyboard keys are making and a strange creaking sound which I’m hoping is the wooden chair I’m sitting on and isn’t in fact my bones!

13) What jewellery do you have on?

A ring that Mel gave me and a necklace that my mum gave me a few years back.

14) You’ve won the Lotto on Saturday night, and you’re due back at work on Monday. Do you resign and if so, do you do it nicely or do you tell your boss exactly what’s wrong with the company before storming out?

Well I start a new job soon, and don’t work Mondays, so I’d be going in on a Tuesday for a start! No matter where I’ve worked and whether I’ve loved or hated the job, I would always resign nicely. I’m not a great believer in burning bridges or causing unnecessary upset. I doubt I’d stay to work out my notice though – not when I could spend that time burning £50 notes or whatever else it is that millionaires do.

15) You’re King or Queen of Ciao for a day. You have been granted the right to make one permanent change to the site. What would you do, and why?

I’d make Café ops pay-per-read too. And DAMN the consequences, I say!

16) How did you come up with your Ciao name?

It’s one that I’ve used for a while on various websites. I’ve grown wary of using my own name online, so SeasonTicketless does it for me. It comes from my supporting West Ham and no longer owning a Season Ticket. Original, huh?

17) Why did you do this challenge?

I got bored of trying to write sensibly about products such as Strepsils!

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  • KTDouthwaite published 12/04/2005
    wish you were King of Ciao. I'm a bit of a cafe churner, and could do with the cash! KT x
  • christina44 published 22/09/2004
    yep,take it from me-I'm 10yrs down the line and the bills don't get any cheaper! Also about the girls'hormones-yep again.completely psycho. Our 13 yr old Anna, is a "resounding kevin the teenager" monster. Boys are easier but only just. Chrissie xx
  • flickpugh published 02/07/2004
    I can't help thinking that if he hadn't met Posh he might have been a better footballer! Ooh really can't stand her, will have to do this op!
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