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About me: Catching up on reviews - give me a nudge if you want me to read something and it looks like I have forgotten you. Am moog27 on Dooyoo. Those irritating Hotpoint ads just make me want to boycott them?!

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01.12.2004 (08.12.2004)

you get to find out some really interesting stuff


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I wanted to learn a bit more about my friends on ciao so I asked everyone on my buddy list to give me one interesting fact about themselves. I found out so many interesting things about them but there was something which happened which made me feel a bit down…… Almost everyone who replied to my note said that they couldn’t think of anything interesting about themselves or that they were not an interesting person etc, yet then they still all said something about themselves that was interesting to me. It made me feel a bit sad that people who I think are very interesting felt that they weren’t. Every one of you is just as interesting as the next person. Don’t ever put yourself down because you are all great great people.

Anyway now ive got that off my chest…here we go!!


I have started with the persons ciao name so that you can see who they are and then it is followed by their interesting fact or facts which they sent me, I have manipulated them slightly so that they fit into the sentences. Then underneath each persons interesting fact/s I have left a little comment which has 3 stars either side to indicate that it is my comment! Hope that makes sense!

I hope you enjoy reading these as much as I did!…


NURSE_BETTY’s name is Mair and she is 23 She is an orthopaedic nurse, plays the piano, and is a vegetarian.

***im really envious of people who can play the piano! I had lessons for 5 years and am still extremely useless!! Maybe im dumb but what does orthopaedic mean? Sounds really intriguing! ***


L0BSTER_QUADRILLE is a humongous Lewis Carroll enthusiast.

***cool….im embarrassed to say that ive heard the name but have no idea what he wrote….oooh….wait….is he the dude that did alice in wonderland? Or am I just imagining that!!?***


Bollinger28 has been engaged to her partner for 15 years now and no wedding in sight but she doesn’t think they will ever bothered to get married though as they are happy as they are.

***whoa 15 years is a long time – I hope my relationship last that long!! Im glad your happy :-) ***


Louise90 loves writing, and has 60 penpals! She makes my own greetings cards and is learning to do lace work. She works voluntarily in the hospital in her town and has a mad as a hatter Jack Russell!

*** 60 penpals is amazing!! It must take forever to keep in touch with them all!! I think home made greeting cards are great but im so useless at being artistic or creative that I cant do them :-( !! working voluntarily is a great thing to do and dogs are fantastic too!***


Zoobremia is German and currently lives in Bremen, he is 35 years old and enjoys ciao. He likes the football-teams of Hansa Rostock and Borussia Mönchengladbach (both Germany - Bundesliga), FC Arsenal London and Kettering Town FC. He is also a big fan on NHL-hockey and a big collector on trading cards and often "wastes" about 200-300 USD$ a month for cards ... Collecting the players Jeremy Roenick, Ziggy Palffy and Krys Kolanos. He supports the Dallas Stars and the Detroit Red Wings. He loves listening to music, especially the bands mentioned in his about me, and he also likes to watch films. His favourite actors are shown on his Personal Homepage.

*** firstly – this guys English is amazingly good!!! Also that’s a lot of football teams to like!! Unfortunately I have a phobia of footballs so I don’t enjoy football myself!***


chris_ah1 wrote his first 6 page feature article in a national computer magazine at the age of 17 which even got front page real estate. So yes, even youngsters can give the pros a run for their jobs.

*** wow im impressed!! ***


susan1967 likes colouring in.

*** oooh this is something that I love doing! I love colouring in but I can never keep inbetween the lines!! ***


bluebuttons has had two of her poems published in books and has sung in the royal Albert Hall in London.

*** wow, two really interesting facts!! When I first read these I was really amazed because they are two really great achievements!! ***


sirg0508 sucked her thumb until she was about 11 or 12

*** aaaawww bless!! ***


badgirl99 speaks French and Spanish and plays the piano. She met Anthony Edwards ice skating in central park New York and has a picture to prove it! She is also leaving for a round the world tour at the end of January. She was chased by the police when she was 14 for having a bottle of white lightning (which she hadn't actually had any of!) but, when she tried to tell them she hadn't had any, they just thought she was drunk. They never did tell her parents though like they said they would and she panicked for weeks after!!!

***I love the story about being chased by the police it made me laugh!!***


scgproductions is a mirror freak!! He constantly looks in the mirror. When he gets a bath he has to bring the mirror down behind the water taps so that he can see himself, and the same when he is sitting on the toilet. He plays the guitar in front of the mirror, and does….pretty much everything in front of the mirror. Oh and he also constantly talks to himself.

***hmmmmmm…..just strange!!! ***


silver_hotpants is 19, and from Birmingham. She is going to university next september and is currently in the process of filling out UCAS forms, She wants to be a primary school teacher.

***UCAS forms are a pain in the backside!! I finally completed mine yesterday after editing my personal statement about a million times!! Primary teaching sounds cool – im hoping to do upper primary and lower secondary but I think I would prefer secondary in the end ***


karenes was feeling adventurous when she was 5 at school and decided to risk the wrath of my teachers by jumping over a high wall surrounding the playground. So she cleverly threw her ball over jumped after it and felt really brave! Unfortunately she couldnt get back over so tried to squeeze through the gates. Even more unfortunately this didnt work and she was wedged halfway and had to wait for a teacher to come along and they had to call the fire brigade to cut her loose!

*** awww such a great story!! You sound very adventurous!! ***


Elffriend can write her name using her feet, and can even paint a little with them! Since her mum had Parkinsons disease & her hands shook so much she couldn't write any more, Lisa had a fear of losing the use of her hands, so she learnt to use her toes! She also worked as a site clerk in a steelworks and for many years and had a forklift licence as well as being able to drive a dumper truck.

*** wow I want to be able to write with my feet!! I tried to do it when I first read this in my guestbook but I just made a mess!! Ooooh and I didn’t know about the forklift truck licence and dumper truck! Sounds like great fun!! ***


mumsymary had an article written about her and her wildlife garden in the mail on Saturday gardening section about 4 yrs ago and spent her honeymoon night sleeping in a (single )sleeping bag in the grassy centre of the N 10 In france just outside Paris, her hubby was there too in his single sleeping bag.

*** The honeymoon sounds like a very interesting story!! And well done for having the article written on you!! ***


djdarko was born nearly deaf and had grommets in his eardrums (little tubes to even out air pressure between tu eustacian tube and the inner ear) from the age of four. He has had more than 15 operations on the same area over 10 years, only to discover when he moved to France, that if he’d had his tonsils removed he’d never have had the problem. So that was taken care of. But the problem was the grommets had left a permanent hole in each of his eardrums, which meant another operation involving his ear being sliced and folded over to his cheek while they stuck skin over the hole... gory! It looks like the problem will never really be fixed, as one of the holes has re-opened, and he still need earplugs to go swimming, but having gone through all that, he’s still gone and set out for a career in sound engineering, one of the fields where your hearing is the most important thing!

*** wow certainly an interesting story….good luck with the career! ***


Mark1961 is 43, and has 3 boys and a wife and at present they are trying to sell their house as the boys are getting too big and they need the space. He plays golf and also does all the cooking at home as he is home from work earlier than his wife. His major pastime is the life at the local Presbyterian Church where he is in charge of the sound for any service and any visiting live group. He is looking forward to Christmas as this is the birth date of Jesus and it is always good to celebrate that, and he feels that so often the true meaning of Christmas is lost.

*** A man that can cook is a good man!! The church sound stuff sounds interesting and yes it’s a shame that the true meaning of Christmas is often lost. ***


Handbags_at_the_ready was 13 on Friday 13th" unlucky for some!!! She also stupidly threw out the charger to her camcorder and now has to pay 50 quid for a new one! She gets drunk awfully quickly nowadays and after 2 hours in the pub drinking she can hardly walk! she plays darts, and is in fact captain of her local pub team. Her little boy is scared of Father Christmas! And when he went to see him yesterday he grabbed the toy and ran!)

***awwww father Christmas can be scary I guess! I love playing darts although I am totally hopeless at it and cant even hit the board most of the time! ***


silvajade is definately absolutely insane and as a bonus can click most body parts including her spine!!!!

*** made me cringe just reading that! Im impressed but clicking scares me!!!! ***


jamesmonkey4u supports the (APPARENTLY) greatest football team in the world CHelsea, and loves computer games especially nintendo games. He also loves talking to lovely ladies.

*** I added in the apparently to try and avoid offending some people!! Computer games rule!!! And il take your word on the ladies bit! ***


Aussieme1106 was eleven years old when she read The Lord Of The Rings, and it took her the entire summer holiday to read it.

*** wow im very impressed at this one!! My friend has this book and I saw the size of it and nearly fainted!!! At 11 years old is pretty amazing!! ***


Firstly i would like to say thank you to everyone who took part because i really enjoyed doing this!! Secondly if anyone has not got round to leaving me a fact yet but would like to be included just drop it in my guestbook and i will update it.



************* UPDATE NO 1***************


Since writing this a few more of my buddies have given me some facts and so i wanted to include them too....here they are.....


purplelynne was born in the year of the dog. She don't have a middle name so when she was at school she used to make one up every week causing great confusion when it came to parents evening and her mum saw one of her paintings up on the wall by Lynne Anne!! She is five foot eight inches tall and bites the skin around her nails. She hates coat hangers especially the metal ones and is petrified of wasps and bees.

***I love the story of the middle name! Its so sweet! Ooh and im intrigued as to why you don’t like coat hangers? Do you have a phobia of them or is it just that you don’t like what they look like!?***


Mens nostrils automatically flare up if she gets vaguely upset/angry/offended so she cant hide it. She also has a twelve inch scar running from just below her neck to just above my bellybutton where she was ripped open (ok gently prised open!!) by a surgeon when she was three years old to fix a few problems with the ol' ticker but it now looks like her cleavage starts at her neck!

***At least people know when they are winding you up…although maybe that’s not such a good thing! And twelve-inch is really long for a scar! ***


Credance100 is a member of the liberal democrat party.

***Im kinda dumb when it comes to things like this…..I never know the difference between the different groups so if anyone would like to enlighten me I would be very grateful!! ***


j3ssica once dropped £20, which blew away! and she once fell down the stairs at school with her best friend and fell on her, elbowed her nose and gave her a nose bleed!

*** Poor best friend!!! This girly sounds pretty accident prone!! It’s a shame about the £20!! ***

Ok now it was mentioned in a comment that it would have been nice if I had put a fact about me and seeing as I have just updated this review I figured I might aswell although its probably going to take half an hour to think of something!!

ilusvm (me)

erm…… I once went white water rafting (not by choice!! – my dad signed me up for it when we were in scotland and I had to go to make sure there was enough people in the raft!!!) I also once swam across a tank of sharks…again not by choice… my dad made me!! And I was so terrified that I swam as fast as I possibly could to the end of the tank and got out!! erm,..what else can I say…oooh yes, as many of you know I am currently learning to drive and I seem to be a naturally bad driver!!!


************* UPDATE NO 2***************




werewolf received her Gold Duke of Edinburgh brooch from the Duke of Devonshire at Chatsworth House, she also received her certificate from Nick Gillingham (Olympic swimmer) and spoke to HRH Prince Philip at the Duke of Edinburgh award ceremony at Buckingham Palace.

*** Wow! Shes met some cool people!! Im very impressed. I would love to do a Duke of Edinburgh but don’t think I would ever be capable!!! ***


morgjgriff loves children’s TV, and is a HUGE fan of Balamory. His fave character Is Edie McCredie and he loves her songs, especially "I'm Edie McCredie, I love to drive”. He also likes, Big Cook Little Cook, too but thinks they have some strange recipe's, especially the Princess And The Pea one which was basically pea's in puff pastry. He loves childrens tv so much that his email address is even "Mr Claypole", Timothy from Rentaghost!

*** LOL! This one made me laugh because there was so much energy in the way he typed it (ive tried not to change it too much but obviously had to edit it a bit!) Childrens TV is definitely great though! But now I have the Balamory theme tune in my head!!!! ***

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KEPP 16.01.2006 10:55

Great Review - I wanna play the piano too!

unquietmind 10.08.2005 17:57

is Handbags_at_the_ready really only 13? interesting review.

tekin21 20.05.2005 00:38

A great read you have some great people in your CoT - maybe one day I'll find myself a place there. Jane x

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