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12.04.2009 (13.04.2009)

Amazing inspiration


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To be honest I didn’t know where to start with this review, so it might be rubbish, but please give it a read, and check it out!!

Everyone has their obsessions right? Whether it’s a television programme, a particular pop star or even a hobby, we all have had them at some point in our lives, and probably still do! Well, I have an obsession too, however it is very different to my peers addictions and interests and when people first hear about it, they can judge me and think I’m a weirdo! However I am my own person, and I don’t care what people think!! My particular admiration goes to a 29 year old woman, from Suffolk, named Kerry Ellis.

Who is Kerry Ellis?

I find it difficult to understand how the majority of people have no idea who Kerry Ellis is, but its true, and I have to admit it, most of you will have no idea who she is! (Except Amy69 who puts up with my Kerry chats every day!). Kerry, to put it simply, is a star of the West End who has performed in various shows, including We Will Rock You and currently (leaving soon though…) Wicked.

The lady herself!

Kerry Ellis was born in 1979 on the 6th May. She was born in a village in Suffolk, called Haughley. She grew up here happily living a normal life, until at the age of 16 she joined Starmakers- a children’s theatre club where the pupils get to experience every single aspect of theatre and stage! She stayed with star makers until she was 18, where she then went to train at Laine Theatre Arts. Kerry finished her training, and in 2000 landed her first role in My Fair Lady as the role of Eliza Doolittle, where she understudied Martine McCutcheon. Her first “main role” came in 2002, where she created the role of Meat in Queen and Ben Elton’s amazing musical We Will Rock You! She then went on to play Ellen in the National Tour of Miss Saigon and then in 2005 she appeared as Fantine in Les Miserables for a year. After she finished Les Miserables, her biggest role yet came. She was given the part as Elphaba in Wicked. She was originally given the part in 2006 after 7 auditions as the understudy, for Idina Menzel. However in early 2007 she took over from Idina and began the part of Elphaba full time.

Since beginning her run in Wicked in 2006, she has achieved many things. In 2008, Kerry released her debut CD, “Wicked in Rock” which was a “teaser” for the things to come. The CD included 3 songs, 2 of which were remakes from Wicked, and the final “No One But You”
Pictures of Everything that starts with K ...
Everything that starts with K ... Kerry
Kerry posing!
from We Will Rock You. Kerry was also honoured to appear on the Royal Variety Performance in 2008, where she sang an amazing rendition of “Defying Gravity” with the fabulous Brian May. In the summer of 2008, Kerry took a break from the West End show of Wicked, and transported to the Broadway production for around 6 months, where she had an excellent time performing not only in the show but at various concerts around the city too. During her time in New York, she also teamed up with Scott Alan to record a version of “Behind these Walls” for his multi-starred album “Keys”. When Kerry returned to Wicked in December last year, her fan base and admiration had grown massively and she was now a massive world wide known figure.

Myself and my Ellis obsession!

Many people ask why and how my Kerry obsession started, and what I find so great about her, and to be honest I don’t really have an answer to go to that question. I am a huge fan of “Youtube” and use it every single day without fail, and I first heard Kerry when I was watching a video (shhh…it’s illegal) of Kerry performing Meat in We Will Rock You. This was at the start of 2007 I watched this, and from the We Will Rock You video I followed a link to a Wicked one. This is the moment that my admiration started. Hearing Kerry’s voice made the hairs on my back stand up and during the sad moments of the show I watched upon my laptop screen, tears trickled down my cheeks. I was amazed somebody could move me so much, and reduce me to tears through a screen. Every day from then I began watching Kerry on you tube, and had saved most of the audios to my ipod. I began researching her and finding out everything I could about her, every last thing! Then, I was asked by my friend if I’d like to go and see Wicked her, and I knew that it would be amazing, but I also knew my obsession could get out of control. None the less, I went and seeing Kerry on stage for the first time is a moment that will stay with me forever. The beautiful voice she sang with again reduced me to tears and my admiration for her excelled. After the show I met her at the stage door and I can safely say that was the best moment of my life. Receiving her autograph and getting a picture with her was amazing and she was ever so friendly!!
Returning home, I began the routine of searching her videos and audios everyday on Youtube, checking her website for any information or new news her, and basically annoying my friends as I talked about her every day without fail! My admiration grew over the next year and when I went back to London to see various shows including Wicked again, I couldn’t contain excitement. Sitting the audience waiting for her to come on was electric and her voice had improved in the recent year! Her Broadway stint had done her good and she’d come back refreshed and as professional as ever!!

Kerry Ellis is unfortunately leaving Wicked on the 9th of May this year (which is under a month away!!!). Of course I have my tickets ready, and it is going to be an extremely emotional night! She then goes onto perform in the “Queen Spectacular” in Bournemouth a week after she leaves which I cant go to unfortunately as I have exams. Following this, she is doing a three night show in the Shaw Theatre in London, where she will be doing a woman show, “The Great British Songbook”. Of course, again, I’m going to this and cant wait to show my support! This was originally meant to only be a two night show, but because tickets sold out so fast and their has been such a great demand for more, she has had to an add an extra evening in, which in my opinion only goes to show how amazing she is! In July she will be performing at the Henley’s Concert along side John Barrowman!

I will stay a Kerry fan forever and will support her throughout her career whatever she wishes to do!

Kerry’s voice!

Kerry in my opinion has the most amazing voice ever. Her voice in my opinion, is suited to many different genres of music. She is predominantly famous for her musical theatre songs, however she is amazing at singing rock anthems and tunes too! Her voice can change greatly, and she has a wide range however she is always consistent and never puts on a weak performance. She can sing a huge different variety of songs, whether its an upbeat party song, a ballad, a soft song or a simple rock tune! Her voice is amazing on its own, however when she performs with her fellow cast members it highlights just how versatile she is. Currently her co star in Wicked is Dianne Pilkington, and their voices together are heaven to me! Kerry is famous for her “growl” which she shows off in famous Wicked song “Defying Gravity”. Her riffs are also amazing, and they never ever fail to give my chills!

Will I like Kerry? And where can I find her?

Well, I personally don’t understand how ANYBODY can not like Kerry but I guess you can’t please everybody. Some people think she’s a diva and can come across a bit unfriendly, and yes I can see where they’re coming from, but she always has time for her fans, always gives autographs, most of the time stops for chatting and photographs and is always super nice in interviews and television programmes! Some people also don’t like her voice, and feel she is pushing herself too hard but I’ve only heard this opinion from two people, out of a possible thousand (haha!!). There is nobody to compare Ellis to really, and I can’t say “if you like so and so, you will like Kerry” because she is like no other! The only way to find out if you do like her, is to search her on you tube or buy one of her CD’s, either Wicked in Rock of the Champions of Rock CD which has recently been released and includes Mazz Murray too! As she is the original Meat in We Will Rock You, she appears on the Original Cast Recording CD!
Where can you find Kerry? Well, all the dates above I mentioned Kerry will definitely be there and she is apparently going to be making a “big announcement” soon!

Kerry’s CD!

Wicked in Rock was released in Summer 2008 and as I mentioned before, it consists of three tracks.

Defying Gravity This song comes from the musical Wicked however Kerry has changed it into a much greater rock version than the show song! Her voice in it is amazing, and she includes her famous growls and riffs. She really lets her hair down in this song, and her amazing talent combined with wonderful music in the background makes for a exceptionally pleasant listening experience! She performed this song on the Royal Variety Performance (2008) and I’d definitely recommend going to watch it on youtube!

I’m not that Girl This song is also from the musical Wicked. It is very different to the previous song. It’s a lot slower and shows off a lot more emotion. The song begins quite soft but towards the end of the song it becomes much rockier and upbeat. Again Ellis’ voice in this song is outstanding and her talent is boosted further. The music again is fantastic too!!

No-one But You This song is from We Will Rock You, originally sung by Queen, so I’m sure more of you will be familiar with it. The song on the CD begins very slowly with only faint music behind Kerry’s voice. Again the song shows a lot of emotion and by the end has turned into quite a ballad. This shows off Kerry’s softer voice.


PLEASE, for me, give Kerry Ellis a chance..search her, and then let me know what you think. I’d recommend listening to her “Behind these Walls” if you want something a little less musical theatre-y to enjoy!

If you want to check her out further then her websites are:

And if you would like to look further into Wicked and getting tickets the site is


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Wickedinrock 18.02.2011 10:25

How could I not give this an E?! x

Ruby.xo 01.11.2009 14:33

Good review. x

py106 23.05.2009 19:06

Finally, I've managed to come back with an E. Congrats!! Anan

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