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published 25/12/2010 | CelticSoulSister
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Pro Allows me to talk about myself even more, takes me a step closer to my 200th review!
Cons A couple of the questions are a bit daft
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"Questions galore!"

Ahhh I've found a couple of questionnaires that both fall within this category (Everything That Starts With Q), and because I couldn't choose which set to use for this particular review, I've been very naughty and taken them both, merging them into one single review all of my very own (despite the content being stolen).

The garbage below will take me one more step towards my 200th review. I'm sure there are many millions (well perhaps that's a slight numeric exaggeration!!) more of these types of questionnaire on Ciao; if that's so, why can I rarely find them?

Let's sit back and see what comes out of my head in response to the following set of questions. I've taken both sets and put them into two sections, as you'll see below.



1. Football or Cricket?

Oh dear....neither, as I hate all sport. If pressed though I suppose I'd go for cricket, and for this reason only. Back in the late 1970s and into the mid-1980s, I used to work for a large firm of Chartered Accountants in London. Each June they used to treat the staff to a day out in Reigate, Surrey, whereby we all attended a cricket match where the company's team would play another team. Of course, attendance was optional, but most people would go because it was a good foody/boozy day out; I used to pop along for those same reasons, but I had an additional one in that it would always be held on the Friday closest to my birthday - perchance! Inside of a huge tent, we'd congregate and be fed with a delicious lunch which was usually poached salmon steaks with boiled new potatoes and masses of salad plus different types of bread, followed by heaps of strawberries and cream (gosh I sound like Enid Blyton writing a Famous Five book lol). There would also be a massive selection of top quality cakes, trifles etc. on the table and we could just help ourselves. To accompany this gourmet meal would be copious amounts of vintage champagne and various types of top-grade wine. In another corner of this tent was a bar where all staff members could drink as much of whatever they wished (mostly beer and spirits), and the whole shebang was on the company - drinks too! Hardly anybody bothered to watch the cricket, and it was a largely good-natured staff get-together day where for once the Hooray Henry brigade would mingle happily with those of a "lesser" social standing....which sounds snobby, but that's how it was in those days.

2. Soaps or documentaries?

Providing the topic is one I'm interested in, then I'll go for documentaries every time. Let's pretend for a moment though that the only documentary available at any given time is on football....I'd then prefer to watch a soap, even if I didn't have a clue what was going on as I'd not been following it. I do hate soaps though....it's just that my loathing of them is less than my loathing of documentaries on subjects I am completely disinterested in.

3. Couch potato or exercise freak?

Oh, definitely couch potato! My feelings towards exercise are riddled with memories from school whereby I gained nothing but misery from all those games lessons - hockey out on a freezing cold lump of grass, with my ankles being bashed by hockey sticks and being yelled at because I kept letting the opposing team score goals as I couldn't see the ball hurtling towards me (that was due to lack of attention and poor coordination rather than defective eyesight). In summer it was just as bad, being all but forced to jump around brandishing a tennis racket on hot sticky days where the tarmac on the playground would be melting....that wasn't fun....it was just sweaty, uncomfortable and exhausting. At school, I always felt that games/sports brought out the worst in people in that it made them aggressive and viciously competitive. I couldn't give a damn which side won whatever match/game was being played - I just wanted in winter to go indoors and press my freezing body against a central heating radiator, or in summer, lie on a hammock in the shade with a bucket-sized icy cold drink.

Since leaving school back in those dim distant days of 1969, of course it's been a choice regarding dashing around like a demented dervish, jogging, running, performing acrobatics in the gym or whatever, and I choose to sit still. Most people I know who are exercise freaks are far more stressed than I am....I'm so much more relaxed, simply because I know how to wind down inside of my mind. They believe they are relaxed when what it really is, is that they are exhausted. I've also known too many people who have sadly not even reached the age of 40 due to being obsessed with exercise - they wore themselves out. One even dropped dead of a massive heart attack at age 24 whilst in the gym...admittedly he was addicted to exercise and far overdid it, but he believed he had to because of what society was telling him he ought to be doing.

I did quite like walking - alone I mean - but since my knee joints have become arthritic, walking has lost a lot of its pleasure as it's too painful, and a long walk can put my legs almost completely out of action for quite a few days.

Of course moderate/medium exercise is beneficial to health, but I personally, given the choice, prefer to live a shorter, happier (for me!) life than a longer miserable one.

4. Mexican food or Indian Food?

Indian, every time. The only Mexican food I like is my own recipe home-cooked (by me) chilli. Sadly the Indian restaurants and takeaways close to where I live have deteriorated in recent years, plus because of the illness I contracted earlier this year and still have....probably I'll always have it....I can no longer eat any kind of spicy food. I do miss my weekly treat of King Prawn Tikka Dansak with pilau rice, onion bajee and peshwari naan and am still suffering withdrawal symptoms. I've not had an Indian meal since early July....sob sob sob!!!!

5. Europe or USA?

I don't know really. They both have so much to offer. I've been to a few places in Europe, but never ventured across the pond, despite having dearly wanted to. I suppose at the end of the day I'd plump for the USA, as despite it being considerably younger than Europe, it still has a very rich history - albeit it much more recent than that of Europe - which I find totally fascinating. I believe that the whole of the USA, probably due to the land-mass and the way people are distributed, has a tremendous amount to offer and is extremely diverse. Much of my preferred music, which is the thing I hold dearest in life, has its roots - from the aspect of its popularisation - in the USA, and I'd love to travel to and spend some time in the places where it all took off.

6. Married or single?

I've been married, but I'm now single and have been for most of my adult life. Overall I prefer it, although there have been moments during the second half of this year when I've bordered upon wishing I'd had someone close around me. That wish hasn't stemmed from loneliness, as I am fine doing pretty much everything solo - it's probably reared its head up at times when I've felt that I needed some support/comfort when my health hasn't always been at its best.

7. Happy or sad?

Well I'm always sad, but I don't see that as a bad thing. Sad to me isn't necessarily an unpleasant feeling. My own sadness comes from my happiness and the two are inextricably linked inside of my psyche. Depression/despair....that's the bad stuff! As for right now, there's that permanent tinge of comfortable sadness around and inside of me, but it's always there....it's just part of what and who I am. I wouldn't say I'm deliriously happy at the moment, but I'm certainly on the more joyful side of moderately OK-ish.

8. Internet or TV?

There's no hesitation about answering this question, as it's internet, internet, internet all the way. Why would I choose something (TV) which for me is pretty mundane and grossly limiting, above the internet, upon which I can do, be, say, go whatever/anyone/anything/anywhere I want, simply with the click of a mouse? In the increasingly unlikely event that there would be something I'd burn to see on TV these days, I can always catch up with it on the internet a few days later on either YouTube or one of the "TV catchup" websites....so, the internet wins hands down!

9. Travel or home?

It's nice to travel and see the world, but I'm happiest inside of my own four walls with all the things around me (music, internet, books etc.) that enrich my life in a way nothing else can. I'm not a domesticated person in the sense of pushing hoovers around floors, but I love to be in my own castle where I can truly be myself.

10. Work or Leisure?

Without work I'd be starving and homeless and I do enjoy the job I'm doing at the moment, but if I could be given the choice, it'd definitely be leisure so long as I had enough to eat and all the bills were paid. For instance, if I won enough cash to pay off all my debts and outright buy somewhere nice to live, plus there be enough left to keep me in modest comfort for the rest of my days, I'd choose never to work again - some people can't let work go, even if they can afford to. I'd make the transition very easily and it'd be instant.

11. Voluntary or paid?

Well, it depends on what it is. Of course, I'd rather be paid to do what I call a JOB type job in the sense of it being my occupation and what puts food on the table, but as an aside to one's main job, there can be a tremendous amount of enjoyment and fulfilment to be gained from doing voluntary work of some kind. Although these days I only do paid work, I dived into the voluntary work pool back in the 1980s, and it was one of the very best things I've ever done - not only was I giving hopefully worthwhile stuff out to other people, but the work took me to places whereby my own life opened up beyond all of my expections and wildest of desires. When it comes to work, both voluntary and paid, I personally have found that the camaraderie between those in the voluntary sector is almost always much greater than that experienced when being shoved together for the purposes of earning a living. I feel it has a lot to do with a sought-out common cause (in the case of the voluntary work).

12. Books or Magazines?

Oh, books of course! For me, a book (so long as it's one I'd enjoy) is an experience, whereby a magazine is a distraction.

11. Harry Potter or Draco Malfoy?

I can't really say, because I have no idea who Draco Malfoy is, and I've never read or seen any Harry Potter, due to it not being my sort of thing.

12. Richard Hillman (Corrie) or Trevor Morgan (Eastenders)?

I have no idea who either of these characters are. I've not watched Coronation Street since Curly and Raquel first fell in love, and I've not seen East Enders since Tiffany ran in front of Frank Butcher's car and was killed.

13. Horror movies or comedy?

As far as movies are concerned, it has to be horror, because for me comedy doesn't generally stand up too well when put into lengthy movie format. Having said that, a couple of comedy films do fall within my top ten favourite movies of all time, simply because the humour was of a rare type which can stand the test of length.

14. Holby City or Casualty?

Years and years ago, I did watch Casualty quite regularly and enjoyed it, but sadly I felt the series was left to run for too long (is it still running???) and it lost all its sparkle. I saw the first couple of episodes of Holby City and wasn't impressed at all....so, my answer is Casualty, as long as it's from the period before it went stale.

15. M.I.T or the Bill?

I can't really say, because I hardly ever used to watch The Bill, and I have no idea who or what M.I.T. is or was.

16. Tea or coffee?

99% of the time it'll be coffee, hot and shudderingly strong, but once in a blue moon I will fancy a cup of tea - I'm very fussy as to how the tea is made though.

17. Gay or straight

If this question is asking me what I am, then I'm straight, but can't see how it matters or what the relevance of my or anyone else's sexuality is to anything. If the question is asking me if I prefer other people to be gay or straight, then I have no preferences as it's not something which is in any way an issue for me.

18. Big Brother or I'm a celebrity....?

Oh no no no no..............please......neither!!!! I confess that I've never seen these programmes, but I know darned well I'd hate both of them equally.

19. Pop Idol or Fame Academy?

Similarly to no.18 above, I've not seen either and feel strongly that I'd hate them both just as much as one another.

20. Babies or Children?

Oh, babies every time! I actually quite like babies but once they grow past the age of about 3-ish, I could quite happily throttle 99.9999999 (recurring)% of them.


Now for the second part....

*What would you miss most and why?

21. Computer or Partner (or closest person /animal to you?)

I don't have a partner or any animals at the moment, and I can't choose one single person who's closest to me as everyone is in their own individual way. I don't see these close/special people much anyway, but I am mind, body and spirit glued to my computer, so that has to be my answer. If my computer is ill and I can't use it, I go into dribbling, frantic, cursing overdrive insanity.

22. Food or water?

Well can't have one without the other - in an imaginary world though, food.....I'd miss food most because I'd be pretty hungry.

23. Chocolate or Cake?

In my head I'm tempted to say that I'd miss chocolate the most, but in reality when I've been on calorie-cutting food regimes, I've found that chocolate has moderate levels of "take or leave", yet I crave and yearn for cake.....so, cake has to be the thing I'd miss most out of those two.

24. Alcohol or cigarettes?

Oh, my ciggies definitely. Although I have been quite a heavy boozer in the past, I rarely, if ever, drink alcohol these days and don't miss it at all. Rob me of my ciggies for more than about half an hour, and peaceful, calm, laid-back little CelticSoulSister turns into a screaming, machete-wielding psycho!!!

25. Caffeine or sugar?

Well I'm not wild about sugar or sugary foods/drinks (with the exception of occasional indulgences of Coke, cakes and ice cream), so I guess I'd overall miss caffeine more. I'd not be able to bravely face the day without my early morning coffee hit - that's all the caffeine I have though, as for the rest of the day (all days), I drink squashes and other cold beverages.


And now the last bit of the challenge.....

*What is/are your least favourite out of the following? (And why)

26. Eastenders, Coronation Street or Emmerdale?

I can only speak for how these programmes were in the past, nameably 1960s/1970s/early-1980s for Coronation Street, 1970s for Emmerdale (as I never watched it at during any other decade) and for Eastenders, from its inception in 1985 through until about 1999-ish when it lost its impetus for me - within those described parameters, my least favourite has been Emmerdale as I just found it one big yawn compared to the others.

27. Spiders or snakes?

It depends. I do have quite a strong fear of large house spiders, yet I have no problem at all with monstrously huge hairy tarantulas - mind you, I don't know how I'd feel about one entering my house if I lived in somewhere like Texas. If I lived in Australia, I'd be constantly terrified that a funnel-web spider would be creeping into my shoes or wherever, but that's because of the toxic properties of the creature's bite, rather than its physical appearance. As far as snakes are concerned, I don't have a problem with them at all unless they are poisonous....to put it another way, I don't have a problem with their appearance in the slightest, as I can do with some spiders. However, I find rattlesnakes send a chill of fear down my back, and I feel that has more to do with the noise they make as opposed to anything else about them. When all's said and done and overall, I suppose I'd have to choose spiders as my least liked out of these two options.

28. Washing up or ironing?

I hate them both, but overall I feel that washing up is marginally less trouble than ironing as it's usually over quicker and doesn't involve any unfolding or getting out of extra equipment such as irons/ironing boards. I find I can whizz through a huge pile of washing up much faster than I can whizz through a huge pile of ironing, so I guess that answers this question.

29. Churners or Skimmers?

So long as the churners are bashing out good material, then I can't really complain too much about them, as the choice to ignore their output is always there. As for skimmers, in certain circumstances I can understand where they are coming from if they open a review only to find that it's so verbose (like some of mine are lol) or boring that they just can't bear to pay any more attention to it than skim, but I don't have any time for habitual skimmers in the sense that they aren't really interested in reading any reviews at all. They can often be identified by the sometimes ludicrously irrelevant comments they leave on people's reviews, such as "that must have been a wonderful holiday" when the review is actually for a horror movie, a new brand of tampons or a mobile phone. What's even worse is when the skimmer has paid a mote of attention to your review and has picked up on perhaps one sentence from it, then in an attempt to make it seem as though they've read every word thoroughly, they make a comment which they believe is relevant, yet it's as far off the beaten track as it's possible to be....if the skimmer had read the bits around that single sentence which they picked out, they'd see where they were going wrong!

30. Power cuts or computer crashes?

Well, during a power cut I can't use my computer (the laptop I have as an emergency will only work on mains supply) so for the duration of the power cut, they are as bad as one another. Long term though, computer crashes - those ones which require the PC to be taken to hospital and made better - are the worst, as power cuts don't normally last that long.



1. ITV or BBC?

Neither really. I listen to BBC radio much of the time, but as regards both on TV, it these days isn't an issue as I don't watch TV, so don't get to see either of them. In the old days though when I used to watch a fair bit of TV, I generally preferred BBC as I found they offered a higher quality of programme.

2. Sunny or Rainy?

Sunny please, not not too hot.

3. Cat or Dog?

I love both equally, but as a pet, I'd have a cat because they are easier to look after.

4. Cod or Haddock?

Haddock....the taste isn't dissimilar to cod, but it's a lot better....kinda like what Mackies Ice Cream is compared to Walls...there's nothing wrong with Walls, but Mackies is so much nicer.

5. Hotdog or Hamburger?

Oh, it's got to be hot dogs every time. I don't like the kind of meat used in mass-produced hamburgers and as far as old-fashioned fast food is concerned, there's nothing like one of those Mmmmmmmmm hot dogs you used to be able to buy on Southend Sea Front - a lovely soft roll filled with a well-cooked, juicy sausage that contained no jelly-bags/gristle, and lashings of fried onions with a slight smear of tomato ketchup on top.

6. Crisps or Popadoms?

Unless they are very special, I'm not all that keen on crisps, but I do love poppadums....so, that answers this question.

7. Disney Land; Paris, Florida?

I wouldn't want to go to Disney at all, but if I had to, I'd choose Florida because - so long as I could guarantee a complete absence of one of their famous severe thunderstorms whilst I was there - Florida in general is a place I'd love to visit.

8. African or Indian Elephant?

I don't have a preference. I know there is a difference, but to me they're both still elephants. It's like asking me if I prefer fluffy cats or short-haired cats....they are cats, and to me that's all I need to concern myself with.

9. Chicken or Fish?

Is this as pets or to eat? As pets, I think fish because they'd be quieter than chickens. To eat, I prefer fish, so long as it's not mackerel.

10. Long Hair or Short Hair?

On me or on someone else? If it's on someone else, I prefer long hair. On myself, I've always preferred long hair until recently. I now can't bear the feel of my hair when long brushing against the back of my neck, so I've reluctantly opted to have it cut short which is less aesthetically pleasing, but far more comfortable.

11. Big Brother or I'm a Celebrity....?

This question was answered in the first section above - see question 18.

12. Star Trek or Star Wars?

I've never seen either and wouldn't want to, as apart from the very early episodes of Dr Who from about 1963-ish, I don't like space-orientated stuff.

13. Teletubbies or Tweenies?

I don't know who or what Tweenies are, but I find Teletubbies quite cute in a trippy sort of way, so I'll go for them.

14. Horse or Donkey?

Ermmmm...this question could be interpreted as being a bit cheeky, but I'll answer it from a position of innocence and say that I probably overall prefer donkeys. They seem a lot more laid-back and relaxed than horses.

15. Shark or Dolphin?

Oh, dolphin, every time....although I do think sharks have a raw deal of it simply because they are vicious predators. They can't help it - they have to eat - and the sea is THEIR domain, not ours!

16. Clubbing or Romantic Meal?

Definitely a romantic meal. I think an evening spent clubbing is probably my no.1 idea of the worst night out I could possibly spend, yet a romantic meal in a quiet corner of a quiet restaurant appeals to me greatly.

17. Fire or Central Heating?

Both together! A fire looks good and gives an illusion of emitting more warmth than it actually does, and the central heating would simultaneously be needed to provide the warmth that you believe the coal fire is providing but isn't.

18. Black or White?

Purely as shades, then black, as white is a colour I don't trust. There's something a bit creepy about things/situations/people or whatever that are all about white. If we're talking clothes, then definitely black - if we're talking people (from an ethnicity point of view), then no preference....I like people for who they are inside and race/ethnicity/colour or whatever isn't an issue for me.

19. Trainers or Killer Heels (Shoes for the Guys)?

Trainers for my own feet, and I promise I'd keep them smelling nice. I could never wear killer heels....I can't even stand up in them, let alone walk in them. As for guys, I don't really mind so long as his trainers don't smell like a rat's graveyard on a hot day.

20. Tabloid or Broadsheet?

I assume we're talking newspapers here - if so, then broadsheet for the content of what's printed on the pages, but for convenience's sake, tabloid. Why can't the tabloids print quality news, and why can't the broadsheets make their papers a holdable size/shape?

21. Carrot or Pea?

Pea, so long as it's not a mushy one!

22. Lamp Light or Candle Light?

Lamp light for being able to see things by, and candle-light for its aesthetic qualities.

23. Cola or Lemonade?

Cola, so long as it's Coca. If Coca-Cola is not available, then give me lemonade (so long as it's R Whites).

24. Hollywood or New York?

I would think Hollywood, although I've never been to either. New York would be fascinating, but only for a short stay, probably weekend-long visit. For a longer stay, I reckon Hollywood would be more to my liking as I'd imagine it's easier to get away from the madding crowd there.

25. Tap Water or Mineral Water?

Tap water! I've yet to come across a mineral water which I like the taste of.

26. Tomato or Cucumber?

Errrm I assume this means for the purposes of eating? If so, then tomato.

27. C.D or Tape?

CD of course! Tapes after a while get mangled.

28. Video or DVD?

DVD of course, for the same reason as no.27 above.

29. Sofa or Chair?

Sofa, because I like to stretch out. My philosophy on life is don't run when you can walk, don't walk when you can stand, don't stand when you can sit, don't sit when you can lie down. Sofas are brilliant for the last two of those things.

30. Shoes or Bare Feet?

Bare feet! I hate having my tootsies enclosed!


Well, that's another bout of questions answered and I apologise to anyone who thinks I shouldn't have included two sets merged into one piece....to cover my back, I'll say that both these sets are within the same section/category on Ciao, and it was a case of choosing one or the other which I couldn't...that's why I combined them into one review.

I never know how many stars to give these things, so I'll opt for full whack for this particular one, as I've really enjoyed answering all the questions.

Thanks for reading!

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  • happysh2009 published 25/06/2011
    great review. xx
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    Back with the 'E' as promised, sorry for the delay! : D x
  • jonathanb published 06/01/2011
    Another interesting set of answers and, like you, I could happily give up work tomorrow if finances permitted. It gets in the way of other stuff far too much.
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