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If you were expecting a "mistletoe and wine" type seasonal tale wrapped around Great Uncle Bill and Auntie Gwen then I am sorry to disappoint you. That particular tale actually hit the stands some time back in the summer - I have recently brought it up the list, due to it already very appropriately ... Read review

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AdvantagesRICHADA learned lots from his dear Great Uncle Bill..........

Disadvantages........but not the kind of things that were useful in every day life!!!!!!

"...to engineering he always did everything by the "book", not necessarily using the correct pages in that book! Through his studies, also partly due to the nature of the product he decided to set up to manufacture, Bill proudly proclaimed himself to be a "Precision Engineer", impressing all with his claims to manufacture items to infinitesimally tight tolerances. OK, I can sense that I have lost you on two fronts now, you are: a) wondering what ..." Read review

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Community Level 5k8_lloyd


A Bristol Nativity

AdvantagesIt's over quickly.

DisadvantagesIt began at all.

"This is my take on Rachel (thingywhatsit)'s Christmas Challenge. In her words: "A CHRISTMAS CHALLENGE. I have done several Christmas Challenges with a prize since being a member of Ciao, and thought that as the season of good will comes upon us, why not try another, bring members together in this season sharing their thoughts about Christmas, either in the form of a story, a poem, or an A-Z review, but mostly participating for the fun of sharing. ..." Read review

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Community Level 6LR_17


Christopher Reeve - a tribute

AdvantagesThe life of a superman


"Hello fellow Ciao reviewers in the community. I have chosen to write a slightly different review today. It is to commemorate the life of a man who inspired and touched me as well as other members of my family. My tribute is to Christopher Reeve. Christopher Reeve was born on 25 September 1952 in New York City. His mother (Barbara Johnson) and father (Franklin Reeve) divorced when Christopher and his brother Ben were four years old, and his mother ..." Read review

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Remembering, Ten Years On. Updated.



"*******UPDATE******* ********I have decided to put my thoughts at the top of the old review, just to make it easier for me. Today, I was having a bit of a spring clean in the nursery. I am almost at the stage now where my baby could come at any time, so thought it would be a good idea to make sure I had cleaned the chest of drawers where the baby clothes will go. Upon opening the bottom drawer however, I found something I didnt know was still ..." Read review

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Community Level 6ScottishWe...


Wanted superhuman to negoiate a minefield

AdvantagesOnly for the employer

DisadvantagesOnly for the employee

"R for Recruitment agencies Earlier in 2009 I was made redundant from my job & started the process of looking for another. This was the first time in my working life I was without work. Things have changed considerably in the job market since the last time I looked for work & the stark realities of recruitment agencies have now been brought to my attention. Since leaving school I have worked in the Motor industry, starting off as a humble ..." Read review

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helps to prepare for interviews
can be a little confusing (*)
Planning makes Christmas enjoyable
None (*)
being given bulbs for my front garden, another milestone to tick off
the bags under the eyes have an intelligence of their own now, (*)
see below
see below (*)
You get to ask anything you want
Questioners rarely rate replies and you don't get many answering (*)
Parents want the back log
Racism (*)
A further insite into me
A sting in the tale (*)
Personal touch - items are made 'with love'
Time consuming and can work out more expensive (*)
One of the most nutritious foods around.
Can be expensive and not always readily available. (*)
He's my dad
There's no one like him! (*)
You get to share a sad moment of my life
Its a bit longer than my usual reviews and sad. (*)
hmm, read op..
hopefully none, maybe too long? (*)
It rhymes, and might be mildly pleasurable to read.
It rhymes, and does not always exactly stick to the subject of addiction. (*)
you decide
you decide (*)
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