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... On this very piece of road, during the construction work, we witnessed a full sized coach overtaking - on the wrong side of the contraflow cones! Everything about Polish roads is dangerous, from the drivers, to the appalling surfaces in places. Even the brand new motorways lack a hard shoulder. ... Read review

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AdvantagesWe Enjoy Driving, Take All your Luggage, No Hanging Around at Airports

DisadvantagesLong Journey = Long Review!

"...ferries, especially in winter when everything is lit, Dover Ferryport really is a non-stop 24 hour business. We top the car up with BP Ultimate fuel, apply the headlamp converters (the Omega's lights had an automatic adjuster) and magnetic GB plate, then cross the road to the Hoverspeed terminal to check in. ** Sadly, since 8th November 2005 this service no longer operates - a great shame as it was a fast and stylish way to cross the English Channel. ..." Read review

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Self-Harm Conference - 1st March Self-Injury Awareness Day!

AdvantagesExcellent conference, excellent speakers, raising awareness

DisadvantagesThis review might not make much sense to Ciao members!!!

"This is a bit of a different review as it's not something I've written specifically for Ciao.....so here goes nothing! As many of you know I have personal experience of self-harm (which I have written about here - http://www.ciao.co.uk/Member_Advice_on_Self_harm__Review_5614015 ) An important part of my life is being a volunteer director/trustee of '''Self-Injury Support in North Cumbria (SIS)''' which is a charity based in Carlisle (but covering ..." Read review

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Tis An Art To Being Superstitious

AdvantagesSome Are Cool

DisadvantagesSome Are Scary

"Tis An Art To Being Superstitious………. I noticed a review by the lovely little Katygriff about Superstitions and looked it up on the Internet and found it very interesting indeed. So I looked at all the different Superstitions and decided to do this review in alphabetical order, so touch wood you lot will enjoy it…………….. Ambulance- Well most of us know the old saying that if you see the back of an ambulance it's bad luck. But according to this ..." Read review

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The pain from Suicide and Sorrow

AdvantagesDefinately NONE

DisadvantagesHaving to cope with it and always wondering why?

"...bad childhood. They gave up everything for us and did everything they could to give us a great upbringing. I think there is nothing more Comparisons (consider revising), they always did there best and for that, I thank them. The biggest two question that comes with the loss of a loved one through suicide is "why?",and "what was so bad that he had no other choice, that he felt the only way to make things right was to end his own life?" I was ..." Read review

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That Citric Sensation… The Satsuma!

AdvantagesSatsuma's are quite delicious, reviewing them helps show the most delicious types

DisadvantagesWhat happens when someone mentions the clementine?

"Headnote This is a review of the different types of satsuma available. My review does not contain any information on the clementine. They are not the same thing! If you say they are, after reading this item, then something bad will happen... I just haven't decided what yet... I am writing my review in the UK and for that reason it is most reliable here, but I will try to keep it interesting for everyone. I realised something quite horrible ..." Read review

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Workington is a great place to live!
The year and a half before moving there! (*)
happy times.
probably missed out alot but doesnt bother me as my kids have always been my 1st priority (*)
Seeing them as low lifes in the future, and feeling great about it.
If you can't beat em, don't join em. Bullying can hurt. (*)
Wider choice of discs (and sooner!)
None so far - who knows what Hollywood will come up with next to screw us (*)
see below
see below (*)
Be prepared
Lots of work for one meal (*)
Strong and good looking.
None really. (*)
Freedom, pride, and a happy daughter
It's been a very long year! (*)
helping animals
none (*)
It rhymes, and might be mildly pleasurable to read.
It rhymes, and does not always exactly stick to the subject of addiction. (*)
Planning makes Christmas enjoyable
None (*)
Waiting for judgement day to come.......
Too many to list. (*)
Personal touch - items are made 'with love'
Time consuming and can work out more expensive (*)
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