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published 12/10/2007 | SamCrumpet
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"The Cheaters"

Step, step, the sound of hard shoes were heard against, a hard floor. The sound approached the heads office where John was waiting with James. As the feet of the head came closer, John thought of what had lead to this.

It had all begin a year before when his mother had died from cancer. It had taken months and in her last week we new it was going to happen and his father would not return to see her. He was a General in the Air Fore. He do ever think by the book he always had to have a clean house and to be very punctual, just taller then John, short black hair, narrow thin face and a higher tuned athlete. He worked in the north in Yorkshire and lived in a small flat in the compound and only came home for: a week for Christmas, a week for Easter and a month during the holidays. He was a work alcoholic. Mum and I lived in the south of Exeter near the calm peaceful flat over looking the key at the river EX.
John was happy there in a school called Exeter a 10 minute drive. Him and his father got on fine and always spent a week in the summer on holiday to; Australia, Peru, America, Russia, Japan and South Africa. Until he do not came home when his mother was dieing. John remembered saying "why do you not come home?"
"I was working."
"Is that more important then mum?" He didn't answer that and just told me that I would be starting at a boarding school in the south. All this had happened a year ago.

The steps on the hard floor became louder and louder, as the neared the head office.

John told James, "You drop the sheet with the answers on, make sure it's near me."
"How much?" James replied scared the passing pupil would hear them.
"We agreed on the price," John quickly interrupted James as he opened his mouth, "If we get caught I just say I snuck the peace of paper in on my own and that I stole the paper and worked out the answers. Half now and half after." John walked of satisfied that his plan would work.

The steps, steps of the head feet became loader and loader as the head approached the sound.

They walked into the main sport hall. He saw 200 desks lined up row to row all the way to the back of the hall. Plane wooden desks lined up with a maths paper sitting perfectly in the middle upside down. All two hundred people began to make their way to their seats.
As the clock hit 9 o'clock, the head of maths said, "You may turn over your paper and you have two hours," two hundred papers turned over and 200 people wrote there name on the front cover, all you could here was the scratching of pens on the paper.
John looked up at the clock and saw it approaching 9; 30 he new that James must have done at least half of the paper. John looked to his right where James was writing down his answers on the scrap piece of paper. His eyes flashed towards the teacher sitting on the front row. I looked at him more closely and saw he had a trickle of sweat running down his face; he reached down into his pocket and pulled out a perfectly folded handkerchief which he wiped across his face still looking at the head of maths, which was marking some work.
James saw this was the right time; he placed the piece of paper on the floor, covered it with his foot and began to slide it across the green floor of the sports hall. Centimetre by centimetre the foot slide until it reached half way between the two boys.
As john lifted his foot to go and get the piece of paper, he hit the chair. A rattle went round the dead silent hall, the head of maths looked up and saw two boys with there feet reseeding into the shadows of the desks. He turned back to look at his marks when he just saw a piece of paper lying on the floor in-between them both.
He stood up and began to walk down the isle to where they were sitting it was the longest few minutes of there lives. The head of maths saw the sheet on the floor, he bent down and saw a sheet full of answers on it. He looked at James and John and spoke in a deep controlled voice. "Hand me your paper" John and James both handed out there papers. He tore them into two pieces, of paper. Now every head was turned towards them.
James looked horrified to see that his paper was in two, it looked as if he was about to cry. John on the other hand was just frustrated with him self that he could have doe something so stupid. He tried to speak out but could not mange it for shame of what he had done.
"Follow me" said the controlled voice of the head of maths. They complied. They were marched up the isle out of the hall, straight to the heads office.

The sound of the steps on the floor stopped, the door begin to open in front of them was the head in a perfect suit, black pitch black, six foot tall. With gray strips, on his plane shirt white shirt lay a tie not to short not to long. It was black to match his suit. His shoes had been polished so there was not even a centimetre of dirt on them. He was bald big and had a stern look on his face.
"Well boys, what have you got to say for yourself?"

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