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I have purposely waited for a few months to write my opinion of this new PC, to get a feel for the features, and also comment on the services provided by Evesham. I purchased my new PC, a 1.33 GHz Athlon with 256 MB ram, 19 inch monitor, CDR drive, Dolby Surround speakers and 60 GB hard ... Read review

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Community Level 2Pauley123


Young, gorgeous and sexy - and the PC's nice too

Advantages2 / 3 years onsite warranty. Knowledgeable support staff.

DisadvantagesDon't ring 'em at lunch time.

"...to a Mesh, Dell or Evesham machine. All three PCs had very similar features, and the Mesh had a wider choice of software bundled with it. In the end however, I was swung by Evesham’s after sales service. The other two had a 1 year onsite warranty, whereas the Evesham had a 2 year onsite followed by a year’s return to base, in addition to lifetime telephone support. A great deal, however even better was that for just an extra £30 I could extend ..." Read review

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Community Level 2msteward


Repeat Offender

Advantagesrange, price, convenience

Disadvantagesnot many high street stores

"...opinions have been given about Evesham as an PC retailer, but I wanted to be first to offer an opinion specifically on their web presence. My experiences with Evesham began when I bought my first PC back in 1994. My friend and next-door-neighbour already had a PC from Evesham and, at the time, they offered great value for money with their extensive range of PC's. If I remember correctly, I ordered my first PC over the telephone. Since I never ..." Read review

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Community Level 4averagepun...


When things go wrong - Evesham delivers

AdvantagesGood systems, knowledgeable staff, warranty

DisadvantagesFew stores in UK, but good website

"...I began researching alternatives, and Evesham consistently rated highly in the PC magazines and seemed to offer good spec for money options. I trundled off to my local Evesham shop (fortunately there is one local to me – although they only have about 15 nationwide) and was immediately impressed by the knowledge of the sales assistant and the time he was prepared to take demonstrating their systems and explaining the various options. The downside ..." Read review

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Community Level 2STUkrugen


My very first PC..

AdvantagesCompetetive prices, excellent support.

DisadvantagesThey have removed the no quibble 14 day money back guarantee.

"......MESH.....DAN.....EVESHAM. I finally decided on Evesham for various reasons. Firstly, their prices were very competetive. Secondly, I was able to mix and match a PC's components to my exact specifications and they were able to instantly give me a price quote for the system I had "built". Thirdly, the sales staff were definitely not patronising (Leeds Branch) and they never mentioned extended warranties like most other companies do in their ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Decoy


My Evesham Experiences

AdvantagesPricing, range/specs, helpful staff/tech support.

DisadvantagesNot a store in every town, RAM upgrade unavailable when I visited.

"...year (2002) I purchased an Evesham Voyager 5614 laptop from Evesham.com in Swansea (now relocated to the Evesham Microstore shop opposite the Grand Theatre). When considering which PC I was going to buy for university, there were a number of considerations. Chief amongst these were speed, size and price. I visited all the major PC retailers in my area, and online, and eventually decided that a laptop was my best bet, as it allowed portability ..." Read review

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