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Evil Dead 2 (DVD)

In this sequel-remake of the original EVIL DEAD, a group of people are trapped in a cabin while ancient evil lurks outside and threatens a fate worse ...

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published 27/06/2013 | pmcds
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Pro Direction, design and horror elements
Cons Nothing if I'm honest, tacky for sure but this was part of the brilliance
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"Raimi's brilliantly bad horror sequel"

'Baby, I ain't holdin' yer hand!'

Well, you certainly couldn't laud this film for the realism of its special effects, but in terms of throwing everything at a film in the hope that some of it sticks and scares, then this film has it all. Sam Raimi is probably best known for his direction of the Spider-Man trilogy of the last decade, but those who have been aware of his earlier work will be well versed with his love for the horror genre.

Evil Dead II is a direct sequel to the events of Evil Dead, which saw a group of young adults come across a hidden cottage in the woods which was home to a number of undead beasts, zombies and a supernatural element that must have been a director's delight. Ash returns to the shack (is it the same shack or a different location? Is it even the same person?) with his girlfriend, and before long there are weird goings on. Something else is lurking in the dark and when it finally reveals itself, you won't know whether to laugh or scream!

The first half an hour or so is solid with Bruce Campbell as Ash as he hallucinates, sees people and things being possessed, and yet manages to try and maintain an air of calm. He appears to die and then be resurrected, and wrestles with other beasties that come along, defending himself and other randoms who turn up against all manner of evil attacks.

Some of them are cinematic brilliance, and you can easily see why this film has been praised for its ingenuity and for choosing to throw the kitchen sink at the screen. From a maniacally cackling moose's head to blood bursting through the walls; from an eyeball shooting into someone's mouth with us getting the view from the eyeball's trajectory to more maniacal cackling from designer zombies appearing from the cellar. It's brilliant. Purely brilliant.

I couldn't help but marvel at how random my reaction was as well. There's nothing special about the acting, but the way in which this sort of horror film plays out on screen has always been something I've thought is brilliant. The hours spent on the special effects are impressive and somehow scarier than a lot of the digital work that you and I see nowadays. This is horror with artistic flair and talent, and the use of sound effect and liquids to produce the atmosphere, where the music makes more of a difference, and the camera angle needs to be tidier and tighter than these days in order to show what you need and hide what you want the mind to be guessing is there.

If you're after a horror film that will simultaneously impress you and make you snigger, then this is it. There's even a brilliant ending that pays homage to a classic film, mimicking it, although I don't want to tell you for fear of giving it away. Safe to say that Raimi never gave up making follow ups to this film, and nor should anyone ever give up on this or any other horror flicks by the director. We know it's not real, but the fact that the graphic designer and director and camera operators have managed to animate these inanimate creations somehow makes it creepier. Loved it.

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  • mozzie76 published 27/06/2013
    This is a great horror film
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In this sequel-remake of the original EVIL DEAD, a group of people are trapped in a cabin while ancient evil lurks outside and threatens a fate worse than death. Can brawny wiseguy Ash save the day, or will his dead girlfriend come back to cause more trouble


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