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Eyes Wide Shut - JLS (Single)

Single Track from JLS - Genre: Pop

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Review of "Eyes Wide Shut - JLS (Single)"

published 05/07/2015 | Expo
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"Wide Shut?"

Eyes Wide Shut - JLS (Single)

Eyes Wide Shut - JLS (Single)

Wide Shut?


In this review I will be looking at a single released by JLS (Featuring Tinie Tempah) called “Eye's Wide Shut” which is available for Purchase on ITunes as a digital download. I hope to give my opinion on the song in a balanced and informative manner. In this review I will be looking at the following areas :-
  • Background
  • Lyrics
  • Music
  • My Listen
  • Price and Availability
  • Conclusion and Reocmmendation

The song was written by JLS a 4 piece UK boy-band, with help from Tim McEwan and Lars Halvor Jensen. The song was initially not meant for single release and was just going to be part of the album “Outta This World” but after being reworked with input and rapping from hip hop artist Tinie Tempah it was decided the song was strong enough for single release, which it was on the 13th of February 2013 for digital release and 14th of February on single release which was to coincide with valentines day, being a band that could be said to be aimed at women this was likely to increase sales.

JLS were runners up on the X Factor in 2008 and have done very well since the show. There style has always been POP, RnB and Club style music this particular song is aimed at the club genre and I feel it was designed to be “club friendly”which would help them sell more music. The other writers of the song Tim McEwan and Lars Jensen have been associated with other pop acts such as Mel B, Jedward, Blue, Pixie Lott, Lemar and Jason Derulo among others, being involved in hundreds of thousands of single sales. The team up helped them focus on aiming the single at the chart success using the there previous success and knowledge which had already been tested around this period.

The song was initially promoted by the band appearing on Alan Carr's Chatty Man, Daybreak, This Morning, Let's Dance for Comic Relief, and Red Nose Day 2011 main show, in the past this really helped pop acts to do better in the charts however there just isn't the coverage that there used to be through shows such as SMTV, Live & Kicking, Top of The Pops and other largely viewed TV shows as there was in the past, which has led to a decline in overall sales on single release however the song did relatively well and charted at number 8 in the charts at its peak.


The songs lyrics are upbeat and have a good feel, the song is about the lads not wanting to be apart from a girl .

The song starts off with the lyrics :-

”They say that some things are too good to be true
But I just hope they ain't talking about you
I heard that everything must come to an end
But I just can't imagine me without you “

The lyrics to me reflect a positive outlook on the relationship which is insinuated in the in the opening, reflecting the well used phrase “all good things must come to an end” to this proposed relationship by saying they don't want it to end, they hope its not true and they can't imagine it happening making you feel like it would be unbearable for them,

This is followed by the lyrics :-

“Don't tell me I'm dreamin'
Cause if I've been dreamin'
I don't ever want to wake up [2x]
So in love with this feelin'
Tonight I'll be sleepin'
Sleepin' with my eyes wide shut“

These lyrics carry on from the opening lyrics of the song adding more to the story saying the lads hope they aren't dreaming and if they are they don't want it to stop because they love the way the relationship is making them feel and if they're asleep they will be “Sleepin' with there eyes wide shut” this lyric insinuates they are so alert about the way they're feeling, its like having you eyes wide open and being very aware however they're are asleep so to compare and incorporate the two they instead have their eyes wide shut rather than wide open. These lines are the main part of the lyrics and are considered the chorus.

This is followed up with the lyrics

“Out of sight they say out of mind
But your image will remain til the end of time
I'm strong but hearts are easy to break
Don't want to fall if there ain't no one to catch me
Me without you, me without you “

These lyrics expand on the story stating they could never get rid of the what they have seen using another well known phrase “Out of sight out of mind” making the song relate to the story by insinuating they can't get them out of there mind, also saying they want the image until the end of time. Its also states even though they're strong that they're also weak in relation to this as if the relationship ends it will break them either way if it does they state they have no one to catch them and repeating “me without you, me without out you” reaffirming they cant imagine life without this person.

The lads then reaffirm they don't want to be dreaming by stating “Oh, I don't ever want to wake up “.

This is followed by the second time the chorus is sung

“Don't tell me I'm dreamin'
Cause if I've been dreamin'
I don't ever want to wake up
So in love with this feelin'
Tonight I'll be sleepin'
Sleepin' with my eyes wide shut
Coz i dont wanna wake up wake up wake up
I dont wanna wake up wake up
So in love with this feeling
Tonight I'll be sleeping
Sleeping with my eyes wide shut“

This solidifies the story and gives the listener a second chance to hear the main lyrics again and this is good way to take in the story of the lyrics sink in and be remembered as well allowing a greater understanding of the song and gives more of a memorability factor to the lyrics and gives the listener a part to sing a long with, this as with most choruses also allows the song to be more broken up.

Tinie Tempah follows this up with

“Lets go, uhh
And I dont wanna get out of bed
If I can rearrange the alphabet
It'd be you I, JLS
B A to J F K ya L A X
Yeah, We're the match mate
Tell me looking forward to it like a Saturday
Babe Tonights bright
As i got my ray bans on and my eyes wide shut”

Theses lyrics to me don't add much to the song and I can't really explain what they're about, however they allow the song to include another mainstream artist, which increases the marketability to the song however I don't feel they add anything to the story of the song.

The song goes a little more off track whoever there is purpose to it with the following lyrics

“Everybody everywhere throw your hands in the air say yeah, say yeah yeah yeah
Go on put your hands high if your sleeping tonight say yeah, yeah yeah yeah yeah“

This is to get the listener more involved however is off topic from the rest of the song. The chorus is then played again followed by these lyrics again. Which does give the lads a chance to finish the song off and keep the listener entertained by involving them which is great for a club style song but not so much for the overall story.

When reviewing the lyrics together the writers have done well including well used phrases to relate users to the story in of the song, as well as using them in a positive way. The lyrics are well designed to include the listener and help them sing along with the song. It is a very marketable pop song, and great for playing in a club, the song also easily engages a crowd to sing a long. The Tinie Tempah part of the song does let down as a whole but I can see why he's there and doesn't disrupt the lyrics too much. I honestly think the lyrics would be better without it.

Music and Melody

The opening music and melody starts off slow with initial wording and moves on to be more up-tempo with the chorus , the tempo of the song goes up and down through out the song to match the speed of the lyrics leading up to be more intense and faster towards the end with the “sing a long” style ending.

The music uses classic club anthems as parts of the sound, no orthodox instruments seem to be used and all the sounds seem to have some sort of synthetic sound properties probably created just using sound mixing, however this compliments the lyrics and helps towards the overall styling of the song and definitely shows its aimed at club market. however this would suggest like most club songs its not easy to listen to but in my opinion the music isn't too loud and can be listened to comfortably.

The song music fades out with lyrics covering the music which helps the tune and words keep playing in your head after the song finishs. The runtime of the whole song is 3 minutes and 51 seconds, which isn't an overall long song however is a lot longer than some pop songs I have herd.

My Listen

I have to say this is not normally the type of music I would listen to, however I was surprised by the positive upbeat style of the song and I like that it has a positive message, I can't help but move along to the song, the chorus is very catchy and got stuck in my head quite easily. Not generally a fan of JLS either I believe this one of there better songs and is a really good listen. A lot of club style songs are annoying when listening to music for general enjoyment while relaxing but the good feel of this song means it is to fine be in my playlist.
Price and Availability

This song is available on iTunes to purchase for 0.99p which isn't too bad for the legal right to listen to this on on you apple devices. It is also listed on spotify free and premium if you want to listen to ads or already have a subscription, however you can only listen anywhere without wifi if you do have a full subscription.

The song also has a full music video which a available free to watch on you tube however there will be ads. I suppose the only way to listen to this song without any advertisements would be to buy it, which I have or have a subscription to a streaming service which JLS's song are available. However if you are just wanting a teaser to this song and don't mind the odd advertisement or to try before you buy you tube would be is fine for most people and can be accessed on your computer browser or by most smart phones.

The song is also the 2nd track on the album "Outta This World" and Track six on the Goodbye album, so its easy to get a hold of these as a hard copy, I've seen both of these albums in Morrisons used in 2nd hand CD's selection for £2.

Conclusion and Recommendation

The song is great club style song that's easy to enjoy I conclude that I do indeed admire this song and I think its a good example of positive feeling pop music. I would recommend this song if you don't mind a bit of cheesy pop with some memorable lyrics, it has a relatively cheap price to own but you can listen to it for free if you don't mind ads or already have a streaming subscription with spotify.

I'll be sleeping with my eyes wide shut listening to this song tonight as I will not be able to get out of my head.

Advisory note : The Lyrics belong to JLS, I claim no ownership of them as part of my review.

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