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F1 2002 (GameCube)

Genre: Racing/Driving - Racing Simulation - Publisher: Electronic Arts (EA) - Developer(s): Visual Sciences - Age Rating: 3+

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Review of "F1 2002 (GameCube)"

published 06/12/2004 | jamesmonkey4u
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Pro Graphics are pretty sharp.
Cons Controls is not very smooth. Electronic arts.
very helpful

"F1 2002, Let's go racing!!"

Another year and another formula one game hits the shelf. This game is made by EA. I think they must make games for almost all sports now and to be honest, they are better games companies around but EA have made some good games in the past so how will this compare?

The game
This is a game based on the formula one season of 2002 with all the official tracks and drivers. Can you win the formula one world championship!

The game modes
Quick race
This is when you just want to get a quick race in You select your racer and your track, and then you start the race this is a good mode for when you just want to get one game in before going out.

Full Championship
This is when you race a full formula one season. You can choose from between doing 4,8,16 or races for each race, I usually do 16 laps.
You can also choose all the usual settings like drivers cars, and skill level easy medium or hard.
Because it takes too long doing a full race and gets boring. This mode is more for the F1 purist most other gamers will get bored after about 2 races.

Team mate challenge
This is a mode where you race, but you have to finish in front of your team mate to try to win the championship. This is a fun mode and will increase the lifespan of the game.

Now this is something a bit different again for the F1 purist, this is where you do an F1 championship season but you have to win every race to complete the challenge. This is really tough and to be honest I couldn't do this, because it would bore the life out of me.

This is where you go to practice your racing skills and try to improve them for, when you race in the championship. This is in most games it's okay but nothing special.

Multi-player mode
You can play with up-to 4 friends. They are many different with some fun and some not.

Time challenge
This is where you race against the clock. The main idea here is to make the fastest lap you can do. The person with the fastest lap will win after 5 minutes game time. This is quite good fun but does get boring after a while.

Tag team
This is where you play in teams of two taking it in turns to do a lap. The team that finishes the race first will win the race. This is a fun mode and had me playing for quite a while.

For each lap you win you will receive a point, so the player who wins the most laps will win overall. I didn't like this mode much I would of preferred to race probably then this.

Last man Standing
This is where you race as usual but the car in last place will be removed from the race at the end of each lap. The winner is the last car standing. This is good fun and keeps the adrenalin pulling.

There are a few other modes you do which are in all f1 ones games. Such as Qualify this is where you do a set number of laps and your fastest lap is put forward and this where you start the race. Warm-up this is just like a practice before you set your race.

Pit-stops, When your car is low or fuel or the vehicle is damaged you can take it into the pit to get it fixed and re-fuel. When you are in the pits you can also change the set-up to your car. You can change the Brakes, Suspension, Aerodynamics gearbox, and wheels to your own specifications for the car. There is a lot of stuff here to do with the car that is good for racing fans.

The graphics are pretty good in this game even though there are better games graphically around. The layout and presentation are well done. Most EA games look good and have a similar feel to them.

The in-game music is good on the title screens. The sound in the actual game is okay but does get quite annoying after a while and I seem to continuously turn the television down. The pit Radio that you can hear the pit team talking to you through is pretty good and sounds realistic.

This is where the game is let down in my opinion. The game starts off quite well and you can feel the speed and the joypad rumble. But There is so much under-steer and you are almost fighting with the joypad, to get the car to move in the direction you want it to go. This is very frustrating and annoying. When you brake the car seems to skid horribly and almost stops to a dead halt.
Ea again have let us down in the main department, The controls are not the worst and if you played for a long time you would get use to the controls but are you going to be playing this for a long time?? My answer is no.

This game isn't the most realistic because you can crash into a wall several times and the car seems fine. You can also cut across the grass without getting yellow flagged. I don't really like games to be too realistic because that takes the fun out of them, but this has almost no realism.

This game has many great features and game modes. The game looks good and doesn't sound to bad. But Ea need to get the basics correct, The controls because this plays horrible I wouldn't recommend buying this game because it becomes frustrating all to quickly and will leave you annoyed. I give this game 2 stars for good graphics and modes, if only the gameplay was better!. This game is only for the pure F1 gaming fans otherwise leave it alone there has to be something better out there!!
Thanks for reading my review James
Price I paid: £10 glad I didn’t buy it brand new.
Where I got it from: Cash converters
Players: 1-4
Producer: EA

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  • mizzjasmine published 18/12/2004
    brilliant! cash is surely immenent? however u spell that word...x
  • i.like.ham published 14/12/2004
    EA certainly cannot make F1 games, handling is always poor like the graphics
  • tekin21 published 10/12/2004
    Good review - may be worth a go! Jane x
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Product Information : F1 2002 (GameCube)

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Genre: Racing/Driving - Racing Simulation - Publisher: Electronic Arts (EA) - Developer(s): Visual Sciences - Age Rating: 3+

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Publisher: Electronic Arts (EA)

Developer: Visual Sciences

Release Date: 19th July 2002

Age: 3+

Genre: Racing/Driving

Sub Genre: Racing Simulation

Platform: Nintendo GameCube

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