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F1 2002 (GameCube)

Genre: Racing/Driving - Racing Simulation - Publisher: Electronic Arts (EA) - Developer(s): Visual Sciences - Age Rating: 3+

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Review of "F1 2002 (GameCube)"

published 01/10/2017 | jb0077
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It has been fun all the reads and rates I have received were highly appreciated thank you.
Pro Official 2002 F1 racing game.
Cons Too many features require unlocking.
Value for Money
Difficulty & Complexity

"F1 2002 on the GameCube."

F1 2002 (GameCube)

F1 2002 (GameCube)

I am starting to get through a few of the older games that I have in my collection now. This is another game I have had sitting for a couple of years waiting for me to get around to it, I tested the game to be sure that it worked okay and left it to pursue other things. I do have an immense stack of games [a few still sealed] but it tends to come down to what you are in the mood for, and so as I happened to be this is F1 2002 for the GameCube.

The Game

So this game by the EA Sports branch of Electronic Arts is based around the 2002 season of Formula 1, this game is an officially sponsored title which means everything is accurate for the time barring any last minute changes before the season start. So we have proper teams that participate, proper named drivers and proper race locations in the correct season order. This also means you have the proper rules and regulations for the time as well, there are several game modes on offer in this game along with support for up to four players in simultaneous gameplay. You can adjust your car as well to suit your driving style and the game requires five blocks for a memory card save.

Getting Started

To get going in this game you are first asked to select a language and then if you want the auto save on [silly question to ask, of course we do]. At the main menu you have three game modes the option and the credits to choose from...


Selecting this from the main menu brings you to another menu with the selections you can adjust, Audio/Visual, Controller Options, Load/Save and Change Language. These options are all straightforward features that you will typically find in a racing game.

Quick Race

Not prepared to wait and want to get right into the action then this is the option for you. Selecting this firm the menu brings you to the driver select screen and they are all there too not just the top racers. So you can take the role of Michael Schumacher or Rubinz Barrichello at Ferrari or if you feel like something less obvious you can choose Eddie Irvine's Jaguar or even go to Toyota with Mika Salo or anyone you want really the choice is totally yours.

When it comes to circuit selection you only have Silverstone, Hockenheim or Monza to choose from at first, the rest will need to be unlocked [your classic incentive for playing games before achievements and trophies arrived]. To unlock the tracks you just have to win points by finishing races in points positions, once you have selected a race you will jump straight to it. Each race offers up four laps for you to grab the win, in some races it will rain mid way through but it is pointless to even consider tyres as the rain does not effect them that much, sometimes your race can start in the wet. Each race starts you at the back of the grid which I think is unfair, why no random positioning but on the plus side the rules are arcade so you can bump, smash, grind and cut your way to the front.

Single Player

So like the title suggests this selection contains the single player options for racing, there are two selections in this option for racing and one for statistics.

Challenge Mode.
The first of your racing options in single player and unfortunately a must if you want to unlock Grand Prix mode. You need at least a bronze in all five of the basic challenges to unlock that option.

So how easy are the challenges? Well in all there are actually twenty five categories of challenges but you only have to worry about the basics if you want to unlock Grand Prix and you only need to earn Bronze in these [thankfully]. The first five challenges that you need are not too difficult and cover these skills...

The Start, where you want a nice steady take off, and cross the set finish line within the time set, this is effectively an easy gold.
Braking, much trickier here as you need to stop within a designated area I managed a bronze after a couple of attempts and moved on.
Cornering, this one is a bit of a pain as there are three corners to complete and you are not allowed to leave the track, well the cars don't turn superbly well, it took three goes for me and I was happy with bronze.
Chicane, not one but two chicanes are required, this one is not too bad took me two attempts to get bronze.
Hairpins, it says hairpins but you only have to do one, took me two attempts to get bronze.

You don't have to do the rest but they are require to unlock some features in other events and they cover various aspects of Formula 1 racing, the next set has weather based challenges. Then pit stop and fuel based challenges, then manual gearing, damage and failures in the racecraft selection and lastly the track experience challenges which are all one hot lap around each circuit in the game, this means a hot lap and a clean one as you are not allowed to go off the track, with this game that is a big ask.

Grand Prix

So after completing the first five fairly simple challenges you have access to this mode selection, you will find in the grand prix option five different race options.

Single Grand Prix.
You can jump straight into this option which covers a full F1 racing weekend from to qualification through to the race you do it all.

Custom Championship.
When unlocked this mode lets you select the number of races you race and the order in which you race them.

Full Championship.
This option allows you to race the full Formula 1 2002 season calender in the proper order covering seventeen full race weekends.

Team-Mate Challenge
Over seventeen races you have to beat your team-mate each time around, if you do you are assigned a new team-mate and if not you have to try again at a different circuit.

Here you must win every single race in a season, so seventeen wins are required if you ain't first you are last as Ricky Bobby would say.

Player Review

Here you will find various statistics on your profile and you can also view any trophies you have won.


There are a number of multiplayer modes in the game as well...

Split Screen.
This is a single race option for up to four players in multiplayer.

Time Challenge.
You can have as many as twenty two players here but each player will have to wait thier turn, the first player sets out their time on any of the seventeen tracks and the rest of the players will do the same trying to be the fastest, imagine the bragging rights being the king of twenty two players times.

Tag Team.
From three to eight players can play here, the mode focuses on switching players after each lap until the race is complete. So lap one is all player designated one and the two, three and four and back to one depending on how long the race is of course.

The object of this race mode is to win as many individual laps as you can. There are a few features that can be altered like adding penalties to give less experienced driver more of a chance.

Last Man Standing.
This is a fancy name for knockout racing, the basic rules apply whomever is last across the line after each lap is knocked out and the last racer left in is the winner.


F1 2002 is your typical F1 racing game, there is no straying from the path of proper Formula 1 racing but in this game there are two options for racing controls. The standard button use of A for acceleration and B for brake this is fine but the cars handling is not great in my opinion, lets say you are fine going in a straight line and then a corner comes up. Now braking too hard is not an issue but if your car is moving to slowly on a corner it will turn too sharply causing you to hit the wall. If the car is going too quickly it will turn too slowly and you will end up off the track, there is an indicator telling you if you are coming into a corner too fast which helps a little using this method. I found it best to use the brakes lightly for slowing down and only coast around the corners but it is a frustrating way to race as you need to be almost perfect going round corners, the racing view options don't help you much either. There are four view options but none of these were really good enough for me to gauge how easy or difficult the next corner would be and I resorted to checking the race map on the left of the screen every so often to get an idea of what was coming up. So I could have gotten on board with the awkward turning in the game if I had at least had a decent viewing angle of the circuit ahead but as not I rate the gameplay as satisfactory because it is playable but requires a little patience.

Using the C stick method is much better as you push it forward for keeping the foot down and backwards for braking, this may sound awkward but it actually works really well I found that when racing the best move is to let off the stick on corners rather than brake but little taps backwards on the stick help also when you really need to slow down for a sharp turn. The driving feels more natural with this method and the car seems to respond much better as well.


The graphics in F1 2002 are very good, obviously they are nothing to shout about compared to what we have today but for the time and the abilities of the GameCube I would say that this game looks pretty good. The circuits have a good amount of detail and all look like their real world counterparts, so if you were to race at say Monza but were not told you were you'd know you were at Monza as the track layout is totally familiar [provided you know what Monza looks like of course] plus the long start with that first chicane is one of it's most memorable features. The point is the game looks the part, the cars lack some of the details but who cares about that as the car is the last thing you really look at anyway, the menu screen are also well set up with colourful backgrounds all in all I cannot really fault the graphics in any large way for this game.


There is a nice generic backing tune that is not epic by any standards but it does not get on your nerves either, I had the menu screen on for a while when I was busy and the music never bothered me. Sound effects wise there are some, in races I never really noticed the engine noise for the most part because I was too busy concentrating on the track, when I did notice though I found the engines sounded proper not tinny or anything like that, overall I would say the sounds are very good.

Opinion and Recommendation

So my opinion of this game is nice try but you guys have messed it up slightly. Firstly I think that there are too many features that have to be unlocked in this game, then the car handling is shady at best on the buttons but actually great on the C stick which is a little weird, but hey it works. In recommendation terms... any collector should probably have this one in their collection anyway, since racing games are a dime a dozen old and new this is worth looking at if you want a cheap F1 game on an older system.

I would recommend this game to fans of F1 games anyway because it plays well enough on the C-stick for you to get some enjoyment from the game and of course the mighty Schumacher was still at Ferrari back then. A nice piece of nostalgia for those who remember those days too.

Thanks for reading, ©jb0077 2017 a massive thanks if you rated.

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Product Information : F1 2002 (GameCube)

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Genre: Racing/Driving - Racing Simulation - Publisher: Electronic Arts (EA) - Developer(s): Visual Sciences - Age Rating: 3+

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Publisher: Electronic Arts (EA)

Developer: Visual Sciences

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Age: 3+

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