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"Warm and Snuggly"

F&F Cable Knit Poncho

F&F Cable Knit Poncho

It’s winter and that means that the winter clothing comes back out to play, along with some new items being added to my collection for braving the depths of a cold and evil winter. Ponchos, hoodies and other warm and cozy things are complete necessities as we turn past November and if I’m brutally honest, most have been coming out since September but hey, I’m cold blooded. This Poncho is one of this years buys as I was wandering around Tesco with my fiancé, spotted it and fell in love at first sight. Because my fiancé is wonderful he bought it for me without any serious mutterings of complaint!

In terms of looks, it looks like a large Poncho! But, yes, I know, that’s not very helpful. So, for those of you of a more traditional British nature, a poncho is a garment of a type originally worn in South America, made of a thick piece of woollen cloth with a slit in the middle for the head. That was stolen from the google definition page by the way. The identifying feature of a poncho is that it has no armholes, instead being a long triangle of material going down both back and front with enough room to move your arms around in. You aren’t going to find tight fitting ponchos!

This poncho goes down to almost my knees at the bottom of the triangle, and the material covering the arm covers nearly my entire arm. But it is worth noting that I am short and the poncho comes in the sizes small to medium and medium to large The Tesco model is significantly taller than me (which doesn’t take much) at 5’ 9’’ and the poncho reaches her elbows and about half way down her thighs rather than her knees! Perhaps that is the way that a poncho is intended to be worn but in brutal honesty, I’ve stopped growing now so it’s never going to happen.

I like the triangular shape the poncho comes down into though, as you can get ponchos which come down with completely straight edges at the bottom and I always think these look rather clunky and out dated, although that might just be me. This just seems to look a tad bit more modern with the sharp triangles down the legs and then of course the tassels coming off them as well which aren’t necessary but do look quite cute. It is worth stating that it is bulky and particularly if you are wearing it over a jumper you may look like an abominable snowman, but that is a cost I am willing to pay.

Only coming in cream is a bit of a negative considering that I attract dirt in the same way that the average five year old child does; nothing stays white with me for all too long. There are however no other colour options in the F&F range so cream it was. My fiancé sighed at the inevitable increased washing pile. I do like the design on it, they call it cable knit design; I call it woollen swirly celtic things separated by solid lines with hanging tassels on the bottom, but that potentially just goes to demonstrate my ability to use 10 words where three would do. It’s pretty though and works well. Even if I think it would be better in red. Or black. Or blue. Or anything but white.

It is cosy though and that is a big plus in its favour. It’s warm, snuggly and very cosy. Now granted, I wouldn’t advise wearing it instead of a jumper unless the weather is mild enough to cope with bare arms, because as soon as you need to do anything with said arms they need to come out from under cover. But it’s large enough to wear over a T-shirt and jumper combination and then even fit a coat over the top providing the coat isn’t overly tight! But if worn with a light jumper underneath this is perfect for mid-winter and worn with a heavy jumper it is perfect for deep-winter. Did I mention I get cold easily.

I honestly though the material was wool it feels so nice and therefore assumed there would be washing implications. But despite having the thickness and quality of wool to my eyes and hands, it is actually 100% acrylic which means that it’s completely machine washable. Considering the earlier comments on the colour, this is a very good thing indeed.

Available from Tesco only (as F&F is their clothing range) it is currently available for £20. I assume it will continue to be available throughout the winter season and will likely be discontinued for the spring sales. This is the lower side of average for a good poncho with TopShop charging £22 for a cowl poncho, New Look charging £25 for a very similar dark grey poncho, TopShop charging £35 for a similar knitted style grey poncho and of course John Lewis coming in at tops with between £70 and £199 for their versions…but most do seem to include fancier materials like cashmere!
Do I Recommend?

Yes, this is warm, cosy, looks different and stands out from the crowd. At £20 it’s really reasonable as well. My only comment would be I’d love to see a range of colours as me and cream is a recipe for disaster, but at the end of the day that is not a worldwide disaster and it still looks good in cream. Until I find a muddy puddle at least.

I would point out that the majority of this review was written back in 2015 and this poncho is still going strong! The picture was actually taken by a Ciao bod earlier this year!

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  • LiveMusicLoverLyn published 25/12/2017
  • torr published 17/12/2017
    Good garment.
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    good recomendation
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