Fabriclive.09 (Live Recording/Mixed by Jacques Lu Cont) - Jacques Lu Cont

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Fabriclive.09 (Live Recording/Mixed by Jacques Lu Cont) - Jacques Lu Cont

1 CD(s) - Techno - Label: Fabric - Distributor: PIAS UK/Arvato Services, PIAS UK/Sony DADC - Released: 07/04/2003 - 802560001820

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Review of "Fabriclive.09 (Live Recording/Mixed by Jacques Lu Cont) - Jacques Lu Cont"

published 22/03/2005 | x_helix_x
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"Jacques, Move Your Body!"

Jacques Lu Cont

Jacques Lu Cont

Think electro, house, 80s style synth pop with a bit of rock thrown in for good measure and you have pretty much got what this mix cd is all about. I know I usually review rock/indie albums but this cd was such a great discovery I really had to share it with everyone. I first discovered Jacques Lu Cont through my brother who is a big fan of dance music, not cheesy Euphoria, rave style stuff but respectable, credible house, electro and techno. So he told me to have a listen to this cd and I was blown away.

Jacques Lu Cont is not french contrary to popular opinion, born in Yorkshire in the late 70s, his real name is in fact the rather unassuming Stuart Price. But then a name like that isn't going to get anyone very far in the cut-throat world of DJ-ing and producing. Jacques had always had a passion for music, taking it for O-level and A-level at school. He also took grades in various different instruments. He got his first synthesiser at the age of 11, shortly after he decided to get some keyboards and effectively set up his own home studio. His love of pop music, The Pet Shop Boys being his favourite band, made him start making his own little cassettes. These cassettes wormed their way onto the desk of a music executive of the underground label Wall Of Sound. They noticed his talent straight away and signed him to the label at the age of 18. Jacques started recording his own material, remixing, colaborating with his best friend under the name "Zoot Woman" and he is also the brain behind the electro band "Les Rythmes Digitales". You might be familiar with their song from a car advert where there is the robot car that dances. That song is called "Jacques Move Your Body".

This is a mix cd for Fabric. Fabric is a well known club in London. But over recent years they have started to release mix cds by DJs who play at the club. These are released every month either under the name "Fabric" or "FabricLive". There are vast amounts of titles to choose from, everything from breakbeat to house and beyond. Each cd comes in a metal cd embossed with the name of the dj and the number of the series, in this case 09. A cardboard sleeve then covers the metal case, on the back: the tracklisting and on the front: a cool modern art inspired cover which is different for every release. The presentation is second to none.

Now to the cd...writing about a mix cd is a lot different from writing about an artist album. The mix is just as important as the song itself. The "mix" being the dj merging the two songs together wether that be by using the crossfader and simply blending or by scratching or just by a simple cut. Nowadays DJ-ing is becoming more and more advanced; please don't think that djs aren't talented because they play other artists music. In my opinion they are just as talented as any other musician.

The cd kicks with a great electro tune by Mirwais called "Miss You." The sleazy, yet kind of soulful vocals are provided by Craig Wedren. It's the perfect the tune to kick of the cd with, high pitched sirens and synths, this what Jacques Lu Cont's style is all about. Immediately it just cuts straight into "Eastern Palace" by Risan. Such a funky, funky tune you are bound to have heard this before. It's perfect machine-like beat sounds as crisp as the day it was made, 1982 to be precise. Half way through the song and a good ear will be able to hear the beginning of the mix. The funky beat, a cut of the next song's vocals give a taster of what's coming up. It glides perfectly into "Wordy Rappinghood" by Tom Tom Club, so perfect was the mix that you don't even notice it's changed songs. That is before the crazy, oriental style high pitched singing has came in, only very briefly though. The song is a vintage electro pop classic made in 1981. However again Lu Cont doesn't relent on his barage of tunes.

The mix quickly progresses onto the more, tough modern electro beats of "Steppin" by Chicken Lips. Sirens scream at you and it's all building, but then fading away as soon as it came. After the quick mixes of the last few tunes, this is a welcome breather; lasting around four minutes. It really begins to toughen up, tribal beats galore almost techno in parts and sirens and effects sound out loud. Grumbling in the distance, a melody can be heard, very quiet to begin with. But then suddenly, a huge gushing sound effect gives way to the next tune. "Abracadabra" by The Steve Miller Band, who would have thought it? So strange for this tune to be on the cd but that's only a hint of things to come. Funky and catchy you can't help but sing along to this one.

And so as the mix progresses, we say goodbye to the old tunes and say hello to the new. The electro vibe keeps progressing at a nice pace, not too fast but not so slow that you loose interest. "Give It Up" by Crazy Penis is a classy smooth tune, sophisticated and good vocals. In the background a familiar vocal starts to resonate, the vocal from "Jacques Move Your Body"; the song used on the car advert. The vocal is blended over the top of Give it up before it seems to stick and repeat itself. Then bursting in with a banging beat almost funky is "Eurolove" by Hypno-Love. The funky electro beat goes perfect with the acapella from the Les Rythmes Digitales song. After that the tempo is lowered a bit by the minimal electro/house beats of "Gold Is Your Metal" by Themroc. The same machine like yet chilled vibe is continued into "S&M" by Supreme Bachelors. The mixing is seemless, beats matched perfectly.

A remix of the Royksopp classic "Remind Me" has a kind of weird piano sound in it complimented by the electro beats. Little of the original singing was left in but it provides the perfect platform off which to launch the next surprise. From a distance the sound of the legendary classical tune "Also Sprach Zarathustra" by Strauss can be heard, lasting only a minute this is done to provide the tune that I feel the whole set has been building up to..."Sweet Dreams" by The Eurythmics. Probably one of the best songs ever made, loved by DJs around the world because of its great beats, electro undertones and fantastic vocals. A classic that nestles beautifully into this cd.

Well after that the journey is still not over, no, we have a bit further to go. "It's Automatic" by Zoot Woman really toughens this set up, acid house almost and dubbed vocals. Another seemless mix and beats matched perfectly again lead us into a modern house classic. The instantly recognisable melody of "David" by GusGus. anybody with a little interest in dance will know this tune. The great Medicine8 remix provides little of the vocals for listeners but the electronic vibe of the remix is what made Jacques use it. After that when it all seemed a little bit chilled, another huge tune follows. Sirens sound and one last snippet of vocals from "David" is heard before "House Nation" by The Housemaster Boyz is pumped in. A modern classic, made in 1986, this techno/electro tune was made well before its time. Fantastic.

"Snowball" by Devo is a catchy tune as the cd starts to wind down. Electro synth beats with catchy vocals make this a great song. The rock edge as promised is all in the last three tunes. "I wanna rock" by Junior Sanchez is a modern day fusion of dance music and rock. It's a real kick ass tune that you gotta check out. After that the sinister, creepy song "Gouge Away" by the Pixies and finally it all goes chilled with a great tune "Here Comes The Warm Jets" by Brian Eno. The anthemic guitars are the main focus with only the drums and vocals a distant sound in the background.

I know this is a really long review, but stick with me. This cd is a classic. There are songs from all different genres and all different decades. And for a DJ that's great, there is something on this cd for everyone, from techno, house, funk to rock. Jacque has really proved how talented he is on this cd, there isn't a dudd mix or a bad choice of song, it's a great but very under-rated cd. Please do not be put off by the fact this cd is kept in the dance section of record stores. It really can't be put in a category in my opinion. It's a unique must own cd.

Track Listing
1.Mirwais-Miss You (2003)
2.Risan-Eastern Palace (1982)
3.Tom Tom Club-Wordy Rappinghood (1981)
4.Chicken Lips-Steppin (2002)
5.Steve Miller Band-Abracadabra (1982)
6.Crazy Penis-Give It Up (2002)
7.Hypnolove-Eurolove (1999)
8.Themroc-Gold Is Your Metal (2002)
9.Supreme Bachelors-S&M (unreleased)
10.Royksopp-Remind Me (2002)
12.Eurythmics-Sweet Dreams (1983)
13.Zoot Woman-It's Automatic (2001)
14.Gusgus-David (2002)
15.The Housemaster Boyz-House Nation (1986)
16.Devo-Snowball (1980)
17.Junior Sanchez-I Wanna Rock! (2002)
18.The Pixies-Gouge Away (1989)
19.Brian Eno-Here Come The Warm Jets (1973)

This CD costs around £12.99 in all major record stores. However it costs only £10 off the Fabric website.

For more information see: www.fabriclondon.com, on the website they have snippets of the tunes off this album. Just go to the website, click on the link "LABEL" at the top of the page, then click on back catalogue, scroll down to the Jacques Lu Cont CD, click on it and then you can listen to the songs, not in full, just clips!
If you like this style of music that has a bit of everything thrown into the equation you might want to listen to these other djs: Erol Alkan, The Visitor and Felix Da Housecat.

Thanks for reading.

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  • a-true-ben published 11/08/2006
    I just came back to re-read this and ordered it from hmv.co.uk (where it's currently £5.49). I also realised any review I remembered to come back to almost 18 months later really deserves an Exceptional rating (sorry it was so late) Looking forward to the album now...
  • KTDouthwaite published 24/03/2005
    what a great review, this album sounds great! Crazy Penis sounds like an outfit that would belong on that list of bizarre bandnames I made. and BTW, it wasn't a peugeot ad, but now it's driving me mad as to which car manufacturer it was!! KT x
  • MAFARRIMOND published 23/03/2005
    Sounds like something I would enjoy. Maureen
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