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Family Fortunes - Mary Jane Staples

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The 1950s are in full swing and the Adams family is blessed with many new additions. Chinese Lady now has so many grandchildren that even she can sometimes scarcely remember them all. Boots and Sammy are kept up-to-date by the Adams youngsters some of whom are now working in the family business. But they also welcome newcomers including the lovely Anneliese whose German ancestry makes her less than popular with some of her South London neighbours and Joe and Hortense newly arrived from the West Indies and working hard for Matt and Rosie on their farm in Kent. Sammy meanwhile has trouble with the newly-formed trade union at his factory and the shadows of the war continue to haunt the family when Felicity's hopes for an operation which will save her sight are threatened by an extraordinary revelation. But the Adams family is still full of hope and promise for the future.

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EAN 9780552151382
Type Fiction
Genre Modern Fiction
Publisher Transworld Publishers Ltd
Title Family Fortunes
Author Mary Jane Staples
ISBN 0552151386


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