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Browse through our category on family planning and read reviews and compare the different types and methods of contraception. You can find information here to help you choose the most suitable condom, contraceptive pill, lubricant, pregnancy test and many other contraceptive methods. Check out our ... more

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A reliable test

09.10.2014 Review of Sainsbury's Pregnancy Test

"I was tidying my drawer when I came across the forgotten and unused pack of Sainsbury’s Pregnancy Test which I had years ago. It past its expiry date so I thought I’m going to review it before throwing away. I remember buying it from Sainsbury’s because ..."

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Absolutely superb product

04.08.2014 Review of Vitabiotics Pregnacare Conception Tablets

"I came across Pregnacare Conception and decided to buy a packet. A little bit of history for you; I had had two miscarriages in the past and I had been trying to conceive for a couple of months before I gave these a try. Alongside the female version, I a ..."

Read full review by Kitkat4730

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With Cyclotest Natural contraption & fertility awareness is easy

20.07.2014 Review of Uebe Cyclotest Temperature Fertility Monitor

"If you care about your body and the environment, get off of hormonal birth control and start tracking your fertility. There is no reason so bombard yourself with medicine and pills, when simply tuning into your bodies natural fertility rhythms give you au ..."

Read full review by bikegirl

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Durex ultra sfae

19.06.2014 Review of Durex Extra Safe

"when seeing this product advertised i was intrigued and also slightly surprised. i bought the product purely to test it and to see if they would be greatly different from the regular condoms out there on the market. in my option i think these are a great ..."

Read full review by jake333

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