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Browse through our category on family planning and read reviews and compare the different types and methods of contraception. You can find information here to help you choose the most suitable condom, contraceptive pill, lubricant, pregnancy test and many other contraceptive methods. Check out our ... more

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The Most Positive of Pink Lines!

11.03.2014 Review of One Step Ultra Early Pregnancy tests

"At the end of last summer, my husband and I decided that the timing was never going to be right to have a baby and therefore, instead of putting it off any longer we should really bite the bullet. We both really want children but realising that there was ..."

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Urologist recommended amitamin fertilsan M and it worked!

30.10.2013 Review of Amitamin Fertilsan M

"I had my swimmers tested quite soon after we started trying. I admit it was a bit of an ego thing - I wanted to know how good my boys really are. Turned out that they weren't great to say the least. I had no idea how poor human sperm cells actually are es ..."

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Excellent experience with amitamin fertilsan M

04.10.2013 Review of Amitamin Fertilsan M

"My wife and I started to think about having a baby about two years ago. She was broody, because her girlfriends were all having babies and frankly I was frustrated with work and wanted some purpose in my life - I wanted to be a Dad! We were both a little ..."

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The fun starts here!

26.09.2013 Review of NanoRepro GraviQUICK Pregnancy Test for Early Detection

"'''The biggest test of my life!''' My husband and I have been trying for a baby for a few months but I have been disappointed when my period came each month, it was disheartening even though I am aware we have not been trying to fall pregnant for very lo ..."

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