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Browse through our category on family planning and read reviews and compare the different types and methods of contraception. You can find information here to help you choose the most suitable condom, contraceptive pill, lubricant, pregnancy test and many other contraceptive methods. Check out our ... more

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Tesco pregnancy tests

12.07.2016 Review of Tesco Pregnancy Test

"...a lot of pregnancy tests while trying to get pregnant before I had Harry. One of the ones I used and still have a box in the house just in case are Tesco pregnancy tests. ~~~~PRICE AND AVAILABILITY ~~~~ I paid £3.75 for a box of 2 pr ..."

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A penis is not meant to be luminous green

29.06.2016 Review of EXS Glow In The Dark Condoms

"Now, those who know my may well have noted that I have a tendency, every so often, to stray from the sedate world of reviewing books, hand wash and safety shoes, and enter the murky, sticky world of adult products. And given the number of different condom ..."

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Clear & Simple

20.06.2016 Review of Clearblue Pregnancy Test Kit

"Maybe the title "The First Test I Ever Passed" was not as appropriate as I would have hoped but "Clear & Simple" sums up this product nicely. Please be warned male readers, this is a heavy female review. Most men will not understand the torment and pai ..."

Read full review by NBCMad92

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Durex Real Feel Condoms- Safety AND Comfort

17.12.2015 Review of Durex Real Feel condoms

"The Durex Real Feel Condom is a premium wrapper for your package. Ordinarily I need to apply some extra lubricant for extra comfort when wearing a condom, but the silky lubricant that comes with the Durex Real Feel Condom was more than enough to ensure c ..."

Read full review by Jbrd79

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