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Fantastic Five: The Final Doom TPB (Graphic Novel Pb) - Tom DeFalco

Fantastic Five: The Final Doom TPB (Graphic Novel Pb) - Tom DeFalco

As the Human Torch and Lyja discuss the merits of leaving the F5 to form their own team ... more

and Sharon Ventura returns to confront her
ex-husband the Thing, the real Doctor Doom returns
with cosmic-like power and a thirst for revenge on
Reed Richards and the Sub-Mariner! Also starring
the Invisible Woman, Psi-Lord and Kristoff - and
cameos galore! Collects Fantastic Five #1-5.

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Title Fantastic Five
Author Tom Defalco
Publisher Marvel Comics
EAN 9780785127925
Release Date 09.01.2008
Type Comics
ISBN 0785127925


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Brisk, exciting and brings the promise of more to come
Not sure about the new Kraven (*)
A great story and great art
Too short for the money! (*)
Great characters, great stories
Limited stories, having read it once I wanted more!!! (*)
A look into the history of one of Comic's iconic characters
Quality of art and story are nothing like they are today but you shouldnt expect that. (*)
similar by Publisher (Marvel Comics)
Great story, full of action, characters, villains and lively artwork
Is there a bit too much going on? (*)
Well written, mature narrative and characterisations, excellent use of Marvel history, Great Art
If you prefer pure action over use of continuity, history and characterisation you might not like. (*)
The second tale is beautifully crafted and the first one features The Wrecker
This is a big shift from traditional Avengers material (*)
(*) Reviews by Ciao members

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