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Northwave Verve SRS Women's Road Shoe Road Shoes

NGR Air Carbon Reinforced SoleNorthwave’s NRG Air Carbon Reinforced Sole provides increased... more

...stiffness thanks to the blend of nylon reinforced
with fiberglass and enriched with carbon. As with
the whole road soles collection, it features the
AirFlow ventilation system for fresh air
circulation in hot weather. Vents favour an
optimal air flow in and out. S.R.S. (Slim Ratchet
System)S.R.S. is Northwave’s new micro-metric
buckle closure system. Maximum closing precision,
minimised size and weight. The mechanism follows
the anatomic shape of the foot, to ensure the most
comfortable fit, and is designed to ease the grasp
even when riding. Forged in aluminium, it’s
great for top resistance and ease of replacement.
Asymmetrical StrapsThe asymmetrical strap
construction is another Northwave innovation. The
central strap is moved to the centre so as to
follow the anatomy of the foot and reduce the
pressure on the side area, because it's
particularly sensitive. The straps have been
lightened of all superfluous elements, presenting
thinner thicknesses and discharged central areas,
thereby maintaining maximum grip. Integrated Heel
SystemThe new unibody construction of the uppers
allows for the integration of an efficient heel
retention system inside the structure,without the
need of external elements. Same efficiency,
reduced weight.


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Northwave Sparkle SRS Women's MTB Shoes Offroad Shoes

Speedlight 3D Carbon Sole A full carbon sole, the 3 carbon layers drastically reduce thickness... more

...while increasing stiffness. With a stiffness index
of 10 transfer of all your full power to the
pedals is guaranteed. The AirFlow system of inlet
and outlet ports prevents overheating of the sole
and therefore the foot itself. S.R.S. (Slim
Ratchet System)S.R.S. is Northwave’s new
micro-metric buckle closure system. Maximum
closing precision, minimised size and weight. The
mechanism follows the anatomic shape of the foot,
to ensure the most comfortable fit, and is
designed to ease the grasp even when riding.
Forged in aluminium, it’s great for top
resistance and ease of replacement. Asymmetrical
StrapsThe asymmetrical strap construction is
another Northwave innovation. The central strap is
moved to the centre so as to follow the anatomy of
the foot and reduce the pressure on the side area,
because it's particularly sensitive. The straps
have been lightened of all superfluous elements,
presenting thinner thicknesses and discharged
central areas, thereby maintaining maximum grip.
Integrated Heel SystemThe new unibody construction
of the uppers allows for the integration of an
efficient heel retention system inside the
structure,without the need of external elements.
Same efficiency, reduced weight.


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Zefal Air Profil X-Large Aluminium Telescopic Mini Road Pump, 9 bar/130 psi - Silver/Black by Zefal

Road Mini Pump with Telescopic Handle;Lightweight Alloy Design at only 108g;Reversible... more

...Schrader/Presta Connection;Pumps up to 160psi


Postage & Packaging: £2.99

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