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Fashion Babylon - Imogen Edwards-Jones

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... Reading ‘Fashion Babylon’ is a great way to find out about how things work in the fashion industry as instead of straight up facts, it is written as a witty story. This is perfect for those who are passionate about fashion, and for those who aren’t, it’s still a great story! This book is ... Read review
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Fashion Babylon (Book review) - Great insight!

AdvantagesGreat read, relevant, informative,


"...us an insight into the fashion industry behind the scenes and how much effort goes into creating a new line for a show. The main character, a designer who goes from hot to not in just one season is amusing and loveable. Anyone who is considering working in the fashion industry should read this as it shows us the hardships that you have to face to make your way to the top. Reading ‘Fashion Babylon’ is a great way to find out about how things work in ..." Read review

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Pages: 384, Edition: New Ed, Paperback, Corgi Adult

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Type Non-Fiction
Genre Biography
Title Fashion Babylon
Author Imogen Edwards-Jones
Publisher Corgi Adult
Number of Pages 384
Edition Paperback
ISBN 0552154431; 0593056205; 0593056213; 141654318X; 1416543198


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