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A lady from the Nørth. During Mum's preoperative assessment in May 2016 it was discovered that the cancer they were going to remove is now too far advanced to treat. I'm back after a really rough half year, glad to be<3
Pro They are antistatic and don't have an overpowering antiseptic smell; wipes are biodegradable.
Cons I think they are expensive for what you get; wipes are small so you need to use more than one.
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"~Fellowes Virashield Surface Wipes Tub~ Ok, I guess?"

Fellowes Virashield Surface Wipes Tub

Fellowes Virashield Surface Wipes Tub

In our fights against grimy and coughing students and staff sometimes as well, we do wipe down the keyboards, mice and desks in the library where I work at least once a term, and we also try to keep contact points clean, such as door handles, light switches, the till and the keypad on the printers clean. So when we ask for wipes from Stores, sometimes they send us these. One pack contains 100 wipes and they are made in the UK.

We get ours from Stores but I have seen them for sale on Amazon for £5.

They come in a yellow and blue plastic canister, and it is sealed on the inside with a silver plastic foil seal to stop them drying out while being stored before it is opened. After it is opened you take wipes out from the top via a sealed flap, though you can also unscrew it and help yourself if you feel so inclined (and if you want more than one wipe at a time). You should keep the lid shut to stop the wipes drying out. On the front of the canister it says it is anti-bacterial and can be used on keyboards, desks, desk phones, printers and computer housing.

On the back the label states, in microscopic writing, that the wipes clean plastic, metal and laminated surfaces, but that they are not suitable for glass surfaces or PC screens. They allegedly kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria 'including MRSA, E-coli, Listeria, Staphlococcus and Salmonella. Effective against the H1N1 and H3N2 (swine flu and seasonal flu) viruses and provides on-going protection which lasts up to 7 days. Formula is active after 15 seconds of contact.'

It says that these wipes contain, amongst other things, didecylmethylammonium chloride (0.36% v/v), Chlorhexidine diglucinate (0.14 v/v), Polyhexamethylene biguanide (0.14% v/v), Benzyl-C8-18-alkylmethyl, chlorides (0.09% v/v), and less than 5% Amphortetic surfactant. It does say to wash your hands after using these as prolonged contact can cause skin irritation.

We use these on our desks, mice, phones and keyboards; the pack does not say this (I suppose it's common sense, which is not so common, but there we go!), but we always ensure the PCs and phones are off and unplugged before wiping them down. This is to avoid the risk of shock, plus pressing certain keys does all kinds of stuff and we would not be sure how to undo it XD In our experience of using these wipes we've found that surfaces dry quickly and that the wipes don't leave a residue. The wipes are just right in moisture as well; neither being too dry so you have to rub excessively nor too wet so nothing ever dries.

The wipes measure 13 cms by 13.5 cms, maybe I have big hands but in my opinion they are a bit small and I nearly always just unscrew the cap to pull out two or three as one wipe is insufficient for what I want to clean in my opinion, plus just holding one wipe is a bit fiddly for me. They smell faintly of disinfectant but the smell does not linger. In terms of feel they are quite thin and slightly textured, when they dry out they almost feel like paper. They are strong enough for the job despite being paper like, in my experience, so you can use them without them falling apart.

These wipes are according to the box biodegradable - however it does say to throw them in the bin once you've used them and not flush them down the toilet.
The pack also says that the wipes provide 72 hours of protection from germs but I doubt this is the case looking at the state of some of the students! (besides, that tests that brought about that claim was probably done in a lab setting and not in the real world).
So while they do the job I would look for a cheaper alternative if they were for home use.

I am not sure if I would recommend them - I guess if you need something that disinfects tech they are for you, but I just think that they are poor value for £5, considering I at least have to use two or even three sheets in a go to clean. I will continue to use them at work as it is what Stores sends us but not sure I would buy them to use at home as they are just too dear for me; especially considering you can't even do your computer screen with them.

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