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pop'ing pills!

19.11.2004 (22.11.2004) Diamond review

pretty damn effective

doesnt stop and STI's m'dears !

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Femulen – well it brings a whole new meaning to the saying pop pills… as they are commonly known as POP (progestogen – only – pills)

I first started taking these a number of years ago, following a rather hmmm embarrassing visit to my General Practioner. I went to see him as I was already sexually active and wanted to reduce the risks of becoming pregnant after a few episodes of the “god im late…. Test quickly” I decided that I should be sensible. Anyways he discussed with me all the different contraceptives there was available for moi….. In the end it was decided that I should take the progestogen only contraceptive, namely Femulen.

This reason for this is that it’s the best alternative to the combined pill (progestogen and oestrogen) for all those “types” of people that can not take the combined preparations. This is very handy as the pop (mini pill) is made so that the older women, heavy smokers, people with hypertension (high blood pressure), valvular heart disease, diabetes mellitus and migraines can take them.

For me personally I had suffered from migraines since I was three years old, so therefore combined pills were a no go for me, hence the Femulen. Although the down side to that is that POP’s have higher failures rates then the combined pill!! But on the plus side to it is that POP’s are not affected by broad spectrum anti – biotics (unless you have a dodgy stomach).

Femulen is provided for 3 months at a time, and the pills are set out in a calendar format, which is handy for me, reminded me off the days – makes sure I don’t stand there “ err did I take it…?” And then either double the dose – or miss it completely!!

They are also a white pill that is recognised by the SEARLE on both sides!

**** How does it work? ****

Femulen is said to work by altering fallopian tube motility, and altering the endometrial development and cervical mucus viscosity. Although ovulation is not necessarily prevented by Femulen.

**** Who should avoid this?? ****

Femulen as with all POP’s you are cautioned against taking them if you have heart disease, cancer – or under investigation for cancer of the breast, cervix, ovaries, endometrium or womb. If you have ever had an eptopic pregnancy, have a malabsorption syndromes, functional ovarian cysts, active liver disease, recurrent cholestatic jaundice, or a history of jaundice while pregnant, if you have had previous clotting in any blood vessels, had a stroke or a heart attack, epilepsy or asthma. Apparently added caution should be taken in the younger girls whose growth period has not yet ended!

Also obviously you should not be taking these if you are pregnant… or if you have an undiagnosed vaginal bleeding or server arterial disease.

I have asthma, though at the time I did not have asthma so could happily take these!!

**** Side effects ****

Gosh darn it yet another drug with side effects!! GRRRR, so what are they….. menstrual irregularities (which I guess can be expected as it effects your hormones), nausea, vomiting, headaches, dizziness, breast discomfort, depression, skin disorders, disturbances of appetite, weight changes and changes in libido. Also it has been known to cause various gastro intestinal symptoms

The risks of breast cancer are not confirmed though it has been suggested that there is a small increase in the risk of breast cancer when taking a POP.

It makes a sad looking list of side effects, I mean the last thing I wanted when I started taking these was to put weight on and lose my libido!! But YAY… I had NO side effects from taking Femulen.

**** The starting routine ****

When you are first prescribed Femulen you need to take the first pill on the first day of your period, and one tablet should be taken daily at approx the same time each day on a continuous basis! ** be warned though when you first start taking these you need to use extra protection i.e., condoms for 2 weeks.**

**** Dose and directions ****

As said you need to take this at the same times each day, and the pill contains ethynodiol diacetate BP.0,5 mg. when taken Femulen you do NOT take any breaks.

**** Missing a pill ****

ARRRGG… we have all been there…… Well I have already mentioned that you are meant to take this at the same everyday, however at the time that I was taking these I was doing a full time collage course and working full time also – so I never remembered to take a the exact same time! So thank god for that 3 hour window!!!!

A little tip for that one though is set the reminder / alarm on your mobile phone to let ya to take it!!
Also I insisted that my mates and work colleges reminded me…. So in the mornings there was no “good mornings – kiss me butt” nothing just “have ya took ya pill” YAY for mates!! Ha-ha – and the extra stash that I use to carry in my bag at all times!

However – I though I will share with you the family planning organisations suggestion on this….. “If you forget a pill take it as soon as you remember and carry on with the next pill at the right time. If the pill was more that three hours overdue you are not protected. Continue normal pill taking but you must also use other methods, such as the condom, for the next seven days.”

Its is also suggest that if you miss two doses then you should stop taking the pill and see your GP, and that you should be able to continue to take once it has been ruled out that your not pregnant.

**** Missing a period ****

With this pill you still have your periods, and if you miss one period than you should not be alarmed as long as you know that you have been taking your pill properly like a good girl!

Though if you miss two periods than you should stop taking Femulen and go and see your doctor and get that pregnancy test done!

**** Effectiveness ****

stats – its said that if 100 women were taking POP in one year 4 women would become pregnant – whereas for the combined pill one 1 women would become pregnant!

I still like them statistics better than if you used nothing!!!

$$$$ reminders and warnings $$$$

If you have diarrhoea or vomiting up to three hours after taking an oral contraceptive it can interfere with the absorption. So again if this happens then you need to get the fella to use some condoms for seven days!!

Also the results of some lab tests can be affected by Femulen – so therefore if you have any tests done.. Reminded them that you’re taking Femulen!

And one that I want ya to do…. If you are admitted in to hospital for an operation then TELL the doctors and nurses that you are taking Femulen as surgery and bed rest increases the risk of blood clots.

One more!! - Smoking also increases the risk of blood clots – (yes I smoke, no clots so far!)

** remember that every three months you are meant to see your GP or practice nurse for a blood pressure check, to be weight recorded and generally to discuss the pill see if you have been having any problems. If you have then they will change your prescription to something that suits you better!**

right that’s all off me folks… just to leave you all with the knowledge that Femulen is VERY effective in stopping you getting pregnant, though does not stop you from getting STI’s… so be care guys and girls!!

And happy………… *wink*

Mair x x
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mesmer 23.04.2005 20:46

I thought this was brilliant, you have certainly covered everything!! mesmer

kthdsn 21.01.2005 20:05

Great review, congrats on the diamond. Kate xx

TheChocolateLady 18.12.2004 11:34

Congratulations on getting a diamond for this!

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