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published 30/04/2012 | louisechackett
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"Ferplast mini duna hamster cage "

Little Harry in his cage

Little Harry in his cage

When my sweet little hamster Jasper had to be put to sleep on the 23rd December last year I vowed that I would not have another one as he was pretty much like my baby and would cuddle up on the sofa and go to sleep next to us and things! On a trip to pets at home one day with my sister and son to buy some things for her rabbit I managed to get talked in to buying a new hamster and I do think that pets are good for children to have as they learn about responsibility, caring and life in general. The only thing was that as little Jasper was very poorly with an infection when he had to be put to sleep and I was very upset I just threw all of his things in the bin after I had been to the vets and this included his cage and so I needed everything from scratch again which is how I ended up with the mini Duna hamster cage which is made by Ferplast.

The mini Duna hamster cage stood out to me on the shelf as it looked quite a good size and it was also a good price too at just £25.00. I have to point out that this cage is only suitable for one Syrian hamster or a couple of dwarf hamsters but this suited me fine as Syrians don’t really like living together once they pass the baby stage anyway as they can fight.

The hamster cage is made from a good thick plastic and the base on ours is a light grey colour but there are other colours available should you wish. The top part of the cage is a clear plastic all the way around and so different from my last cage which had the metal bars at the bottom but a clear portion at the top. There is a good sized section right on the top of the cage which features the metal bars and this is hinged for getting in and out of the cage. The cage fits nicely on the work top under my boiler and actually I like the fact that it isn’t so tall as it just looks a bit better there I think than my taller cage did.

The cage is kind of one two small levels and so there is a clear but bumpy plastic section which fits on the left hand side of the cage and has a ladder attached so the hamster can climb up. Harry actually has his bed and food dish up here although at first he didn’t really fancy climbing up the stairs to go there! The clear plastic section obviously means that around a third of the base is covered and Harry just loves this as if he is being shy he can go and hide under there but this doesn’t happen very often now really! He also uses one of the corners which are covered as his toilet and so he wees there and this is ideal really as it is so easy to clean it out every couple of days without having to replace all of the sawdust. Harry’s wheel also attaches to the plastic upper part but is suspended in the lower part of the cage for use. I bought a wooden play tunnel for Harry too and this is located in the lower part of the cage so he can climb over it or in it as he wanders about. I do like how the base is quite large as I think I can fit treats and toys in there yet Harry still has space to wander about and hide as he wishes.

You do get some accessories with the cage and these are a water bottle, wheel, food bowl, and little plastic house too. I was pleased with the house because it was the same style of house Harry was in at pets at home and so I knew he would be familiar with it. The water bottle attaches to the plastic part of the cage via suckers and slots through a small hole in between the base and the upper part. I haven’t known a water bottle attach like this before but we have no problems with it at all and the suckers remain attached well. The food dish is quite large really but at least Harry doesn’t tip it over! The wheel does come attached quite low which is fine when the hamster is a baby but I found I needed to raise Harry’s to the highest point now he is a little fatty so he can use it properly. This is easily done by a twisting mechanism.

I find that the cage is really secure actually and has two clips which fasten across the metal bars and I do think that Harry would find it very difficult to open the heavy metal part anyway even though he does scale across the top sometimes! The cage also has two large clips which clip the clear part of the cage on to the base and these are in no danger of moving and you know they are clipped on properly when you hear a big clip. For those who have owned hamsters I am sure you are aware that they do have a habit of escaping but I feel very confident with this cage that Harry will be kept in it!

The base of the cage does take some filling with sawdust I have to say as it is quite large and I do like to cover it properly for Harry. I am lucky that he uses just one small area for his toilet and so I do not need to do a complete cage change every time I clean him out. I tend to do a full change every couple of weeks and in all honesty I could probably get away with it for even longer as it comes out looking as good as new but I don’t like to keep the same one in for too long. I wipe down the cage and his bed with a specially bought cage cleaner spray too just to remove any germs that may be lurking. I find I have to clean Harry’s house out every few days as he stashes all his food in there and sometimes poops in there too so that needs keeping on top of. It is really easy to clean this cage as everything just comes apart easily and so there aren’t any little nooks and crannies which would be tricky to clean.

Harry is very happy in this cage. He likes to go and hide under the upper part from time to time and will also scale the metal bars upside down sometimes too! He loves to climb so will attempt to climb to the upper part without using the stairs which is funny to watch but he usually does manage it! I can recommend this cage as it seems very well made and I personally like the style and design of it. I have had cages with tunnels and mazes and such like in and this is much more simple in its design but to be honest I think it is possibly my favourite cage so far as it has a lot of space for toys and for Harry to wander around.

Thank you for reading my review!

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