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published 20/12/2002 | MandyMinx
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Pro A box of delights.
Cons Far too tempting at times.
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"Share my fantasies.Not my chocolates"

I stand beside the open fire, the orchestra is playing a tasteful dance number and I have a glass of champagne in my gloved hand.The room is full of exquisitly dressed women and stylishly dressed men, all enjoying the hospitatity being offered to them by their charming host, who just happens to be standing with me, I am happy to say.
Suddenly the music stops, and all heads turn towards the door.The butler is stood there with a tray of the most wonderful jewels I have ever seen.I can see that everyone is impressed as he walks steadily towards us.
I clasp my hands together in delight as I realise that these treasures are for me and I feel the envious eyes of everyone in the room.
My host takes my hand.

" Ambassador" I say lowering my eyes modestly...................................

"Awww....Nan, With these Ferrerro Rocher you are really spoiling us!"

My nan always buys me a big box of Ferrerro Rocher every christmas,and I must admit I always open them as soon as I get home from visiting her. She says that on her tiny christmas budget they look great at a reasonable price.I have to explain that my nan has 24 grandchildren and 17 great- grandchildren, so christmas is an expensive time for her.
I thought I would share my Rocher with you this year. If you believe that you'll believe anything.....LOL.

A little bit of chocolate history to set the scene

Rocher chocolates has been a family business since it started in Germany in the 1950's.Today it is the third largest chocolate confectionary in the world. I was amazed to find out that ,as large as they are, they don't yet sell their products directly over the web.


Even when these are wrapped up in pretty gift wrap paper, you can tell by the feel of the package what they are.
Ferrerro Rocher come in their own strong case.I say case rather than box because 'box' does not discribe the elegance of this packaging.These chocolates are 'offered' to you on a golden tray with a strong lid and you do feel that you have been given something exciting when you are offered the box.
This box is not covered in unwanted writing, or advertisments and does not give you lots of information you don't really want Those little bits are condemned to the back of the clear wrapper that covers the box to make sure it isn't tampered with.Remove that wrapper and you are left with a box of elegance.Obviously the manufacturer has enough faith in this product to let it sell itself.
I like that.
There are 24 chocolates in this box of delights.All tastefully wrapped in expensive looking gold foil, nestling in a tiny little chocolate case, that resembles a dainty little cake case.
Thats it! No frills, no fancy bits.
In my opinion it is the absence of these 'frills' that make these chocolates appear so elegant.
The case is pretty handy after the chocolates have gone too, I keep letters in one of my old ones so they are recycleable which is always a plus.

The chocolate

Unwrap one of these delights and the first thing you will find is a round ball of what looks like chocolate with small pieces of nut in it.
It actually doesn't look that special without the wrapper, but the proof is in the tasting, they say, and when you taste one it does indeed prove itself.

If you bite this in half you will see straight away that there is much more to this chocolate than just chocolate and nuts.They smell lovely but it is the taste that turns me on.

Underneath the chocolate and nut shell there is a layer of wafer, crisp and delicate, not at all overpowering.I am not a huge fan of wafer in a chocolate bar, but this has a purpose, and adds to the taste.

Underneath the wafer there is rich ,soft, smooth chocolate.Its the type of chocolate that, in one bite, can spread over your tongue like silk, massaging your taste buds in the most luxurious way.
This wonderful chocolate is there for a reason though, this chocolate is protecting a perfect little hazelnut,nestling in the centre of this tempting delight.

All of the nuts in this treat are hazelnuts.The soft chocolate inside is a combination of hazelnut and cocoa,and thinking about it, it does taste a lot like the hazelnut spread you can find in jars.
There are no peanuts in here at all....Just Hazelnuts.

Each part of this chocolate is excellent on its own, but married together the whole experience is heavenly.A pure delight that I feel honoured to have the privalige of tasting.

I would warn you at this point that these things are incredibly filling and shouldn't be eaten in large quantities at any one time as they might make you a little nausious.I know I have a habit of eating too many or too much whenever it comes to chocolate.


Of course Nan never told me how much she paid for this particular box and I wouldn't dream of asking her, but I did pop along to my local Quik save and have a look how much they were there.

At Quiksave they were £3.99 for a 300g box, which is the size that Nan bought for me.
I think the price of these is very reasonable when you take into account how special they are.

My opinion on Ferrero Rocher chocolates.

I love them.

These are very special chocolates and by buying them for me as a gift my nan has made me feel very special too.
They are rich, without being overpowering in their taste, they are sweet, but not too sweet.

I think that was very much the intention of the manufacturer who has very cleverly let the elegance of these chocolates speak for themselves.

I would recommend these delights to you.

Ferrero Rocher make a great gift for anyone who may be celebrating, or would be great for someone who is feeling low and may just need that little something to make them feel special once in a while.


I have seen some fake Rocher on the shelves in some shops that do look a lot like the real thing but taste terrible.The real Rocher have a tiny little sticker in the centre of the gold wrapper thet bears their name. I f I were you, at this price ,I would settle for nothing but the very best.Farrero Rocher are the very best.

Well, there you have it.Thank you for reading my experiences with this chocolate.
Now if you don't mind I have a date with the ambassador............

Now where was I?....Oh yeah.....My host takes my hand and leads me towards the tray, piled high with this golden delight....................................

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  • coolaskaha published 08/06/2003
    These are my absolute favourite choccie! My mouth is watering just reading this op! I suppose the only thing you could add to this is a bit and nutritional content, but then again I suppose that would spoil it when you realise how many calories are in each one!!
  • VerySpecialOne published 02/05/2003
    Very informative op. Welldone
  • LouZ published 23/04/2003
    Fake Ferrero Rocher, how dare they! Great op!
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