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... This particular surprise was experienced with Lidl’s ‘Fin Carre Milk Chocolate’ which comes in a handy 100g bar making it an ideal size for sharing with another milk chocolate fanatic. I was normally used to paying an absurdly low 25p per bar but on my last visit to Lidl there was in true ... Read review

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Community Level 4zallin


Milk chocolate madness from Lidl !

AdvantagesGreat value, nice texture and taste

DisadvantagesMysterious brand

"For all you lovers of sweet milk chocolate goodness Lidl supermarket offers a very satisfyingly cheap method of indulging this understandable craving. Lidl has a huge range of confectionary which is often emblazoned with mysterious and/or bizarre brand names (my favourite being Crusty Croc dry roasted peanuts !). If you can get past any initial suspicions then you could be in for a very pleasant and tasty surprise. This particular surprise was ..." Read review

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Community Level 1mrdee0


Creamy melty and quality!

AdvantagesCheap, good quality wrapping, no need to feel shy to show off to friends!

DisadvantagesEnd up buying loads and eating loads

"I love chocolate and saw a number of these bars at Lidl. Looking at the cocoa solids content i was surprised they were quite high. Being at 25p per 100g bar i gave it a try. Was very surprised at the taste. Normally i would expect a sickly over-sweet feeling you get from 'value' chocolate found at the bigger supermarkets. But this bar actually tasted like a quality chocolate bar. Not sickly sweet with a melt-inthe mouth texture and a hint of vanilla ..." Read review

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Community Level 0kaly13

Quick review of Fin Carre Milk Chocolate

"It's the best chocolate I've ever tried!!! It's one of the most tasteful chocolates I've ever bought! The price is a factor,too! It's one of the lowest prices in the history!

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Community Level 0hnoel

Quick review of Fin Carre Milk Chocolate

"This indeed the best chocolate I have tasted. Friends of ours brought some from the Netherlands. My problem now is I can't find a place anywhere in the USA or even online that sells Fin Carre Milk Chocolate. If anyone knows where it is found, please let me know (

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