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Final Fantasy X (PS2)

AKA: Final Fantasy 10, Final Fantasy 10 Part 2 - Genre: Role-Playing Game (RPG) - Publisher: Square - Developer(s): Square - Age Rating: 12+

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Review of "Final Fantasy X (PS2)"

published 10/04/2015 | FlameKira28
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Hello my name is Adam. I am a big fan of gaming and anime so most of my reviews will be about those two things. I love writing reviews, I try and put as much information as I can into each one. Hope you enjoy my reviews.
Pro Some awesome characters, story, monster arena,
Cons blitzball, chocobo racing, Tidus
very helpful
Value for Money
Difficulty & Complexity

"Final fantasy X Come play their story"

Final fantasy X
Come play their story

This is one of the first final fantasy games I have ever played, and I think has to be one of my favourites. There are many things that I believe this game does right but sadly there are some things that the game does not do right at all and I am here to tell u all about the game and why I think you should give this game a chance.

The story of this game is a fun one you play as our main character Tidus (even thought about every other character is better than him) in his present time. Tidus is a blitzball played basically football but underwater, while playing during the opening cut scene we see a giant monster attack called sin and with the help from and old and the most badass character in the game Auron you try and beat this thing and end up getting set years into the future where you wake up in a forgotten temple get attack and saved by a mysterious girl help her out for a bit and then sin attack again and you end up in the island of besaid where you meet Wakka, lulu and the lovely Yuna. You find out that Yuna is a summoner and is going to lots of different temple to pray at them and final go to the dead ruins of Tidus home Zanarkand, so Tidus our main guy goes with everyone and Yuna meeting up with new friends along the way because he want to see Zanarkand and see what had happened to his home. That is all I will say of the story as I do not want to tell you the whole story but there is a lot more that happens with the game that I cannot say because when you play the game and it happen you will be like really so glad I got to experience that on my own and was not told, because they are some good twists and turns in the story about certain character and what has happened to them or what has happened in there past that they do not want anyone to know about.

The combat system in this game is RPG so basically the way you get into battles if random encounters so you are running then the scene cracks and battle starts the battle can be started many different ways you can get the up on enemies or get ambushed this is random so you have to be lucky most times you will be, so the combat system you fight turn-by-turn so one person goes then the next and next until the battle is over but what is really nice is that on the side of the scene is a small table with all the character on the battle field which is a max of three and the enemies and shows in which order everyone is going to go in so you can plan what attack to do and which enemies to kill first this can really help when fighting really tough baddies. But when you first start battling Wakka and can not handle every enimes so you can two choices call in another member but press R2 and switching the member. Or Yuna is a summoner remember so get her summoring those aeons to help because they can kick some serious ass.

The levelling system is done a little different in this RPG instead of normal levels you get sphere levels. Now sphere levels do nothing for you because you have to use them in the sphere grid which you go along and get new stuff like abilities and +20 strength or speed. Now every character is on the sphere grid but all far away from each other but you can go into other person sphere grid sections if you break down the blocks that well block the way. A lot of people did not like the sphere grid but I enjoyed it I felt like it gave levelling up a new system a new way of doing it then just normal levels.

The graphics of this game are good. The cut scenes are better thought the cut scenes can look really beautiful, in the game the graphic can look alright the ball look like giant dice but over the faces look ok and the body look fine as well. The graphics are not at all bad, which is the good thing, they do not take you out of the game at all but that is my opinion. The sound in the game is very good, they battle music is very well done and sometimes when you get into a new area it is fun to sit back and hear the song that this new area has.

They are quite a few extras in this game, there is blitzball, chocobo racing, monster arena and the celestial weapons. First is blitzball after a certain point in the game you can start playing blitzball when ever you want and sadly it is not very good it takes a while to get good at it the computer will cheat but have players with a weaker attack than you defence get the ball and the only point to doing any of it is to get some stuff for Wakka so basically skip out on this one. Next comes chocobo racing and sadly again this is not fun at all you have two do different task like dodges balls while running in a certain time limit while the chocobo does not run properly again the only reason to do this is to do the first challenge so you can ride them across a big part of one area. The next two extra are very fun which is nice and they are the monster arena where you find this arena and the guy say go get monsters from every location you have been from and will go too and bring them back here by killing them with a certain weapon then he will make a super powerful beast and you can fight and kill it. This can be fun because you get items each time he makes a monster and you can use those items for something special later down the road like customizing you weapons, yes you can customize weapons and armour with special abilities from a set number of times. The last extra are the celestial weapons you get this later in the game and you get your first one and you is terrible no special effects nothing well my friend that is because you have not found the two items at go with it that boosts it effects and makes it amazing, collects some of these can be annoying but most of them are easy and fun to try and find and then when you have a super powerful celestial weapons. There are more extras in the game but I do not want to spoil what they all do, I will just give you the titles of the extra and let you find them for yourself, dark aeons, customizing weapons and the airship.

The cost of this game now is dirt cheap and very easy to pick up, just check Amazon, game or eBay and you can find this game for less than £15 which is well worth it in my opinion.

Finally in my conclusion this game is worth a play I is a enjoyable and fun RPG, yes it has its down sides but no RPG is perfect and the good points about the game over way the negatives with the game in my opinion so if you are looking for a good RPG to play this is really worth your time.

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  • SirJoseph published 20/05/2017
    Dentolux is spot on - just give the ball to Tidus!
  • Dentolux published 08/08/2015
    I enjoyed Blitzball, but then again I used to be into sport management games. Trust me it's not that tough. Once you sign a couple of players and level up it's very easy to become unbeatable.
  • euphie published 05/05/2015
    vh :o)
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Product Information : Final Fantasy X (PS2)

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AKA: Final Fantasy 10, Final Fantasy 10 Part 2 - Genre: Role-Playing Game (RPG) - Publisher: Square - Developer(s): Square - Age Rating: 12+

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Publisher: Square

Developer: Square

Release Date: 24th May 2002, 20th February 2004

Genre: Role-Playing Game (RPG)

Max Number of Players: 1 Player

Platform: PlayStation 2

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Aka: Final Fantasy 10, Final Fantasy 10 Part 2

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