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Finding Nemo (DVD)

FINDING NEMO, directed by Andrew Stanton and Lee Unkrich, follows Marlin (voiced by Albert Brooks), an overprotective clown fish father, as he despera...

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Synopsis: Life in the Australian Great Barrier Reef is full of dangers when it is a tiny fish-clown. And for Marlin, a father who alone creates the only child, Nemo, and is determined to protect it, and there are dangers in too much anxiety. When it comes time to leave the Nemo under your home protected by means of the tentacles anemone-fish for the first day that will go to school, the accompanying Marlin, panic and nervous before every movement of the child. When Nemo defies his father, moves away and nothing beyond the "wall" side of the coral to investigate a boat, he has taken by a diver in front of father speechless and powerless.

The sadness of Marlin turns into despair as he frantically nothing behind the child. When passing by a school of fish, he literally "gives face" with Dory, a friendly blue tang who offers to help him. The only problem is that Dory suffers from a kind of temporary amnesia and forget things as they happen. Together, these two beings so incompatible embark on a mission impossible.
Meanwhile, in a dentist office with a beautiful view over the bay of Sydney, Nemo did a huge aquarium, where he lives a group of excited people. The leader of the class is a menacing-Moorish idol named Gil, who also came from the ocean and dream of returning to the sea some day. The other members of the class of the tank include a star of the sea called Peach, a temperamental baiacu called Tusk; Bubbles, a yellow tang obsessed with bubbles and a real grass germofóbico called Gurgle, a compulsive cleaner shrimp named Jacques, and Deb, a fish -ling with black & white stripes who believe that their reflection in the glass of the aquarium is its identical twin sister, Flo. When Nemo is officially presented to the group, he rekindled the desire to Gil asleep to escape the tank.

Marlin and Dory are soon in tumultuous waters and full of dangers, such as a trio of sharks (participants of a self-help program to change its image from cold and predators of fish eaten), a fish-angler hipnotizante but deadly and a "forest" of water-living. The two also have an almost fatal encounter with a blue whale, they take a ride in the East Australian Current (EAC, in English) with a bunch of sea turtles-super detached and defend themselves from an attack of hungry seagulls, all the path of the bay from Sydney. His adventures became famous and soon the mouth to mouth on the achievements of two extraordinary spreads between fish and birds. It is when the stories of heroic clown fish, which runs the ocean looking for his son Nemo in the aquarium reaches.
Nemo is surprised and thrilled to discover that the father is looking for him. Gil motivated and encouraged by the great desire to return to the company his father, Nemo puts into action a daring plan of escape. But they have little time, the dentist's niece levadíssima, Darla (a machine of destruction that is known for shaking up its fish kill them and leave them floating belly up in) will pick up next day in Nemo.

Arriving to the port of Sydney, Marlin and Dory have the help of fundamental Nigel, a friendly pelican who has also heard the amazing stories about this brave clown fish, who goes looking for his son. With time running out quickly and are many forces at work, father and son remain for many miles away from each other until they can ultimately be reunited.

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Product Information : Finding Nemo (DVD)

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FINDING NEMO, directed by Andrew Stanton and Lee Unkrich, follows Marlin (voiced by Albert Brooks), an overprotective clown fish father, as he desperately searches the sea for his missing son, Nemo (Alexander Gould). Marlin's journey leads him beyond the Great Barrier Reef into deeper and darker waters, where he meets Dory (Ellen DeGeneres), a forgetful yet optimistic blue tang, and a number of not-so-friendly--and often very hungry--aquatic creatures. Meanwhile, little Nemo finds himself in a dentist's fish tank in Sydney, Australia, along with other underwater captives, including Gill (Willem Dafoe), the group's scarred Moorish idol leader. As Nemo works with his new friends on a plan to escape their tank, Marlin and Dory swim closer, but they'll need more than just fins to get into the dentist's office.<BR>This fifth computer-animated outing by Pixar continues the company's remarkable winning streak that began with TOY STORY. Like other Pixar films, FINDING NEMO features a story with heart--this time, a father-and-son tale--and thoroughly charming leads--in this case, Marlin, Nemo, and Dory. And, of course, there's an army of fascinating supporting characters, including Bruce (Barry Humphries), a great white shark on a no-fish diet; Crush (director/screenwriter Stanton), a surfer-dude sea turtle; Peach (Allison Janney), a stuck-to-the-aquarium starfish; and Nigel (Geoffrey Rush), a bold pelican. However, what truly distinguishes NEMO from even its CGI cousins is its stunning depiction of aquatic life, from the colourful creatures on a coral reef to a blue whale on the vast expanse of the open ocean. By combining the aesthetic of a National Geographic marine life documentary with clever jokes and Hitchcock references, NEMO succeeds in its bid to up the ante for animated films yet again. And be sure to watch the credits or you just might miss something!

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DVD Region: DVD


Release date: 27/02/2004

No of Discs: 1, 2

Catalogue No: D 881232, BED 888895

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Main Language: English

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Review: A sparkling treasure trove of snappy comedy, lush visuals and breakneck action. (Entertainment Weekly, 2011-04-11)<br><br>A thing of beauty, hugely entertaining and way cool (Rolling Stone, 2011-04-11)<br><br>NEMO creates an awe-inducing sense of the infinite in its watery visuals (Sight and Sound, 2011-04-11)<br><br>A buoyant adventure [...] Notable first for its spectacularly colorful underwater setting, which gives the picture one of the most striking visual backdrops ever seen in an animated film (Variety, 2011-04-11)<br><br>


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