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published 03/12/2003 | dabmim
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finish orangetabs

finish orangetabs

I reckon you probably spend a good chunk of your life washing up…lets think about the things that make you wash up; cereal (bowls , spoons), soup (bowls, spoons), dinners (pans, plates cutlery, etc) and so the list goes on…and on…

But does getting a dishwasher save you all the hard work? Yes and no is the answer. We have tried many brands of dishwashing tablets, to see if any were better than others. I even managed to get enrolled on a three month trial of a new product.

Regardless of tablets, if you’re item is burnt on – you will need to soak or scrub it before it goes in – if you want it clean. I always scrub my pans and pots before they go in, I’ve lost count of the times I’ve got items out of the dishwasher only to have to stand and scrub then.

That said the dishwasher is an excellent device, it does clean everyday items spectacularly, and glasses positively gleam when removing them. Add to this most dishwashers wash at a temperature that sterilises the items and you’re on a winner.

So what’s available? Today there are several products available, from powder to tablets. I am concentrating on tablets so here goes;
  • Ordinary tablets require the use of salts and rinse aid
  • 3 in 1 tablet which have the salt and rinse aid in the tablet and are supposed to not require any further salting or rinse aid.

But what dishwasher tablets do I use? Well it is usually finish or if not available we’ll use fairy or at a push anything.

But why is finish our first choice? Simply because it is best in cleaning that we have experienced. It brings up glasses clean and shiny, it cleans plates and cutlery to a restaurant standard, and of course it’s more hygienic.

Load your dishwasher and place your tablet in the compartment available, press button for the programme required and sit back and wait for it to finish. This can take around 1 ½ hours. Unload about 10-15 minutes after the programme has finished.

Finish has a range of products available for the dishwasher, from cleaners to fresheners and of course the washing products.


We picked up our new orange smelling tablets at our local Sainsbury’s and paid about £6.00 for the 48 tablets.

The box is typical of a finish product – blue with the word ‘finish’ as large as it can get on the front. In the left hand corner you’re told that the box contains 3 in 1 brilliant tablets. While in small writing in the opposite corner the contents of the box are shown – in this case 48.

Open the box and you’ll find 48 individually wrapped tablets in silver foil, and an easier than other brand to open pack.

Opening the foil and revealing the tablets shows no mark-able difference between this product and others in the range; However when you smell the tablet there is a very slight hint of orange – though no brilliantly obvious.

Placing my tablet in the compartment I put the machine on and sat back and waited for the results, I have to say that as a lover of oranges and orange smelly things, I had high expectation for this product.

Opening my dishwasher door the smell of oranges was strangely absent; in fact you practically had to climb in the dishwasher before you even got the faintest whiff of any essence; So a major disappointment there, but what about the cleaning?

I can truly say that every item I put in my dishwasher came out spotless and sparkling. We had pasta bolognaise last night, and despite cleaning the pan before it still had remnants of the dinner stuck on it, and even they had come off totally…The glasses shone as if they were new, the cutlery was positively glowing and you could eat your dinner off the plates!

So despite the sever lack of smell in this case (not so in the lemon variety), it maintains its excellent cleaning quality. The product leaves the dishwasher spotless too, so no real need for their dishwasher cleaner, although we do use a cheaper version of that from time to time.

Additional information:

I use the 3 in 1 tablets with the continued use of salt and rinse aid, simply because we found them to be at their best like this. A note on the side of the box informs you that in extremely hard water areas (us) you should use the 3 in 1 tabs with rinse aid and salts.

The tablet has two layers (white speckled and blue speckled) together with a white ball. The white ball ensures you have a streak free finish, while the blue layer is supposed to remove even the toughest stains, and the white layer helps prevent lime scale.

Finish is recommended by a fair few companies on the pack, though I have to say my make isn’t mentioned.

The product is irritating to eyes and for obvious reasons should be kept out of the reach of children.

Thanks for reading- and Merry Christmas - Dave

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  • TheChocolateLady published 04/12/2003
    Sounds nice, actually. I'm getting tired of the Lemon scented stuff. Hope they bring this product here.
  • jillmurphy published 03/12/2003
    Merry Christmas right backatcha Dave!
  • herby30 published 03/12/2003
    I didn't think much of the Finish range, didn't do a very good job on my dishes, Fairy tablets work best for me, thanks Heather:)
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