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One of my least favourite jobs, next to ironing, has to be washing up !!!! So when we moved out of our pokey little flat into our new, bigger house, the first thing we bought was a dishwasher. This has been a godsend, I load it up throughout the day and it gets switched on at the end of the day. It takes a few minutes to unload and put away in the morning and I wouldn't be without it,it's time saving and far more hygenic than washing at the sink, however I do find the washing tabs expensive, which brings to mind a funny story.........................

One Friday, early evening, I went to turn on the dishwasher, only to find I had run out of washing tabs, now being the lazy so and so that I am, I could not be bothered to go round the corner and buy some that could wait until the morning, I had an idea !! Why not use washing up liquid, after all I hardly ever use it now so had plenty. So I poured a little of the washing up liquid into the compartment, switched on my machine and sat down in the lounge with a coffee. An hour later, my cat came in and started hussling for food (well, biting me actually, as is his way !), so, happy to oblige, I got up and went to the kitchen.......and opened the door......the cat, in his haste for food, shot into the kitchen ahead of me...and ..........dissappeared into a mountain of.....FOAM !!!!!! Seriously, I could not see anything in my kitchen from the waste down....just foam, said cat suddenly reappeared, made a funny gurgling noise and promptly vanished again through the cat flap, leaving white fluffy clouds of said foam in his wake. You see, the problem was I had never, ever bothered reading through the instructions for my dishwasher properly, especially the 'Warning do not use any products other than prepared dishwasher products', I had to spend the next hour cleaning out all the foam, gradually all my appliances, cooker, fridge, freezer e.t.c. started reappearing, and then there was the washer itself to clean out, took an absolute age. The one good thing that came out of all this was my kitchen ended up sparkling clean (floor was a bit slippery though, so would not reccommend using washing liquid on floors either)

So you see, I now use 'proper' dishwashing products, and although expensive, have not yet found a better product to do the job other than 'Finish'


'Finish' were the first developers and producers of automatic brands of washing powder and they have been developing and improving their products for over 50 years. They claim to be world leaders and are reccommended by many well known names i.e Siemens, Ariston, Zanussi, Bosch and AEG to name but a few.


I have just purchased their new 4 in 1 'Protector Finish Powerball', this comes in a box of 15 tablets, however with this pack I got 33% free, so 20 tablets in all. The box is a clean looking 'blue and white', with the brand name splashed in big letters across the front, a picture of a sparkling clean glass and a picture of one of the tablets in the corner. This product is an irritant and this warning (black cross orange background) is clearly visible on the side of the box.Easy to open box, with a tear back lid. Inside, the foil covered tablets are very easy to open with a black tear strip.The tablet itself smells quite strongly of lemon and consists of 2 layers...white with blue flecks and blue with red and white fleck, with a pearlised ball inset in the top of the tablet.

Apparently the red specks are stain soakers (i.e no need to soak beforehand), the white layer has integrated salt function (so no need for added salt), the powerball contains a rinse aid (so no need for separate rinse aid), the tablets also contain a new protector action which is designed to help prevent permanent glass erosion (in other words no more cloudy glasses)

Ok this all sounds good so far, but now to see if they can deliver......


I put the tablet into the compartment, now because of the ball in the tablet, I had to press the lid quite hard as is a tight fit and switched on and waited, well I didn't actually stand there and wait, I went and sat down in front of the telly with a bottle of wine (at this point I must add that the bottle was not all for me, so half a bottle of wine) Later I opened the machine, the lemon smell had faded somewhat, but the washing really was sparkling, no grease marks, no stains on anything (including the roasting tray, which by the way you are not supposed to put in the dishwasher). One of the saucepans I had put in did actually have burn't scrambled egg on it orignally (I don't cook very well or often) and yet now it really was spotless !! The glasses shone with no streaks and the cutlery gleamed.So there it was , proof that this stuff really did do what it says, however I should think that really burnt on stains may still need a pre soak. As far as the protector action in the tablets goes,I will have to wait a while to see if it actually does prevent permanent glass erosion !!


Apparently this contains no animal by products, no chlorine and the PH level is between 10 and 11.This is an irritant and contains Protease which may cause an allergic reaction.

The salt action is effective in soft, medium and hard water up to 26e (95% households.

This should be stored away from extreme temperatures and of course children !

I paid 3.49 gbp for this pack of 20 (inc 33% free) this is expensive when you compare it to supermarket own brands (approx 2.50 gbp) but I do feel the results are worth it. I have tried many other brands and this is the one that produces the best results.


A used damp tea towel can harbour 30,000,000,000,000 (30 trillion) colonies of bacteria !!!

In favourable conditions i.e lukewarm water, a single germ can multiply up to 4 million times in 8 hours !!

More info on their website


The cat.............well he returned after about 24 hours and do you know, he was the softest, fluffiest, cleanest cat in the neighbourhood and he smelt mmmmmmmmmmm lovely !!

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  • chrisandmark_is_here published 03/10/2011
    I don't *do* dishwashers, I think they're so unhygenic (sp?) - a friend of mine bought a second hand one just to 'try' and it ended up stinking her whole house out with the smell of rottenness because she hadn't realised it needed cleaning or emptying out! Eugh, I'd rather stick me marigolds on! x
  • Autarkis published 17/10/2010
    An entertaining read. Well, that's one way of getting the kitchen and cat sparkling clean :o)
  • Gladiator007 published 04/10/2009
    what an interesting really enjoyed reading about the cat and his foamy experience..hehe awesome stuff..deserves an E..thank
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