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Firebug Add-on for Mozilla firefox

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Listed on Ciao since 17/03/2010

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similar by Type (Internet Browsers)
Fast, easy to customise
Not very well known (*)
Makes the Internet a bit less mysterious
None - just make sure you have latest version (*)
I love me tabs
None (*)
Great, Free app, Lots of Potential, Fun Games, Achievements, Spells, Dust and Alchemy
Attempts to stay in flavour sometimes fail, Might get boring without those Achievements. (*)
Its fun free and fantastic!
Can be slow if dont have top broadband becasue alot of people on at once. (*)
Passes time, small sense of achievement in an otherwise futile existence, friend envy
Can be costly if you're a moron (*)
Light hearted
I dont fancy being on the recieving end of the cook book (*)
Free, no downloading or installing, plenty to do, great playability
None (*)
similar by Name (A-Z) (F)
Lots of jokes
Too many pop-ups (*)
Frequently hilarious, regularly updated
some clips/pics can be a bit mundane (*)
A great safe site, which allows you keep in contact with friends
You could get tagged in some embarrasing pictures. I know I have :D (*)
Addictive game and Free
Addictive! (*)
Really Funny
Could be a bit faster (*)
(*) Reviews by Ciao members

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