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Jack Stanfield (Harrison Ford) is an average family man in Seattle who heads up the hi-tech security team at his local bank. But following a seemingly...

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published 17/05/2017 | catsholiday
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Pro Lots of action and two good actors. Great scenery
Cons Huge plot holes and very predictable
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"Breaking through the "FIREWALL""


Ever since the “Indiana Jones” films and “Star Wars” I have been a fan of Harrison ford. He does tend to play similar characters but he do so with that twinkle in his eye and he does play the action hero brilliantly despite the fact he is getting on a bit now.

We were looking on Netflick or similar for a film to watch one evening and saw that Harrison was in this so thought it would entertain us for the evening.

~~~~~&&& ~~ FACTS ABOUT THE FILM~~~ &&&~~~~~

GENRE: Crime, Thriller
LENGTH: 1Hr 45 min
DIRECTOR: Richard Loncraine
WRITERS: Joe Forte
STARRING: Harrison Ford, Virginia Madsen, Paul Bettany
TAGLINES: “ They will make him steal, but he will make them pay.
Everything He loves Is About To Be Used Against Him.
Nothing Is More Dangerous Than A Man With Everything To Lose.”

~~~~ &&& ~~~ THE STORY ~~~&&&~~~

Harrison Ford is Jack Stanfield and he is works for a huge global bank as the chief of security and he has set up the bank's security Firewall. One day Jack is faced with a decision – his family being killed or robbing the bank he works for. The robbery would be done though hacking the firewall and through electronic means rather than the old fashioned way of holding the checkout operator up with gun!

Bill Cox: “You designed the software, you find me a way in.”
Jack Stanfield: “I wouldn't know where to start.”

What would you do? Needless to say he goes for protecting his family but does everything go to plan? Will his family actually be safe even if he does do as these psychopathic thieves demand and transfer the money to their account in the Cayman islands?

~~~&&&~~~ MY VIEWS ~~~&&&~~~

This is a fairly tense story and although fairly predictable I found myself feeling quite on the edge of the sofa at times. Obviously Jack and his wife and two children are the epitome of the perfect American family in affluent suburbia and what happens to them is so far outside the realms of their usual comfortable lives yet of course Jack ( Harrison) rises to the challenge and is his typical 'go get them', protective and amazingly capable of taking on the professional crooks persona.

Paul Bettany is a fantastic actor and I felt quite convincing as a villain in this film althoug at times he appears soft towards the family he seems not to have any second thoughts about getting rid of his own team of fellow criminals – presumably as he would have fewer people to have a share of the spoils . His fellow criminals seem to either been soft or useless as they can apparently be challenged by an average family with no weapon at all while they all have guns.

This film plays out very predictably but despite that I did quite enjoy it and somehow even though I did know how it would end I was still quite gripped at times. There are numerous lot holes and totally unbelievable parts but as my husband always says to me “It's a movie..” and you cannot expect it to be like real life.

You do have to suspend belief and just accept that it is possible to use an ipod and fax machine to do the same job as a computer. There are other really silly parts … why would a bunch of nasty criminals transport the family dog along with the family? Luckily the dog's tracker collar proves very handy!!

Sadly although this film did keep me on edge it was predictable and almost a remake of “Airforce One” and “a number of other of Harrison Ford's films , sadly many similar themes and actions but it does start to become rather cliched and maybe at his age Harrison is no longer than convincing as the “Have a Go Hero” any longer.

Apparently Harrison and Paul Bettany did a lot of their own stunts and the fight scenes were actually the two of them really giving each other a good battering though you do wonder how an average bank executive would really manage in a fight against a man half his age who is a professional criminal.

All in all despite good actors the film is pretty average. It entertained up for an evening in front of the TV but I am glad I didn't pay cinema prices to watch this as I would have felt decidedly short changed.

The music was quite random and ranged from Massive Attack's “Angel for the credits through to the children's hymn “What a Friend we have in Jesus” and “Meet the Flintstones”.

The film was shot mainly in British Columbia in an around Kamloops and Vancouver and then also in Seattle Washington which I did find interesting as w are staying In Vancouver, Kamloops and Seattle on our next trip to North America this year.


Harrison Ford is a pilot and while shooting the film he took the film's producers, director, writer and production designer for a flight in his new jet.

In Vancouver when it was meant to be raining the weather was fine so they made “rain” with water trucks to wet the roads. The house roof had special rain wands and the windows had special dripping apparatus to look t like it was raining.

Bowen Island in British Columbia where some of the film was shot was thought by Harrison Ford to be so beautiful that he bought a 13 million dollar waterfront property there.

While waiting around on the set during filming Paul Bettany taught Carly Schroeder how to play the guitar.

~~~&&&~~~~ WHAT THE CRITICS SAID ~~~&&&~~~

THE GUARDIAN : “ It's watchable, but not much more. Still it's better than either of the week's remakes.”

ROLLING STONE : “ As a thriller, Firewall is flabby and familiar.”

NEWSWEEK: “ There's almost nothing you haven't seen before in this slick, preposterous, but occasionally exciting thriller. An angry Ford absorbs, and dishes out, massive punishment for a fellow his age, while Virginia Madsen is sadly wasted as his wife.”

NEW YORK DAILY NWS: “ Ford, soon to be eligible for Medicare, gives his entire performance without losing his breath or changing his expression, and Bettany, a British actor whose pasty complexion won him the role of Silas the Albino in the coming "The Da Vinci Code," is an apt tormentor cum foil of his prey.”

~~~&&&~~~ AWARDS ~~~&&&~~~

Unsurprisingly this film did not receive any nominations for any of the big awards but it did get nominated for the Best Original Score for an Action film in the International Film Music Critics Awards.

Young Jimmy Bennett was nominated for best young actor in a feature film by The Young Artist's Award.

World Stunt Awards nominated one of the fight scenes for Best Fight!

~~~&&&~~~ WOULD I RECOMMEND THIS? ~~~&&&~~~

I did quite enjoy this as an evening of escapism. It is a bit like reading a thriller book that you know is not a great piece of literature but does keep you gripped and wanting to know what happens in the end.

If you catch it on TV it is a pleasant enough watch and certainly at no time did we feel we wanted to switch it off and believe me we have done that during many a dud film.

Thanks for reading

17th May 2017

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Jack Stanfield (Harrison Ford) is an average family man in Seattle who heads up the hi-tech security team at his local bank. But following a seemingly trivial case of identity theft, Jack's life is turned upside-down when he discovers that his wife (Virginia Madsen) and two kids have been kidnapped. The ransom? A mere 100 million dollars, which the kidnappers, led by Bill Cox (Paul Bettany), want Jack to obtain for them via his expert computer skills. Initially compliant, Jack is soon irked by Cox and his cronies to the point where he decides to get his family back and bring the bad guys to justice. British Director Richard Loncraine (WIMBLEDON) uses this basic premise to orchestrate a number of frantic set-pieces, while Ford concocts a character similar to his take on Dr. Richard Kimble in THE FUGITIVE. With a mouthful of computer jargon and nimble fingers that tumble frantically over a keyboard whenever he's in front of a computer, Ford's character is an unlikely action hero. Meanwhile, Bettany's bad guy gives subtly sinister instructions in his clipped British accent, Robert Forster (JACKIE BROWN) provides a likeable if underused ally for Ford, and Madsen slots neatly into her wife-in-peril role. As the film builds to an explosive climax Loncraine dumps the gadgets and carves out a delirious romp through action-movie conventions, ultimately infusing an old-fashioned story with a twist of 21st-century techno-fear.


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