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Fisher Price Bob The Builder Remote Control Super Scoop

Construction/Farm Vehicle - For ages: 3 Years +

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published 17/01/2017 | Candyperfumegirl
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"Super Scoop"

Fisher Price Bob The Builder Remote Control Super Scoop

Fisher Price Bob The Builder Remote Control Super Scoop

A few months before Christmas by partner and I began discussing what presents we were going to buy the kids, with three children it can all take a lot of planning and we aways like to get a head start. My partner told me he had been thinking of getting our 21 month old son a remote control digger, although he hadn't thought of a specific one. In the weeks that followed we had been on the look out for one but (rather surprisingly) couldn't find one anywhere, then whilst in Smyths toyshop we spotted this Bob the Builder Remote Control Super Scoop reduced from £49.99 to £29.99 and decided it would be ideal.

Bob The Builder

The fact that this was a Bob the Builder branded digger was not the reason for our purchase at all, my son does not watch the show and so has no idea who the character is anyways. However, I couldn't help but notice that Bob has changed somewhat over the years and decided a Goggle was in order to see what had happened. In 2015 the Bob the Builder series was revamping and moved from the BBC over to C5 Milkshake. The voice over actors were replaced, most notably the original Bob (Neil Morrisey) was replaced with Lee Ingleby. The characters appearances were changed as well as the setting and some new characters were introduced too.

Scoop the Digger remains as one of the key characters, and compared to the rest of the 'cast' his appearance hasn't changed as much.


Scoop came presented in a open fronted cardboard box, meaning the product could be seen and touched before purchase, we found this very useful as we were able to try it out using the demo whilst in store.

Releasing Scoop from the packaging was quite simple, there were a couple of ties that required cutting but apart from that it was all fuss free - a blessing on Christmas morning!

What does it look like

Once out of the box Scoop looked a lot bigger than I had initially thought he was and he also also a lot heavier than I was expecting. He does look like a little digger and there is no confusing what construction vehicle this is meant to be with front and back buckets along with his bright yellow body. The digger has a nice friendly face and looks like the TV character, children familiar with the show will have no problems recognising who he is meant to be.

Turning Scoop upside down we find the on / off switch as well as the battery compartment.

The remote control is a blue plastic box featuring four buttons which can be pressed for Scoops various functions. The battery compartment is located on the back of the box.

The toy is made out of plastic which feels strong, robust and durable.


The main features can be accessed by using the remote control. However, there is a button on the side of Scoop (a large B initial) which can be pressed for various sounds, Scoop sayings, Beeping and a clip of the Bob the Builder theme.

Scoops exhaust also doubles up as a lever, when pressed down the front bucket is raised and again we have various sounds and flashing lights.

On the remote control we have four buttons. There are two orange buttons both with arrows on which move Scoop, one moves Scoop forward whilst the other reverses him.

The second two buttons are yellow and are used to control Scoops special functions. One of the buttons is for Scoops Stunt Mode, when pressed Scoop will pull himself up on his front bucket propping himself upside down whilst moving his back bucket up and down. The other button can be pressed down to move Scoops back bucket in a scooping action.

During use Scoop will make lots of construction vehicle noises lots of phrases including:

* Woohoo Where are we going?

* Ahh, another hard days work

* Right Bob, here I come.

* Come on, Come on. We've got work to do, Beep Beep!
Our Experience

There is a building sight over the road from our house so my son has been watching real life diggers at work for a good few months now and they fascinate him no end, he would quite happily sit and watch them all day! So he was over the moon when he opened his very own digger up on Christmas morning. He began pointing at it saying "Digger" straight away so he clearly knew what it was meant to be.

Once out of the box all was going well until randomly the remote control just stopped working, we tried changing the batteries but still nothing...Obviously this was the one shop receipt we couldn't find but we decided to try taking it back to Smyths anyways (after fishing the original box out of the recycling bin!) Thankfully Smyths swapped it, no questions asked and the new one has been working perfectly.

My son really does love this digger and he has played with it on a regular basis, he will perhaps play with it for 5-10 minutes before loosing interest and moving onto something else. He understand that he needs to use the remote control to make Scoop work and he is slowly but surely getting to grips with the buttons. To be fair he falls well below the recommended age so I am not surprised that he finds it a little difficult to use, however with an adult or his big sister sat with him he can quite happily play with this one. He is able to press the buttons himself but seems to have a problem keeping the pressure applied to keep Scoop moving.

His favourite part of Scoop is Scoops Stunt Mode, which just requires a quick press of the button on the remote. He knows which button to press to get Scoop to do his trick and it is the button he likes to press most! I must admit Scoops trick is quite impressive and he looks very cool pushing himself onto his front bucket pushing himself up so that he is upside down, balancing on his front bucket as he pumps his rear bucket up and down in the air. Scoop remains very stable whilst in this position and doesn't wobble about - he has never tumbled over either. He lowers himself back down to his original position slowly. I'm not quite sure how it works, but it all looks pretty cool. My son laughs and claps his hands in delight.

He is also rather taken with the exhaust located on Scoops body, he is able to push this down independently and it springs back up by itself. The function lifts the front bucket and makes Scoop make lots of noises, my son enjoys doing this especially if the remote control has gone walkies.

My main problem with Scoop is how noisy the thing is, I know most kids toys are noisy but this thing is ridiculously loud. The phrases and jingles are at such a volume that it drowns out any other noise, its annoying to say the least. On top of that the motor inside the toy is really loud too, especially during Scoops stunt mode. In fact, I think they made all the phrases and jingles so loud in an attempt to try and cover up the noise of the motor, which in fact seems to make it ten times worse. I have been guilty of switching Scoop of and saying to my son that he has gone for a little sleep because I just can't stand to listen to it anymore. Its not a toy I encourage him to play with in the evening as I prefer toys that wind him down a little not wake him up. When my son first started playing with the toy the loud noises actually scared him a little and he would only play with Scoop whilst sitting on someones knee, although as the weeks have passed hes not so bothered by this anymore.

I would also say that Scoop really is on the heavy side. Once again I know that my son is below the recommended age for this toy but even I have difficulty picking it up. My son tries to pick it up but never gets very far without having to put it back down again. I worry about him dropping it on his toes so I will opt to carry it for him, placing it where he requires.


Scoop has been bumped and banged about on a regular basis over the past couple of weeks and shows no signs of breaking. The plastic feels strong and durable and I feel confident it can withstand a child's play. My son has crashed Scoop into walls more times than I can count and looks none the worse for it.
Age Recommendation

The toy has been given an age recommendation of 3 years + , with a warning that the toy contains small parts which may cause a choking hazard. My son is approaching his 2nd birthday so is a good year younger than the recommended age group. I always supervise my son with this toy and therefore can personally see no reason why he cannot play with it, of course he struggles a little with some of the buttons and the weight of the toy, but again with adult help he is still able to enjoy playing with it. As he gets a little older and is able to operate it more independently I think he will be able to get more from it.

As always, if in doubt follow the manufacturers guidance.
Final Thoughts

We wanted to get our son a remote control digger and this one was a good choice, my son enjoys playing with it and I think his enjoyment of the toy will only grow as he gets older. This will delight most children who love construction vehicles and is suitable for children whether they are fans of Bob the Builder or not.

I think the full RRP is a little steep really and I don't really think its worth paying the full price for, although I am happy with the price we got it for. I'm knocking one star off because it is too noisy.
Additional Info

Batteries required: 2 x AAA for Remote (Not Included) - 4 x AA for Vehicle (included)

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