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Fisher Price Smart Stages Toolbox

Electronic Learning - For ages: 6 Months +

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published 01/02/2017 | Candyperfumegirl
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Pro well made. durable. off switch.
Cons not really gained any skills from playing with it
Value for Money
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"It's Hammer Time"

Fisher Price Smart Stages Toolbox

Fisher Price Smart Stages Toolbox

My son received this Fisher Price Smart Stages Toolbox by a relative for his first birthday, having owned it for a good nine months now I thought I would finally review it here today.

What does it look like

The toy is designed to look similar to a real toolbox and it certainly does, especially from the outside. However, since we don't own a traditional toolbox my son didn't really have any idea of what it was meant to be and I still don't think he has much of a clue.

When closed the toolbox looks like a little box with a handle on top, it has a nice blue, yellow and red colour scheme which is bright and engaging. There is a stickered picture on the front featuring the Fisher Price Pup as well as a little measuring strip / ruler complete with movable marker. There is a little tab on the lid which needs to be pushed up to open the toolbox.

Opening up the toolbox we are met with three different coloured shapes, a red triangle, a green circle and a yellow square. There is also a chunky little grey hammer nestled in a slot this can be removed and used to hit the shapes setting off a variety of sounds and jingles. There is also a little spinner and the 'Smart Stages' switch.

Fisher Price have included an on/off switch (thank you very much) which is located on the back of the toy box. This also controls the sound settings which I think to be 'loud' & 'louder'. The battery compartment is also located here and a screwdriver is required tom open it up. I can't remember if batteries were included or not, but I don't recall having ever changed the batteries either.


There are three modes of play which are sorted into 'Smart Stages'.

Stage one is for Exploring and is aimed at 6 months olds, it teaches first words such as shapes and colours. For example, bop the red triangle with the hammer and a voice will say 'red' or 'triangle' , the shape will also light up or flash.

Stage Two if for Learning Something new , this level builds on from the last so bopping the red triangle again we are still met with words 'red triangle' but with the added french word 'rouge'. The voice will also encourage baby to find shapes themselves by asking questions such as 'Where is the yellow square?'.

Stage three is for pretend play making it ideal for 18 months + as it can be used for role playing and pretend play. Bopping the shapes in this level will result in funny boinging noises and encouraging phrases such as 'well done'.

All stages also feature various little jingles - most of which are accessed through the little spinner or the ruler on the front.
Our Experience

I'm quite a fan of Fisher Prices Smart Stages toys as they have the ability to grow with the child and can be adjusted to suit their ability. Although I am not really sure that the age recommendations for each stage are entirely needed, I have always flipped back and too between the various stages just to mix things up and keep the toy fresh for him. My son is fast approaching his 2nd birthday and he still plays with all the different stages and I believe they are all still valuable to his learning.

My son enjoys playing with this toy, but I wouldn't really say it is one of his favourites, its not one he will actively seek out but may pick it up if he happened to come across it in his toy box. He will happily sit for about ten minutes or so before getting bored and moving onto something else. He finds the clasp difficult to open by himself so he requires my help to do this, this can make him get quite frustrated as he liked to open and close the box multiple times during play. The handle is often used by him to just carry the toy about an he is able to pick it up easily as it is quite light and of a good size.

When my son first received this toy I was a little apprehensive about it as I was worried that he would use the hammer to hit other things - I was right - he went through a bit of a phase recently of running around with it bopping things indiscriminately - chair, table, cat, sister. I ended up removing the hammer from the set and encouraging him to bop the shapes with his hands instead but he wasn't having it so the toy got moved out of his toy box for a while. When I reintroduced it he didn't really pay much attention to it anyways.

I really liked the added french words being used as I know there is a big push to get kids learning different languages from a young age and I guess its never to early. But to be honest my son hasn't picked up a great deal of the words used in the toy, whether they be French or English - I'm not quite sure why this is but I could hazard a guess that he just gets distracted by the whole hitting thing as he has picked up a variety of words from other toys.

I could try to argue that this is a lovely educational toy that a child could learn a lot from, in reality my son just enjoys hitting the shapes with the hammer because he just likes hitting things with other things. He spent a good half an hour in the garden yesterday happily running around with a stick...well....hitting things.


Hands up to Fisher Price, they've produced a durable toy here which can withstand rough play. Looking at it now it is still in a perfect condition despite having been put through its paces.
Age & Gender recommendations

Fisher Price give an age recommendation of 6 months + which I feel is fair and accurate. I imagine it would be played with until around the 36 month stage, but of course all kids are different.

Being a toolbox I guess it could be argued that this one is aimed at the boys, but of course there is no reason why a girl would not enjoy the toy. Although the box is predominately blue on the outside the colours seem rather gender neutral to me which is happening more and more with toys these days and makes a welcoming change. I think my daughters would have enjoyed this toy when they where babies but I have to say I think they would have played with it slightly differently. I'm not sure if its just my son or boys in general but I have noticed a real difference in the way they play, I don't remember my daughters taking such pleasure in running around hitting things like my son does or generally being so boisterous!
Final Thoughts

This is an OK toy which can amuse my son for around ten minutes but its certainly not one of his favourites nor mine, I don't really feel that my son has gained any real skills from playing with it and he hasn't really picked up any of the words or phrases. Its not really one we can sit and play with together and the inane voices paired with all the banging can grate on me after a while. Still, there is no denying that this is a well made, strong durable toy built to withstand a child's play.


A quick look on line shows me that the Fisher Price Smart Stages Toolbox has a RRP of £20.

Prices correct Feb 2017. Delivery charges may apply.

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  • Secre published 23/03/2017
    Nicely done
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    Nicely done =)
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    great x
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