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"Blazing my way to a healthier lifestyle with FitBit"

Fitbit Blaze

Fitbit Blaze

My FitBIt Blaze, keeping me up together. As you may have read in my previous reviews I did have a FitBit Charge. When this was no more I felt an urgent need to purchase something to replace it to maintain my steps count! Bring in the FitBit Blaze ☺

****SETTING UP****

The product as many similar items these days comes with no really instructions on how to set up. They provide you with the website you plug in and go to set up and follow the instructions.
Yes this seems simple however, may I recommend that you first charge your Blaze and least a little as it comes virtually uncharged and so it is easier to do the set up I found.
Now this did slightly irritate me only because I could figure out how to get the screen out to charge it! I resorted to You Tube in the end for a quick fix – where would we be without You Tube!

The Blaze is different from the other FiBits in that the screen comes out and sits in a small case then charges via a USB cable, unlike others where there is a charge point attached to the FitBIt.
This has pros and cons for me. Much easier to charge and less likely to break or damage the connection, but the taking it in and out does make me wonder if it will keep sturdy in the long run, lets hope so.


Firstly, ok maybe I’m a bit dopey but I couldn’t figure out how to get the screen out. I resorted to You Tube and was pleased to find out it was very simple. You just firmly push the screen out of the surrounding watch face. This did make me quite nervous the first time as I thought I might break it or drop it.
It does easily come out with the firm push and providing you are holding it well it wont drop.
To replace it you put the screen in alignment, making sure you have it the correct way as one side has two buttons the other just one, then again push firmly to set in place. This is again very easy once you know how.
I do like the simplicity of it and am hopeful that in a year or so it will still be as firm to push in and out and not become lose, time will tell I guess.

The charging whilst we are on it. The charger comes with a little black box attached to a USB cable. The cable is not overly long but longer than the charge version and will adequately sit on the side by a plug. The box part you open up and the screen sits inside, push the lid down and it starts to charge, indicated on the screen by a large battery picture and flashes up and down the bar to tell you how full it is.

****THE SCREEN****

An LED screen which does have some tap, swipe and movement features. I like this it is much more engaging although you still can use the buttons on the side if you wish.
The screen is activated by either lifting you arm or pushing any button. I do both in home its quite good just to move my arm but I find I have to actually raise my arm above my head or right out for it to wake, fine in the home but on the street I feel like a numpty so go for the button.
Once awake your screen will automatically go back to sleep after a few seconds unless you are doing things with it. Great for conserving the battery life.


The first waking screen is the clock. Currently there is a choice of 9 different clock faces each with various more prominent things such as digital, clock face, date, steps, Heart rate etc. I tend to prefer the more original looking clock face as this indicates the floors I have taken underneath and the steps are indicated by a ring that starts at 12 and goes around until it meets again if you meet you step goal. It is an easy indication at a glance but still looks like a watch face.


If you press you button whilst on the clock face or swipe to the left you come onto the Today screen. This is the screen with the most information and details you will want probably from your FitBit.

If you tap on the dotted Today diamond you get an up to the minute swipe up and down screen. It gives you your daily steps so far, current heart rate, how many steps this hour, how many kilometers you have walked, how many calories used, and how many floors you have done.

I really like this screen. Simple and easy to see exactly what you have done so far.
The great thing about this is that it also automatically realizes when you have done more than 10minutes exercise say a dog walk and will record it for you. This is brilliant. You can see what calories you have burnt and how many steps ideal for people who are not so energetic but it encourages them to try and aim for the 10,000 steps per day that we should all aim for.

You get little boosts as well along the way. The watch will buzz on your wrist when you hit 10,000 steps and if you get all you step, calorie and stair goals it will flash green across the screen telling you “that’s a whole lot of green well done!” On the app you will also achieve badges when you have reached goals for example the 25,000 steps in one-day badge.
Then when feeling like a challenge pick a adventure like Yosemite vernal falls and it will challenge you to do 15,000 steps in a day, or link up and challenge you friends for a daily showdown to see who does the most steps. There are lots like this and it is a great encouragement for anyone using it, if not a bit addictive but in a good way!


You can set this orange exercise shortcut screen for the things you want to a maximum of 6 things. Mine has run, bike, weights, hike, elliptical and stair climber.
When you see the exercise you want tap again and it gives you an option to start indicated by an play button or tells you it is connecting to your phone to acquire where you are then start. This then lets you for example to a run and it will keep track of how far you have gone and distance. This of course can be found on my phone in my pocket however this also indicates by heart rate and calories more accurately and I can see whether I was in fat burn or peak heart rate mode when looking back on my phone app.
To stop you simply press the stop button in the corner this pauses it then the top right hand corner flag and it will finish and give you your results.

For me this is one of the great things for people who are a little bit more into exercise. It means you can capture your heart rate whilst at the gym and see whether your effort is good enough! It encourages people to see a trend of their exercise routines also especially when using the app and see where improvements can be gained.


If you link your FitBit to the app on your phone or computer, you acquire so much more out of the product. You can insert food and water consumption etc. So if you are trying to loose weight you can see clearly if you have spent more calories than you have eaten.
I find this very useful as I am trying to loose a bit of weight and I am notoriously bad at drinking water so this encourages me in both aspects.
There is a small rev monitor in the corner that shows if you are under target, in the zone, or over target. This is emphasized clearer on the main screen as it comes in the form of a circle filling up.
On the main screen you also achieve green circles around your, floors, kilometers, calories, and steps and minutes to indicate when you standard is met.
I really like this as it is easy to see at a glance and is simple to understand.

On this screen there is also a sleep indicator, pulsing heart to resemble yours, how many days out of 5 exercises you do, steps per hour for the hours you have set (mine is 250 per hour).

Within each of these you can tap them and get more detail accounts of what you have done through the day.

The app is a great extension to the Blaze and I highly recommend it to buyers, as it is free to so you would be daft not to really.

Compatible with iPhone, Android, Windows and Mac.

****SLEEP TIME****

The Blaze is designed to be a sleep monitor too. Now I don’t always use this but give that I sometimes have difficulty sleeping I have found it insightful to see how awake I am at night.

The watch when worn whilst you are sleeping is monitoring when you doze off and when you wake and gives you a time frame in the morning of say 7 hours.
What is more interesting though is that it is set off my your movements in the night and will indicate how many restless times you have and how many awake periods too.
My chap says I am always fidgeting in the night to which I of course disagreed, but it turns out he was proven right ☹


If like me you sit at the computer and charge your phone also, remember if your Blaze doesn’t sync it may be because you have the Bluetooth on your phone on and its to close to the computer. Annoying but not too much of a hassle.

Another annoying thing is that to sync your blaze to the computer you need to plug in a dongle. Your blaze doesn’t come with a dongle – extremely annoying I would imagine and a bit of a cheek really FitBit! I was lucky that I still had a dongle from my original fitbit.

The website I do think is worth the effort of acquiring a dongle to be honest. You get a super detailed account of all of your activities including a scale of your heart rate through the day and when your activities were etc. I have snap shot mine to show you a clip. You can then click on the say food one to show your food entries, can add more and there is a flood plan coming soon apparently.


So the watch as I have said is quite large I suppose and is unisex. The strap measures 2 and half cm wide with the fitbit in its watch surround is roughly 4 x 4 cm.

It has a kind of retro feel to be, it reminds me of the old digital watches but with a new personality. Not to dissimilar to the Apple watch and the packaging is similar too. Mine has been mistaken for an Apple watch by friends.

The strap is a thin very pliable plastic rubber type affair. It is very comfortable and easy to wipe over with a damp cloth to keep clean. You can buy various different wristbands, even leather and metal ones as the straps are interchangeable. `Ideal for if you are wanting to go between a work and going out version. They also come in an array of colours and wristband sizes small medium and large and I think an extra large in some designs.
There are also different special editions to look out for and slightly thinner wristbands in some colour/textures.
I find mine very comfortable, just like any other watch.

The encasement for the FitBit is silver on mine but again comes in different colours that you choose when purchasing.

In my job I am not allowed to wear a wristwatch. This does pose an issue as to how I keep my steps monitored you might think. Fear not, you can either use the phone app and keep your phone in your pocket, or which I tend to do is take out the FitBit like when I am going to charge it and just place this in my pocket instead.

I was a little concerned that my little LCD screen was going to get scratched so I bought a separate tempered glass screen protector online, just like for a phone, much better.

It is water resistant. It is not designed to be worn in the shower or swimming but it will take a rain shower, drizzle I guess apparently, I am quite careful I have to admit to keep mine undercover in the rain of my coat.

Changing your settings and step requirements extra all can be altered via the app or website. Very easy once you have navigated the sites and just give it a minute to sync to your phone to change, indicated by a big tick on the watch.


The FitBit Blaze comes in at £159 - £189 depending on version

Separate watch straps come in at £59 - £89 depending on version

These prices are current at the time of writing from the website. I purchased mine here as I had a 30% discount. You can purchase the FitBit Blaze in a variety of online stores including Amazon and EBay and high-street shops such as Argos.


Would I recommend? Yes 100% it is a significant price purchase I do realize that but I have become quite fanatical about my steps and it is helping me to keep track of my lifestyle goals.

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