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published 29/05/2017 | SirJoseph
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Pro Makes you Health-Concious...
Cons Stops you wearing GOOD/REAL watches...
Value for money

"For Your FatBits"

Clearly Ciao raises my heart-rate with such titillating reviews... That or it'll give me a stroke.

Clearly Ciao raises my heart-rate with such titillating reviews... That or it'll give me a stroke.


I know, I'm so lean and muscular anyway! Nah, I know I'm getting slightly portly and when your own grandmother says you've put on weight, you goddamn better believe it! I'm still of a 'healthy' weight according to that BMA index thangy but who knows what's going on with my heart and general well-being. My only defence here is that this was a Christmas gift - fair play I asked for one but that's beside the point! I had no idea what I wanted and when the mother asks, she'll get an answer or I'd get a slap and so like an uninspired cockatoo, I chirped exactly what ma said back to her. I didn't really want one but I knew it'd have some sort of momentum nudging me towards a healthier or at least more active life style... or just aware of it. At least it was an easy way to go about gift giving and for that I'm grateful, thanks ma! She even very bravely suggested buying one for my partner - who for the record is in infinitely better condition than myself what with her 5 less years enduring the torment of adult life and about 2 stone lighter than I yet the same height. Madness said I. She was worried it'd be an embarrassing present because it could look like she was critiquing her appearance (them's fighting words for the womenfolk) when I knew the more likelier reality of embarrassment due to it being an expensive gift for someone who already has the ultimate gift in me already O:) Wow that was lame, I apologise... Just not enough to delete that last sentence.

Going through the features found on Fitbits website: it does have an OLED screen but it's not 'large' but rather larger than the last one. I haven't changed the strap but I know the option is there if I fancy a colour change or if it breaks (it better not) Heart rate measurement is the main selling point for these things. I've tried using the 'weights' setting but didn't really get anything out of it and as for the GPS, yeah, not needed. The call and text alert I'll go into later - they're a plus. The cardio fitness level is a nice touch and although I question the validity and accuracy of the results, I do like a graph telling me how (un)healthy I am compared to the average man of my age. Breathing sessions seems a bit too Zen for me so I pass on that. If the all-day activity tracking is what I think it is, it's hardly a 'feature' but more of what you'd expect the bloody thing to do. The sleep tracking is interesting and although I don't like sleeping with a watch on - I have tried it and found how low my heart-rate gets. This is supposedly beneficial for getting better results for resting heart rate - I usually manage between 58-65, it fluctuates that much so I likely average out around 62-63. No idea what smart track is, sound like more BS to me. Exercise recognition? I should hope so, jesus christ! Reminders to move is a nemesis that I keep disabled - because otherwise I'd become a slave to technology (more so) and I live in the real world and often have to stay at my desk or in bed. Long battery life? We'll get to that you optimists...
  • Large OLED Screen
  • Interchangeable Strap
  • PurePulse Heart Rate
  • Multi-Sport Tracking & Connected GPS
  • Call, Text & Calendar Alerts
  • Cardio Fitness Level
  • Guided Breathing Sessions
  • All-Day Activity
  • Auto Sleep Tracking & Sleep Stages
  • SmartTrack
  • Auto Exercise Recognition
  • Reminders to Move
  • Long Battery Life
  • ENCOURAGING - With your heart rate and step count thrown into the mix with time and date, you've got more to ogle when you check out your wrist. Even more so, you can connect with friends and family to see their stats - thus pushing you a bit further via either encouragement or... competitiveness. I often look at mine to see I haven't hit my goal at the end of a work day and end up jogging or hitting the exercise bike.
  • COMFORTABLE - You'd think something that needs to have some level of medical accuracy would be more intrusive but the Fitbit sits snugly around your wrist (or ankle) in fact it's recommended you have it somewhat loose for a better reading and of course, comfort. Available in both small and large but even someone of ordinary weight such as myself can get away on the 4th tog on a large strap.
  • CUSTOMISATION - Initially, my watch face only had the time but you can choose from several default faces including a clock display - but I went for the most informative screen with time, date, heart rate and step count all in one. You can also include more info like battery life, stopwatch etc or simply rearrange them. For the real fashionistas though, the straps come in a wide variety of colours! (I'd stick to black :)
  • MULTIMEDIA - They can do some pretty awesome stuff nowadays eh? Besides having a community of FItbit users undergoing weekly/daily challenges for little imaginary badges, you can set up your phone so that when you receive a text, your Fitbit will vibrate like it does when you achieve your goals. I use this to great effect as I often leave my phone on silent and don't feel much due to restrictive jeans!
  • PRICE - For what it can do, I'm a bit flabbergasted they can charge 'pricey-watch-territory' money, only a fraction of those blasted 'smart' watches Apple are peddling. £120 may sound hefty but all things considered it is a bit of a statement/fashion trend. When Christmas came around, I said I was content with just the normal one (which is just under three figures) but lo and behold the Charge 2!
  • SIMPLICITY - App aside, this is really easy to use and understand. One button will do that. The touch screen is a bit clunky but you can't accidentally order a tonne of potatoes to your address or call someone in Nairobi. All the technical stuff like cardiovascular scores, sleep patterns and Bluetooth set up are all on the phone/computer so if you are that way inclined you can get your fix of info.
  • NOT WATERPROOF - A big fat negative for such a health-conscious product. No doubt it can withstand an intense sweaty workout or a heavy downpour from the heavens but try jumping in the pool with this on your wrist, let it go through the wash or take a shower with it and you'll likely find you've got yourself a shiny, expensive, strictly decorative bracelet.
  • ACCURACY - Less about the number of heartbeats but more how the readings just drop out. Have a slightly loose strap and you'll see what I mean but there have been a few times when I've gone to have a look and seen '--' instead of a healthy 60. Maybe I had a heart attack - or moved my wrist slightly.
  • IGNORANCE - Mine likes to pretend I didn't do active minutes. That because I'm not taking steps, there's no way I can be doing cardio. I could be at 140 on a stationary bike and still be left with an elusive 1 minute away from reaching my target for no reason other than its a lazy device or I'm of athlete standards.
  • BATTERY LIFE - Doesn't last a week. I don't particularly mind this one as much because it gives me a chance to not worry about how many steps/active minutes etc on the weekend and if I'm heading out, I can put on a proper watch and feel like a right baller instead of an uppity health nut. So yeah, usually lasts around 5 days.
  • REMOVAL - It ain't too easy taking the damn thing off! It must be something to do with the rubber material that causes it to just meld with the metal hinge because it continues to grip when you simply don't want it to. I've had the hinge re-attach itself to another slot whilst trying to remove it!
  • UGLY - I love my watches. I have several that I can match with outfits or simply how I am feeling. They are clean, shiny reminders of time and date, symbols of prestige depending on brand and appearance or just straight up beautiful design. Instead I have a bland, listless bit of social media, electronic hardware that wants to intrude ever-more into my private life.

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    E! Fab review x
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    e :o)
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    A must have for the health conscious.
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