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Pro Comfy classy
Cons it doesn't count the steps if pushing the buggy.
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"Cool and classy Fitbit charge 2"

The Fitbit charge 2 is an upgrade to the popular Charge range since the charge HR which came out in 2015.
The Fitbit Charge 2 brings with it a few new features, it specialises in accessible and easy to use fitness tracker. It comes with exercise, sleep, heart rate and much more. The Charge 2 turns everything up a notch, with a bigger screen, more fitness focused abilities and even has a few smart watch skills to try and win the hearts and place on people's wrists.

The plum strap is what catches people's eye and the polished silver stripes at the side of the watch also gives it that little bit of flare. This is a watch that is a 24/7 tracker.
The strap has a standard clasp so it's easy to get on and off.

The biggest feature to the charge 2 is the OLED screen. It is three times bigger than the original charge which makes it a whole lot easier to read at arms length. There is one button on the left hand side of the watch which cycles through the six different screens. You are also able to tap the screen to flip through the various screens which you find on your dash board on the app which are calories burned, stairs climbed, distance walked and how many minutes you have been active that day. You are able to choose what you see and can personalise it to how you would like it. The main screen of the watch shows the time andyour total steps, there is an option for you choose the format you best like.

A flick of your wrist wakes the screen but I do find that if you have the watch a little tight on your wrist this effects this feature. If this happens there is a button on the left that wakes the screen up.

It has a comfy fit which makes wearing it constantly nice and easy. You do have to make sure that you wear it up your wrist a little further than you would a watch to make sure that the heart rate feature can get a clear reading. The heart rate sensor is always on and keeps an eye on your resting heart rate as well as your active heart rate.

The Fitbit Charge 2 will automatically recognise running or cycling. So if you were to forget to enter it manually it would automatically kick in. The watch does the same for sleep you don't need to tell the charge you have woken up in the morning.

The sleep tracking feature is really accurate, even recognising that cheeky lie in at the weekend. One downer I would say would be that the screen is really bright and there is no way of turning it down. That bright that if you are a light sleeper then it could wake you up. This would then be sync to your phone in the morning.

Fitbit claims that the charge 2 will hold charge for up to five days which is about right. When you come to recharge it only takes about 20minutes to completely charge and then your good to go for another five days but this does depend on how often you use the workout modes. You can check the battery life by pressing through the screens with the button and you can also check by looking on the app but on the app it doesn't give a % it will just show you low medium or high battery life.

Fitbit Charge 2 does a great job on tracking steps and pulse measurements the only down fall to the counting of steps is if you are a mum like me who pushes a buggy or shopping and pushing the trolley it does pick up all steps taken and tracks very little steps. I have found that I have to push the buggy one handed and have the arm that I have the watch on swinging as I'm walking same goes for when I go shopping. This maybe something that Fitbit need to think about.

There is no built in GPS on this model so if you like to track your runs then you have to take your phone along with you.

The Charge 2 has a fitness friendly trick in which it calculates your VO2 max. Fitbit calls this your cardio fitness level. It takes your age, height, weight and resting heart rate then compares it with other people in age range to get a score.
Within the various areas of the Fitbit app on the phone there are bar charts that give you a better understanding of how to get the most out of exercise. This is all good but only if you know what to do within and understand what you are looking at.

The charge shows up calls, texts and calendar notifications. These notifications just show up and then disappear again. You can't react to any of these via the watch so you still have to have you phone near by.

There is one more notification but those less active may not like it but if you are not moving at least 250 steps every hour it will let you know. Demands to "feed me steps" are going to get on some people's nerves.

The app hasn't really changed for the Charge 2 - it's still full of the cute badge filled collection of stats and settings and designed to get you thinking more about health and fitness.

There is one new addition an that is Adventures creative step goals that count your steps against real world hikes up mountains and expendition trails.

The Charge 2 does the basic tracking but not enough for the fitness fanatics. As it doesn't have the GPS it is just to plain for those looking to getting into shape. It's still a pretty complete tracker for those that my shudder at the thought of running for a bus. The notifications may be limited but they are a welcome and nice little added touch.

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