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"The fit little bit on my arm!!"

Fitbit Flex 2

Fitbit Flex 2

Fitbit Flex 2


Like most people, I am not happy with my weight, fitness level or body image.
I am diabetic and watch what I eat and I TRY to exercise, but with my husband being less mobile now my main exercise tends to be my gardening, and the swimming that I love.
For Christmas one of my daughters bought me a Fitbit as she knew that I was trying to up my exercise a bit and the new Fitbit Flex 2 was one that could be worn when I was swimming.
Five months on, I’m hardly a super model but at my last ‘MOT’ my blood sugar, weight and cholesterol level are all better – and I think that my handy little gadget has been a help, so about time that I review it.


“Our most iconic tracker, now more customisable than ever.” – that is what Fitbit say; this is what I say.

• Wearing modes Wrist strap
• Pedometer Yes
• Heart-rate monitor No
• GPS No
• Display No
• Waterproof Yes
• Smartphone connection
• OS support Android, iOS
• Wireless Bluetooth
• Battery life Up to 5 days of battery life from one charge


The Fitbit Flex 2 is a slim, small, water resistant fitness tracker, that is small enough that you can wear it alongside a watch if you want to. It comes in a variety of colours and there are a wide range of straps and accessories that you can purchase to go with it. The colours you can choose from in the Classic collection are: black, navy, magenta, lavender, pink, grey and yellow. There are also £29.99 three-packs you can get with an assortment of colours, called the Sport Pack (navy, grey, yellow) or Pink Pack (magenta, lavender, pink). There are also a lot of fancier options available if you like a bit of bling. Also, you do not only have to wear it on your wrist – you can fit the gadget into a pendant if you prefer to wear it rather wear it around your neck. (Remember though, if you do, you will not be
Its band is about a centimetre wide, and the width is more-or-less the same across the whole tracker it is about 30% smaller than the first Fitbit Flex. I have the black standard elastomer band that ‘brain’ of the gadget – a little nugget of plastic - fits in to and can be easily and can be popped out again to charge. The band is made of a soft textured plastic with a low-key diagonal embossed pattern on it. The Fitbit Flex comes with two sizes of strap in the pack, they’re both the same width but there’s a longer one for people with larger wrists – my wrists have never been a size problem for me so the regular strap fits me fine. I can imagine that it must be a good feeling if you start off with the strap for a chunkier wrist and have to change down to the smaller!! The straps also have ten holes in to enable different sizes to use it – my 12-year-old granddaughter has worn mine.
The Flex 2 uses a button clasp for securing itself around your wrist, which is actually quite fiddly to use – I actually struggle to put it on without assistance; there is no loop through which you thread the strap, and lining up the button with the holes is quite tricky.
The button can also be quite hard to seal and you really have to push hard into your wrist to do so. However, once on it is comfortable to wear, feels well put together, with the clasps holding on tight, mine has never accidentally fallen off. After five months, despite pushing the pins into the same holes on the band, they still hold perfectly.

There are five tiny LED lights that sit vertically on the strap and shine through the band to display your progress, with each LED representing 20 per cent of your set goal. These lights are also used for smartphone notifications and reminders to move. The band has an opening on the bottom to slide the tracker in and has transparent plastic holes corresponding with its LED lights. So, when the tracker is in place, you can see the different colours.


Price & Warranty

The recommended price for the Fitbit Flex 2 is £79.99, but you can pick it up for around the £60 mark at many places.
It is currently (May 2017) available with free delivery from Amazon for £59.99; here are some more current prices:

• £59.99 · Tesco Direct
• £69.95 · John Lewis Free shipping
• £63.87 · Free shipping
• £68.99 · eBay Free shipping
• £69.99 · Very
• £69.99 Argos
• £69.99 Curry’s

The warranty on the Fitbit covers defects for up to two years from the purchase date – or, if you are not happy with it, you can return it within 45 days. A great feature is that should you lose it and it is found and returned to Fitbit, the company will track down the registered owner for return information.


The main features are:

• Waterproof with automatic swim-tracking
• SmartTrack for auto activity recognition
• Smartphone notifications via LED lights
• Auto-recognition of different exercises

For me, the best thing about the Flex 2 is that it is a waterproof tracker, allowing for swim-tracking. It is very clever, and measures duration and laps for freestyle, butterfly, breaststroke and backstroke. When not in the pool, like other trackers It also measures steps taken, distance travelled, calories burned, active minutes and sleep duration. For non-swimmers, you won't have to worry about hopping in the shower with it on or heading out to the beach – as it is fine in sea water as well.

It has ‘SmartTrack’ which means that this little bangle can automatically recognise activities like walking, running or swimming – however it DOESN’T t give elevation data, heart-rate tracking or any form of GPS tracking. It can also remind you to move each hour if you haven’t taken at least 250 steps. This can be rather annoying, but is a good way of making you move more if your goal is to become a bit more active.

It will though notify your smartphone in either call or text alerts, as well as reminders to move and silent alarms. It also vibrates and the LED lights will flash, with one turning blue for calls, purple for text messages, pink for reminders to move and orange for silent alarms. It did take me a little while to get used to all the different functions, but I’m quite up if Fitbit speak now!!


Battery Life and Charging

After being used to having to regularly charge my iPhone I love the fact that the Fitbit doesn’t need as much charging. Despite getting regular WhatsApp and Facebook notifications throughout the day (from mainly my technology minded grandkids), meaning that my Fitbit bizzes regularly, I still manage to go around five days before topping up the battery.

When one day or less of battery life remains, you'll see a battery icon on the first screen while flipping through your stats; when a critically-low warning appears, charge as soon as possible.
You can receive a push notification or email when your battery is low by updating your Notification settings.
This topping up is very easy; simply remove the tracker from the strap and place it into the USB charging cradle. Annoyingly, though, charging is very slow – it takes about 2 – 3 hours. While the tracker charges, you can tap it to check the battery level. A fully charged tracker shows a solid battery icon


The App

The Fitbit comes with a companion app for Android and iOS and connects over Bluetooth.

• Packed full of challenges and achievements
• Makes fitness fun
• Lacks statistical depth

The free app for the Fitbit Flex is a great little app that shows you all the data you need to know and is aimed at boosting your motivation.

It has challenges called ‘Adventures’, you can choose from various step goals that take you through different ‘real’ locations. This means that every step you're taking at home, work or wherever you are, is then matched up to any ‘hike’ you’ve set up on your Fitbit app. You even get to see your steps mapped out with the app telling you how many more steps you need to go.
You don't have to complete the whole thing immediately, though the app gives you a daily destination with points to meet based on your seven-day step average. Along the way, smaller step goals unlock little things to keep you motivated – this really is quite fun, I am currently walking the New York Marathon route!!
All the normal things are on the app – things like food, water and weight can be logged. The days are presented on the main screen, you can tap it to get a broader look at your performance. For example, tap on the sleep score for the day and you can take a look at your sleep over time, and filter it by day, week or month.
The app is very easy to use and clear; and it offers enough data without feeling too complicated.


Pros and Cons


• It is so small and light that I can barely feel it on my wrist.
• Comes with a regular and a large band in the box.
• The Flex 2 is shower-friendly and water-resistant up to 50m.
• Swim tracking is automatic without having to alter phone or tracker.
• Automatic sleep tracking and exercise recognition
• Has reminders to move
• Can use your phone to launch a manual exercise log with GPS route tracking.
• Long battery life

• There's no altimeter in the Flex 2 so it can't track how many floors you've climbed
• LED lights instead of display The LED lights are OK, but there's no way to tell the time, see the exact number of steps, or get proper notifications through them.
• Band can be fiddly to fasten, although is very secure when it is fastened.
• Charging is quite slow

Final Verdict

Personally, I think that the Fitbit Flex 2 is a great fitness tracker. It does pretty much everything I need it to do, but it doesn’t monitor heart-rate or have barometric pressure sensors.

If it’s for you comes down to how much you think you’ll get out of it. If you are keen athlete who is after a tracker that tracks absolutely everything you do fitness-wise, the Fitbit Flex 2 might not be for you.
However, if – like me - you’re just trying to achieve a healthier lifestyle, I can really recommend the Fitbit Flex 2. It’s very easy to use, has a good app and is perfect for anyone who enjoys swimming .



1. Button fasten
2. LED lights
3. The tracker out of the bracelet
4. The bracelet off the wrist (regular size)
5. After swimming
6. Front of box
7. Back of box

Thanks for reading, I hope that you have found this review useful

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