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Review of "Flanagan's Apple, Liverpool"

published 19/09/2001 | spacemonkey
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Almost six years since my last op. I'll be back...
Pro Great atmosphere, nice beer, large selection of drinks, live bands every night
Cons The bloody constant playing of the same tapes on the middle bar, quite expensive, can get very busy.
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"The Apple of my eye"

Well, whaddya know! The break has been long, the search for new things to write about exhaustive, but finally, spacemonkey has come back to Ciao!

Well, in all honesty I never actually went away, but you know how it is - you're meaning to write but don't have time, and of course I wouldn't want any little spacemonkeys to feel short-changed by a boring tiny op, so I have saved up my creative juices for a time when you can have my full attention. And that time is now.

Seeing as how I've had to come back to Uni, I thought it'd be a good idea to start with what I know best - pubs. And particularly Flanagan's Apple "The Most Famous Pub In Liverpool," apparantly, as I've recently started to work there. Now having read the other ops on Flanagans, I can only assume that they were either written a fair old while ago, or the authors were thinking of a different pub - pool table? Not in this bar, Jim.

Being as I am a member of staff, I will try to give as fair a reflection of the pub as possible, because there are some downsides to the place. But lets start with the good stuff...

Situated in the "swinging" Mathew Street area of Liverpool, Flanagans is, for want of a better term, an Irish theme pub, with the usual collection of paraphernalia adorning the walls (plus, for some unknown and slightly bizarre reason, a picture of the Queen. Apparantly it has to be covered up every time Celtic are playing on the big screen. True story.) Cows feature prominently in the pictures, although I'm not quite sure why.

There are a wide range of alcohols available, although the prices aren't the cheapest in the city, with draught beers ranging from £1.45 (but it is only Mild, and we all know how horrific that stuff is) to £2.30 for Guinness (and please say whether you want ordinary or Extra Cold. Once you've shouted it at someone who's not even listening for the hundredth time, you kind of lose the will to live.) The Guinness is claimed to be the best in Liverpool, and I can see where that comes from - it is REALLY nice. Oh, and we pour it properly too, with the whole pour, settle, top up thing. You'd be surprised how many places don't bother, and just how much of a difference it makes. There is also a large array of spirits to keep you going, although there is no doubles bar - you want two shots, you pay for two shots sonny. However, there are a fair old few shooters at £1.50, so that's ok.

Flanagans has at least one band playing every single night of the week, and has at least two bars open every night (except Tuesdays and Sundays, when only the middle bar is open) and three on Friday and Saturday, so there is an atmosphere to suit everyone's tastes. The bands tend to play either Irish music (you don't say?!) or 70's style rock, which is nice. However, on the middle bar, the music is on tape. Now, I will say this for the pub - when you go in for a drink, and the Irish music is playing, it's quite nice, and certainly a break from all that dance and R'n'B "music" played everywhere else. However, please spare a thought for us hard-working bar staff. We only have about four tapes, and they are played CONSTANTLY. You might think a certain song is nice, but when you've already listened to it 4 times that night, it kind of loses it's charm.

During the day food is served, and although I've not tried it yet, I'm assured it's very good.

For the most part, the bar staff are polite, and we do work our asses off most nights. However, occassionally customers do drive you to the point of insanity, and you are very tempted to shoot paople. Basically, if you annoy us and then see us whispering behind the bar, yes, we are talking about you, and saying how we wish you'd just leave. But hey, isn't it better that we do it that way rather than just pouring the pint straight over your head?

Live football is screened whenever there's any on. However, if Liverpool are playing you can expect it to be very busy. Also, Friday and Saturday nights are, for the most part, absolutely mental, and you should expect a short wait at the bar if you decide to pay Flanagan's a visit.

Overall, Flanagan's Apple is a nice pub. Quiet and relaxing in the daytime and during the week, lively and fun at the weekend, for a pre-partying pint or just as a nice way to end a big night, Flanagans is a good choice. Oh, and if you happen to be served by a suave, handsome Yorkshireman, don't forget to tip well...

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Comments on this review

  • Glorificus1 published 20/04/2002
    i go there sometimes. sometimes i like it , sometimes its poo.
  • KarmababyUK published 03/03/2002
    lol, i used to do the mathew street circuit every wekend but havent been to flannigans for a long time.From what i can remember it is good(but then again anywhere that sells alcohol gets my thumbs up!) i prefer boogie nights next door!Louisa:)
  • Isobel_Princess published 28/09/2001
    Great op! Love from Isobel
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